Feedback Abyssal Armor/Corruption build

I’m sure that all plays out nicely in your head, but the opinions I’m getting from pvpers are radically opposite. Basically, it’s worthless for pvp. It adds too little.
From a pve perspective, sorcery is fun.

In my head nothing. Been playing this on PVP official for about 2 weeks solo style. PVP servers are 95% PVE and 5% PVP. The standard PVPer puts too much stock in that 5% and that is why they always leave the server, unsatisfied.

I don’t doubt that other PVPers are at opposite ends of where I sit because I don’t attack unless there is an advantage to and there hasn’t been one. CE is a game where the resources are far more plentiful and it’s just easier to mine it out. Also I don’t have hours and hours of unfettered time to build up and overwhelm so I have to play differently. I get an hour here, 30 minutes there, 4 hours because i had issues sleeping…so my strategies are not like standard PVP.

This is why the sorcerer fits me more. Because I have never been a beat it with a rock type of person. If I want to beat someone up, I load up Tekken or such. I have always looked at it as a chess game. There is no winning or losing, it’s all about the game play itself but the steps therein are used in stratagems.

For instance, do you know that if you allow yourself to get raided and “wiped” then the whole server leaves you alone for weeks? Interesting don’t you think…that if you can somehow manipulate your situation in the game, you get unfettered time where you shouldn’t have to worry about attacks…time enough to build your designs, level your key peeps, and develop your character to the point where raiding would be a painful process. Like I said before, I play a different game than everyone else.


As long as you’re happy, @erjoh . :wink:
But what every pvper I know says is that playing as a sorcerer is suicide. As you know, it’s the same for me. I play pve. Sorcery is cool on pve. My pvp is CoD MW2. No sorcery there.

As I said above, everything is considered worthless in PvP unless it’s the current meta build.

And sure, being a sorcerer may be a bad idea if you need to fight another player - but for a team of raiders, having the services of a sorcerer should be worth something, even if the guys doing the fighting are muggles. Even something as simple as using an ice bridge to bypass a no-climbing section.

Using such features and tactics would of course require the use of imagination and coordination beyond the narrow-minded focus on “meta build, smash face”.


I have no skin in that game. Just saying what the pvpers I know told me. That playing as a sorceror in pvp is suicide. I’m not saying they are right either. :wink:

No amount of imagination is going to make ice bridge, and bat worth being 50% corrupted on a pvp server worth it.
Different way of thinking or otherwise.
The feedback from most of those who have actually tried it on a pvp server is that is very very limiting.
Before anyone says it, im not implying that sorcerors should be able to one shot, or stand toe to toe, im simply saying it is basically like being one man down in everyway that makes a difference in a pvp situation barring offline raiding.

That is the feedback i also would like to leave, you are ofc entitled to disagree but it would be nice to be disagreed with, by people that have tried it with constructive have you tried this it works for me, rather than your clearly doing it wrong or thinking wrong, based on not actually trying it and theorising it should work because they read x,y or z.

Maybe they could make sorcery faster to cast (orbs raise and switch faster between spell tiers (only pvp only?) ?

If they linked orb use to corruption that would make spells castable at least, but currently anyone can use them not just sorcerer’s
Apparently next patch they will be a 3rd faster to cast anyway or similar, we shall see.
Although atm casting has a high chance of freezing the game, which is suboptimal for combat at the best of times :wink:

Ummmmm Ok.

Just ignore the sorcerer that can develop a base that is only visible and accessible from a top down aerial PoV where entrance and exit is via bat and slow fall spells. That’s definitely not worth the limitations on health and stamina…to practically have an invisible base in a location that is not known by content providers on youtube yet.

I’m just saying, if you play PVP with minimal player contact…it’s actually a very feasible build. I save so much time collecting resources and gain movement potential that I’m actually surprised how useful it is. Hell even invisibility has it’s advantages since i don’t have to pointless fight as much to get farming done. We won’t even get into the offlining potentials as you can navigate around defenses and mirror walk distract guards.

Spells that I don’t see are useful are the following

imbue wisp It literally points you out in the darkness (embed is a different thing that i can use to distract players to get around them)
Reveal corruption (pointless as far as I can see)
Frozen bridge (too limited in what it can be used for. Needs to be longer to be more functional)
Detect resources (good for noobs I guess but vets…I can tell you how many stone nodes there are in that area just over the hill there.)

I get what your trying to say,

However, your describing one particular style of play with very minimal player interaction.
Im glad its working for you.
Almost playing pvp without the pvp

This comment really kinda proves the point.

Seems a bit extreme for most people and not exactly ideal for those with a few friends they like to play the game with.

Also i think we are getting away from the point that the armor and hammer corrupted builds are far and away weaker than a non corrupted build that unless you are playing very niche on quiet servers the disadvantages far and away outstrip the bonuses.

Because corruption like this should only appeal to the very small niche…the sorcerer. The rest should balk at it. It’s not meant for the combat actual player vs player types. It’s meant for the schemers and manipulators in the game.

Except there is no result at the end of the scheming or manipulation because you can do nothing against them but hide…

From that perspective, what isn’t feasible? If you hide and don’t fight, I’d say almost anything is feasible.
The thing is, most pvpers play pvp because they LOVE to fight. And for that effect, it seems being a sorcerer is not a good option…
A small minority might play as you suggest, but I don’t believe this massive update is meant only for a minority of pvp players.


Exactly the point this thread is about

True…but is there an actual result at the end of PVP?..outside of rage quitting due to some meta, exploit, hack or getting overwhelmed by a outside 10 person clan (to a solo perspective its all the same cheese) ?

When in the shadows, I have survived far far longer than the big bad alpha types. When in the public fray, is when the game and all of it’s glory loses something…where you stop enjoying the work done and grind grind grind only to be done in ~30 days worth of time just to repeat the process again… I’ll take my way any day where I can enjoy the efforts of the game’s environment and occasionally talk to people. Establish my vision on the server and make some friends along the way.

Apparently it was since they nerfed lightning strike to the level its at now. Clearly through this action and the expressed direction of the dev team, it was defined that this isn’t for the direct interactions of a fight.

I’m not sure where you are playing but that isn’t most pvpers. Thats most PVPers on the forums. Most pvpers prefer to run from someone that has 2 thralls with them and then offline raid…at least that is from what I have experienced. To which, I fail to see how sorcery builds are any different than the 85-90% of the current pvp players on officials.

That’s the reason I play pvp on CoD and not in this game, due differences aside. You’re all a bunch of campers! (As you should) :wink:

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I prefer the term sniper.

You never saw me sniping. Especially in the new CoD, quick aggressive snipping is extremely lethal. You don’t need to camp. And you won’t last long unless you are playing warzone or DMZ. On 6vs6, campers always die a lot, but they are a nuisance.

How a person plays isnt really what this thread is about, nor is how a conan sorcerer every person think should be.
How an individual player plays is down to them a good luck to them.
The feedback however is that sorcery corrupted is underpowered vs non corrupted, and from what ive seen barring theory on how is should be played aside, everyone on here so far is agreeing. But some saying that how it should be.

Feedback is feedback, sorcery on pvp gives you no direct viabilty in a direct interaction with live players.

Lightning storm is a seperate issue that i have brought up in other threads that to be quite honest seems to be full of people that are quite happy to quote figures and effects that they quite clearly havnt tried.

The bottom line is , is sorcery with the abyysal armor and weapon viable with a corrupted build? the answer is no, regardless of whether thats how is should be, or played different the answer is the same.

Unless you are removing the pvp, then yes you can avoid people.

And it is different from 85 -90% of some pvp players builds that run away, because with 50% corrupted stamina, you cant do that either.

I just want to say, I drank one of the potions I got from the battle pass and tried this the other day and it didn’t kill one dude. Not one. It doesn’t do enough damage to one-shot them and is so long between strikes that they heal up.

I saw the luckiest Stygian Tanner II in the world get struck by lightning FOUR TIMES and when the storm passed he was still there, yelling at me. Four or five different thralls got struck and none of them died. Was I just unlucky or what?

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