Feedback: Communication

Another update and another entirely muffed delivery.

OK, it happens. Look its a complex game with lots of moving parts… but here is the but.

(And Mods please don’t just go and close this straight away as others should get a chance to chime in and this is not just a kick Funcom post)


If there is a bug that leads the entire player base to be unable to logon … you NEED to put a post up on the forums at LEAST to say you are aware and are working on it.

A splash screen in game would be better but at the same time I am aware that would be time coding better spent fixing. But the damn guy or gal that goes and gets the sandwiches could spare five minutes to write a forum post.

You left us a month with exploits with nary a word and now today all servers out for half a day.


Not only is their communication with their player base awful the fact that they clearly rushed this second part of the sorcery out and it’s all but broke the game. Vaults are not loading, animals, thralls, not loading (no this isn’t lag, this was multiple people in different clans not being able to see these things) servers randomly crashing, unique player ID not found login error for 10+ hours for most of the player base. This post will most likely get removed just like all the other posts criticizing their methods. They like to only have an echo chamber on their forums and they’ll continue to get worse over time because of this.

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