Feedback: no meteor drop for star ore in singleplayer

The wiki has some notes about the timer found throu the devkit. Also, kiahonfire mentions it happens when the sky is clear. Not sure on the second thing since I’ve never seen it myself, just getting to the point of looking for star metal. I left myself in the Barren when I logged out on single player and will see what happens when I get on later.

I play singleplayer as well, and in all the time I have played Conan Exiles offline, I have never, ever come across any star metal ore.

I didn’t know you had to walk by an area to trigger it and that it fell from the sky…

I never saw any meteor showers in my game. :frowning:

I guess my “server” isn’t up long enough in order for them to occur… But I don’t have that much time to play in order for them to trigger like that, I hope they address this in some way. This meteor shower thing just doesn’t happen or exist on singleplayer.

Singleplayer here too - but I’ve definitely had star metal in singleplayer (in the exiled lands - can’t say for Siptah yet). This may well be partly because I do tend to play longer sessions, which sounds like it makes it easier. But I’d also say it’s never taken more than a couple of hours of being in the right area (if a couple of hours in a single session is viable for you?).

If you can afford the time, try maybe spending a while up at the Mounds of the Dead, in the area north of the mounds, maybe visit the Outcast (Ymir religion teacher), perhaps harvest some black ice above him. Sticking around that area generally seems to work for me. Or there’s the big open snowy area just to the east of the obelisk by the Frost Temple - but there’s less to do there while you’re waiting.

Alternatively, if you can afford the resources, try building in one of those two areas - everytime I do, the building gets hit by meteorites… Seems a semi-reliable way to summon them in, lol.

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Longer sessions do make a storm more likely as time goes on. Reason being the way it works is there’s a timer, I think it’s around 30 minutes, that only starts if you’re in that area. Once that timer runs out, there’s like a 70% chance of a meteor storm. If no storm occurs, the timer restarts and adds a little to the storm probability, so next time the timer runs out, there’s an 80% chance of a storm. If no storm, the next time is 90% and this keeps going until a storm happens. When it does, the chance drops to like 50% or something and the whole process begins again.

But here’s the thing to remember about single player. When you shut down the game, the server shuts down as well. Meaning if you’ve gotten up to 90% chance but haven’t seen a storm yet and leave the game, the next time you play again both the timer and the probability for a storm have reset to 30 minutes with 70% chance.

BTW, I’m sure my numbers are off because I’m just pulling from memory here, but the mechanics behind it are the main point.

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I didnt see the meteors drop, but I found the meteors already on the ground and have access to star metal. I typically have found it on top of the cliffs that surround the tower at the center of the map. Hope that helps.

Ha, getting hit by starmetal would make my day. lol

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I don’t know about that, lol - it’s kinda stressful when you’re building something big and fancy (thinking you’re outside the drop zone) and the game waits till you’re almost finished before nuking it from orbit. First strike took out the foundation directly behind my t4 taskmaster, second one missed a map-room by inches. Funny looking back - but definitely didn’t make my day at the time :wink:

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Yes it would, just look at my health bar:

And I want to point out, this meteor did it on purpose! :sweat_smile: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am in single player, I always go to the Frozen Slopes, build my kickass gathering station and the possibility for meteors triggers right between night and dawn. This was in may…

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Lol, ok you got me beat there - they haven’t actually hit me, just my buildings :laughing:

Yes, same here. PC, normal klient, singleplayer. I was in the black area near the tower, behind the gates. I was runing all around, opening free chests, killing mobs - no meteor rain, no meteors on the ground. Cca 20 minutes. After this i was farming reaper glands. Cca 15 minutes - no meteor rain, no meteors on the ground.

If this works the same way as in the Exile lands, then the area for start of the meteor rain event should be bigger. In Exile Lands i can farm Cimmerian slaves in the village (can’t remember the name) below the “far north” area and i can hear and see the meteor rain from there without problems. And it is much bigger distance from the impact zone. It does not occur every time when i leave and return, but much more offten than on the Isle of Siptah.

To simply make the “start” area bigger should work i guess.

@Setnja et. ALL Right now the only way to make it rain is to stay in the area until just before the next maelstrom event. You can’t leave because it’s taking too long or you get bored. You only need to do this once. So invest the time once and you’re done.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

This really doesn’t seems to me like the right way to play the game, go to some place to afk or do nothing. I hope, this will get changed at least for SP at some point.

So I finally gave up and looked at some cheat videos on where to find this since I really need it for good non legendary weapons (repair kits are really hard to find) and I keep having an extreme cold problem when I get inside the ring for the tower. I have three bars of cold protection and seem to be fine but then suddenly boom my health starts dropping and I die before I can leave the tower area and then have to do a corpse run.

Anybody have any tips on how to manage the cold here so I can get the meteors to fall?

I’m not entirely sure when it happened during EA but at some point they changed the mechanic how meteor storms got triggered - it used to happen independent of the player’s spawn radius in SP. I remember shortly after Frozen North was added I’d be doing my usual building around Hand of the Maker and I’d stop every once and a while to watch them fly over head.

It’s a shame it couldn’t stay like it always was.

I have no problem surviving in the center around the tower just wearing ordinary armor, but I do have at least the 2nd perk in both survival and vitality, maybe try that. :slight_smile:

However as others, I also haven’t been able to get meteors to spawn in singleplayer, I have tried camping the center between storms with no result at all, after a week or so spending most of my playtime trying to get meteors to spawn I finally gave up and resorted to a solution that I am definitely not proud of… I spawned in some star metal so I at least could make a fridge and some epic weapons.

Ah thanks! It must be the survival trait. I have 3rd trait unlocked in vitality but nothing in survival.

So playing single player this is really a pain. I have waited around for hours in the center near the tower when the storm is not happening and have not seen a single meteor fall. Is this bugged?

Maybe? :man_shrugging:

Kinda hard to tell if it’s actually bugged or not because of how meteor storms are supposed to work, which we’re still not entirely clear on when it comes to the Isle of Siptah.