Feedback: no meteor drop for star ore in singleplayer

In my view there should a in game possibility to trigger a star metal trop in single player. Via quest or after killing a certain world boss for example.

single player, have run around the tower before/during/after storms and still no meteors ever. i only ever see lots of coal nodes spawn around the tower after a storm.

You can sometimes find bars in the chests in vaults, but it’s no where near enough to compensate for harvesting even a single meteorite.

I got to the point in my game where the lack of star metal was really holding things up, so I spawned some ore via the admin panel. Hate to do it that way, but the stuff just isn’t showing up. Makes me really suspicious that there’s gotta be another trigger or condition on Siptah that isn’t present in the Exiled Lands.

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It’s basically a waiting game. After reading all this thread, I just sat n waited on the stone structures overlooking the tower, while watching netflix, lol (somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes).

It’s an awesome sight when you hear the meteors coming and watch them come crashing down. Managed to bag about a dozen both inside and outside the tower zone. Most of the ones I found were in the NW quarter but I had the advantage of seeing most of them land because I was waiting.

I’ve had them drop when the giant blue portal closes (Which I think happens independently of the actual Maelstrom event, as the storm builds up slowly after the portal has been closed). I had to be in the center, though, as the blue portal started to close to have the meteors drop along the ridges overlooking the tower. They almost landed on me. Considering you’re supposed to eventually build a base in the stormzone for the Elder Thing boss spawns, players not eventually being near the middle is probably not something they considered.

It’s the same issue as in the Exiled Lands – the single-player engine doesn’t process events or spawns that are too far from the player. Thankfully, there are some manual work-arounds, but they certainly aren’t obvious.

If it’s single-player and you don’t have access to Pippi, you can goto the center of the map, activate God mode and Cloak (so you don’t hose your CPU with storm aggro), then type “slomo 20” in the command console (~ key) and wait a few minutes. After the meteor impacts light up your screen, type “slomo 1” to revert to normal speed, then deactivate cloak and god mode and resume playing as normal.

The other method would be to run a private server on another PC on your LAN so that events transpire normally even if you aren’t in-range.


I just ran the slomo commands in my SP and it works like a charm. Thank you for this post! :100:

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Just an update that I did get it to spawn eventually. Once the maelstrom finished I went straight to the NW side of the barrens and waited just at the edge down into it. Had to wait over an hour occasionally droppong down into it to farm some of the wights. I was down to my last couple of gulps of water on the second waterskin when boom. Scared the daylights out of me. Got a lot of star metal. Explosive arrow worked perfectly. Last time I used them up north in the Exile Lands I had a couple of meteors that were impervious but these opened up with one arrow.

i have 118 hours on siptah and i have not seen one meteor fall and land, in, around or even remotely near the black tower… its quite frustrating because my progress is stumped. really hoping funcom fixes this soon.

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