Feedback on a league type pvp server, PS4


I own a private server.
I have had it run in various versions of a pvp light server. What i really want to do is make a server that is focused on goals. Not RP, but try and remove the personal issues that seem to always come about from raiding each other.
So starting in July, i want to try out these rules. The cathc is i need at least 4 non-trolly clans (of 6 max) who want to be Kings of my server. The rules explain what i am looking for. The Admins will still be on and building Raid bases and events and such. But i really want to see if there are some truly competitive people who want to test their pvp skills with minimal griefing and exploiting.

Lotus Lickers Private Server Rules. Rival Wars!!!

  • 10 XP
  • 1 x Harvest
  • 4 Hour Raid windows 7-11 eastern weekday
  • 6 Hour Raid Window 3-9 eastern weekends
  • Gods only on weekends
  • Shattered Springs Brimstone Blocked off by Admins
  • No spawn Blocking
  • No obbie blocking
  • No T1 allowed north of Row 3
  • 6 Man clans Max
  • 40 Slot server
  • Admin Raid Bases scattered for loot
  • 4 Super Clans Control server
    • Whitelisted for guaranteed access
    • Designated Main Base Areas (Non Raid able until Rival Weekend)
      • NW Snow (Frost Needle Forrest)
      • Western Prairie (Crown Grove)
      • East ern Pitfall Pass
      • NE Telith’s Island
    • Starting Resources Supplied to these Super Clans to build main Non Raid Complex
      • 1000 total building pieces (walls, foundations, pillars, ceilings, doors)
      • Star Metal tools.
    • They manage their surrounding areas
      • New players need permission to build in their area
        • Approval via PSN messages.
      • Taxing in their area allowed.
        • PSN Messages confirms tax price.
    • Cannot raid lower levels in their area.
    • Protect lower levels built in their area
    • Admins will choose which clans are at war with each other
      • Rival is given at beginning of month.
      • Last weekend of that month is Rival raid time.
      • 4 hour raid window each one of those days
      • No god attacks on main bases.
      • All other clans can raid or ally with the target.
      • Can Raid any other base of Rival any raid time during the month.
    • Clans given resources to rebuild at end of Rival Wars.

Server name has changed to Kingdom Wars.
Will be wiping all structures this week.
Anyone interested in a less greif server with real pvp (no offline crap) and pvp style events, contact me thru DM.
I have it password protected so i can begin cleanup and rebuild.