Feedback on the changes

The key issue being overlooked here is that these people are professionally compensated game developers.
They are not asked to be mind readers.
They are asked to demonstrate that professional skill they are paid for. If they cannot deliver an enjoyable gaming experience that turns a profit then that is not a personal failing, that’s a professional one. Funcom isn’t some plucky indie studio trying to express themsleves artistically in a labour of love.

They are a clucking business selling a product.
If they are not equal to the task of receiving customer feedback and then acting upon it in a manner beneficial to the presentation and marketability of the product they don’t deserve further commerce.

This one expects compensated professionals to be more competent than any of the randos out there.
Just as this one expects their mechanic to be better at repairing cars than this one is, and this one expects their doctor to be able to diagnosis an ailment more accurately than this one does.
That’s the difference between a job and a hobby.

And yes, this project is poorly managed.
No disagreement there.


This is, sadly, true.
I have nothing against “builders”, but their constant whining that “content is too difficult” is really getting to me. Conan Exiles content is extremely easy in comparison to most games, and you can clear everything solo within a day of joining a server.

There are players on my server that have been level 60 for months, take up entire grid squares with their ridiculous builds, and still haven’t unlocked basic things like Silent Legion armor because “it’s too difficult”. What the everloving #%@$.

Some building recipes/mats should be locked behind PVE content so that people are forced to learn to at least defeat a damned Darfari camp before they spread like a cancer across an entire server.


True, I have not seen anything like it in any other game.
Maybe it’s because the Thralls are so unbalanced that they can solo the game without player even helping, and this in turn attracted poor gamers into the community.

PvE is too hard? A year or so ago there was a cry that the night is too dark and it’s scary and unplayable.
It was said that it’s unrealistic, as dudes can see everything clearly at midnight when they look out the window (people who never left city).

It is what it is, Funcom decided to cater to wrong people and this has shorten the life of the game. Blind and deaf enemies? Characters glowing in the dark. We all can see depopulation. No challenge means boring game.

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One of my best memories from CE was back when I was a noob, I ran a little too far up north and aggro’d a pack of wolves (this was back when they would chase you halfway across the Exiled Lands).
It was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything but the wolves snapping at my heels, plus everything else I aggro’d as I ran around blindly in the dark. I managed to survive by clinging to a cliffside until the sun came up. It was a pretty epic experience - I still remember it now, several years later.

What is the point of a game where there is absolutely no danger, no risk, no challenge?


Brutal, no pun intended, truth be told, to appeal to the greatest number of players for maximum profit.

Let‘s also not forget about the misleading advertisement. (What clearly hurts the business and trust of the customers as well).

I wasn’t affected by “pillowgate” because i didn’t buy the tavern set, but most people buying this thought they get a working product.

The items in their cash grab bazaar should have a clear description what it does, and who can interact/use it.

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Today it sounds like a completely different game. Back then it was a survival genre, now it’s sim builder with boobs and gore (not for long as community is getting raided by woke folks who want all this plus slavery removed).

This is true, some other studios also make their older games accessible to random casual players in hope that they are going to sell to them few shiny-ies before they leave for another game.

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TBH I’m surprised that slave/slavery aren’t censored here like they are in just about every other forum :roll_eyes:

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One of the challenges of not being an indie studio is the inflexibility of a big studio. Indie studios are the ones that can more easily adapt to customer feedback and make changes to their products. The big ones are selling a product and making a lot of money, no matter how crappy the game actually is. Ultimately, it’s the publisher who holds the reins.

Can you imagine Bethesda, or EA, collecting customer feedback in the way Funcom does, and reacting to even some of it in the manner we’ve seen Funcom doing? Nah. It’s the labor of love games that are getting any actual love. The rest of the industry are selling core game features as DLCs.

And, as I said, the feedback from this community is so inconsistent that it’s a Herculean effort to filter the useful out of the white noise. There’s no way to please everyone all the time, but they’re trying to please everyone some of the time, which means they’re also upsetting a lot of people all of the time, because every update is going in the wrong direction in someone’s opinion.

It might be better if they just focused on one vision, one direction, and keep going that way. It would alienate some players, certainly, but it would give the rest a more consistent idea of where the game is going.

Yeah. But if the employer demands the mechanic to work with their right arm tied behind their back, or the doctor to wear a blindfold, their performance will be less than optimal.

It’s pretty clear that Funcom game developers don’t get to do what they want, or use as much time as they need to do the tasks the higher-ups demand. We don’t really get a good view on how skilled professionals the developers are if they suffer from crappy management.

I used to work as a translator. I quit because the deadlines for each project were so tight that I could not produce the quality I would’ve been proud of, and I didn’t want to release crap. There was nothing I could do to affect the dealines or the working conditions. I’m afraid there are many people in that position right now - they either need to keep producing crap they can’t be proud of, or try to find employment elsewhere, and the latter choice isn’t an easy one.

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If you are correct, that is unfortunate.

That said, the lead dev recently got promoted to director.
Based on what this one knows of industry, what you are calling management decisions are the preview of the director with, of course, input from the producers.

Regarding the AAA (oh, wait, according to Ubisoft they are AAAA now) development houses… Point taken. Funcom is just embracing their status as a money backed organization.

Regardless, who is responsible is immaterial.
What matters is whether the product delivers.
For this one, that answer is no.
This one has given ever opportunity for it to do so.
But at the end of the day, if a game is not fun, it is not worth playing. At this interval (and this one will try for a week or so to see if the UI changes become more tolerable) this one finds the game more trouble than it’s worth. Which is a shame given the combat correction and content added for this update. If only it weren’t wrapped around another undesired and ill conceived new square wheel 2 electric bugaloo.

In short, believe what you will.
Make excuses for whoever you wish.
This one has no deep personal affinity for any of the Funcom staff and only vague dislike for a couple (“I play on console” and “there’s a mod for that” in the same dev stream from the same person has left this one with a bland disdain and distrust for that individual, but that’s an archaism, in the modern age it is expected that anything older than a few weeks is basically forgotten myth) and so has no skin in the this person that person matter.
What this one looks at is the game, and what the official mouth piece says about the decisions made. If the official mouthpiece has lied, then may their teeth rot, their tongue wither (possibly be eaten by a Cymothoa Exigua, but that’s not fair to the poor isopod) and the roof of their mouth be perpetually coated in bagma (the molten contents of pizza rolls, fresh out of the frier, still hot and sticky. Like the cheese of pizza, but also with just a touch of corruption to it that only modern, plastic, food can bring). This isn’t personal animosity. This is a general curse on all official mouth pieces who lie.

Right, back on track.
The game.
It’s not fun for this one anymore.
Every new update for the past few cycles has made it less desirable to play.
For those who like where it is and the trajectory it is going in, cheers.
This one is largely finished inflicting this annoyance upon themselves in their recreational time.

This one is not demanding a refund or anything similar. The $/hr of amusement ratio has been good. It’s just unfortunate that all interactions in the past couple updates have depreciated it.


My PC’s hard drive died last week. I’d been wanting to play Conan as soon as I got the new one installed but the more I see of this update, the more I am considering just saving the space.

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Did the event for Chapter 4, purchased all the Jhebbal Sag items. Dyed my Champion’s armour set.The new UI gives me a headache trying to read it, the font is too small. The Challenges revamp wasn’t needed. Nothing in the battlepass at all that would motivate me to purchase it this chapter. Same with the BLB. Disappointing update.

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Really? That’s a shame. I thought this was one of the most interesting-looking Battle Passes so far.

I mean, there’s only one flavor of torch. It has some actual building pieces. Beautiful-looking placeables. Two sets of armor that don’t look like the Mardi Gras afterparty.

But it’s a matter of taste when it comes to cosmetics, of course.

(It’s a pity that the Zingaran captain armor’s half-cape clips through the character’s left arm, though. That’s pretty poor design.)

I can tell you. But you don’t need to think much to figure it out.
CE evolved to a sort of Role Playing soft er0tic game with a few combat elements.
They could assume it once and for all so that people who are searching for a classic pve/pvp survival, game could just move along peacefully. Combat is very unpolished, whether pve or pvp. It’s fun, but simple and clunky.
People invested in these sort of games open their wallets. They don’t need a super smooth combat experience. As long as it’s good enough, it’s fine.

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Well, I went and tried the blasted thing.
A few things need to be ironed out.
Mostly, give me custom sorting and stacking and I’m happy.
Overall, net positive.
Some decisions might be questionable, but I thought I would find a world of trouble.
On Single Player, for the 30 min I played, I had no problems.
I couldn’t test everything, obviously, and I read about a few bugs.
I had only one thrall half sunk, but that was it.
I like the cleaner UI. It didn’t feel laggy to me.
The smart objects need to stop changing the appearance of thralls. This was solved on doors. It’s still to solve on seats.
Combat feels more or less the same as it did on console. I need to try it on harder enemies before judging.
And of course, dyeing. Unnecessary change.
If you wanted to tweak it, you could have made it good, with manequins on the bench, male and female and real time results. This change only detracted from the game.
Think about it. If you are going to make us return to our base so we dye our armor, make it worthy, for heavens sake. Create a fabulous dying bench.

Ok, that’s it basically. Many of you guys are mad. I sympathize. But this is my honest opinion.
I like most changes, but those I don’t like, I hate with a passion. :smile:

All in all, it’s an improvement.
BP seems excellent. Just make sure we don’t have to grind too much. Not everyone has time for that. Keep players happy. Make them want to engage the content. Don’t force them or in the end you’ll get the middle finger.
And, ffs, make the SoC special. Now it’s just an ordinary powerful greatsword with a big deffect.

There are some stupid changes made by people who obviously have never played the game and do not understand (or even care about) progression.

Such as the fact that they reduced server harvesting rates, patched the thrall leveling “tricks”, etc making these things far more tedious…
…but then they make epic Perfected Padding drop like candy from chests and minor bosses. People who typically had like 5-10 Perfected Paddings in their bench now have chests full of stacks of them. WHY was this done? It was a very endgame MAT and was expensive enough to make so that it prevented people from literally spamming epic armor as if it were Darfari Skin. No longer, now you can clear any dungeon and have enough Perfected Padding to outfit an army of thralls.

Same thing goes for when they made it so you could 1-shot a bunch of T1 sorcerers for skulls and turn them in for chests of endgame resources and Obulus which you could use to BUY your choice of OP legendaries (like the M one) for a pittance.

What the F?

No wonder people get to 60 and then a couple weeks later post that “waaah, there’s nothing to do”: because everything has already been given to them on a platter right from level 1.

The only thing left that requires any effort at all to get are certain T4 thralls like the Blademaster, Shieldwright and Bowmaker… and you already have people crying that they’re too hard to get and should be regularly hireable at taverns, FFS.

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Really? I’ve never had any issues with mass producing Epic heavy armor, on 1x harvesting multiplier no less.

Playing about an hour or so murdering various unlucky world bosses that happened to cross my path, I was able to loot one perfected heavy padding. It was a nice piece of loot, but hardly a game-changer for equipping my army.

Admittedly, my experience so far regarding this is pretty anecdotal, so more testing is needed before I can say for certain whether perfected paddings drop too often.

Murdering Cimmerians and dismantling their armor is a good way to get hardened leather, and has been for some time.


There really isn’t much of a grind when you can just craft for points.

Side note: I’m a builder and I don’t think I’ve complained about the game being too hard. (Minus the Arena Champion. F that lady.)

I think the only endgame boss that’s hard right now is inventory management.

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