Feedback on the changes

Never had any issues mass producing epic heavy armor either. Not sure where he got the idea it was ever hard to mass produce…

I actually remember when I first started playing we planned out who would get epic armors etc then what thralls would cause we thought it’d be a grind or hard to make. That all quickly went out the window as we figured out how easy it was to mass farm the mats to make the perfected padding…

Being trapped inside my foundation pieces is making it much less likely that I will ever buy another building set.

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Noone said it was impossible to make/acquire, just that it was an endgame MAT that required a Tanner’s Table and stacks of MATs like alchemical base, silk, thick leather, fur, etc. For awhile I’ve been trying to save space and “compress” MATs so I’ve been turning everything into primarily Perfected Light and Heavy Padding, and I’m well aware of how much time and MATs go into making a stack of 100.

One stack of 100 Perfected Heavy Padding (made with the most cost-efficient T3 benches at half cost) =

  • 10500 Leather
  • 4200 Heavy Leather
  • 10500 Oil
  • 2100 Ichor
  • 2100 Gold Dust
  • 2100 Silver Dust
  • 1200 Plant Fiber
    +however much bark it takes to process 15k leather
    +a lot of time

Does looking at those numbers help put it into perspective? Because this was never a drop until this patch, and now you can spend an evening clearing a certain dungeon and come away with full stacks of each type of padding, in addition to other resources like grey lotus, gold, ichor, volatile glands, layered silk/fur, hardened leather, hardened bricks, etc.

I’ve been playing since early access and I have looted a lot of bases. Usually I made a beeline to the blacksmith and armorsmith benches to grab the thralls and high-end MATs. In most of those benches - in endgame bases - it was very rare to loot more than a dozen of any type of Perfected Padding at once.
Now it drops like candy. Even if you have the tremendous amount of MATs to make a stack, you could literally loot it faster than your benches could even make it.

Yes. As I said, I play on 1x harvesting multiplier. Based on what you said, you play PvP, which have (at least used to have) 4x multiplier. And, as you say, the option to harvest from someone else’s base.

That stuff just accumulates when you play the game.

Of course, as I don’t play PvP, I also don’t lose my previous paddings to malicious passers-by.

The fact that you can no longer place the exact amount of items in your storage space is nuts.

You have to divide and again and again this sucks wasting this time dividing.

Pvp combat player vs player will never be as good again as it was in age of war 2.

In age of war 2 you could maneuver your avatar to do just about anything.

No its all straight ahead and you get hit trying to turn around.

Age of War 2 maneuvering your avatar was gold

I hope Funcom does something about the miserable drop rate of Gnarled Fangs - even from the bosses. Boss fang drops should at least be doubled.

Most casual players will not even come close to unlocking the expensive items (1000 fangs, lol), much less all of them.

The once-nightly were-hyena drops 2-3 on average, and the champions were dropping around 10-15. You need almost 4000 fangs to unlock everything, so it just doesn’t add up.

Sure, many veterans will just grind it out, but the average casual player - especially if they are sharing boss fangs with clanmates - will be lucky to unlock a couple of things before the end of the chapter.

Contrast this to how certain loot like Perfected Paddings are dropping like candy now and I honestly don’t understand WTF the Funcom team in charge of balance/progression is thinking. I’m convinced that none of them actually play the game.

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