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Feedback: Single player, PvE, North America

I just experienced my first Purge on the Isle of Siptah. I built a base on the Violet Isle. I was attacked by several waves of Harpies. During the event, I cloaked myself to just watch the event unfold on it own. The waves seemed to do just fine. The Harpies attacked from two directions.

I do have one issue: Archer thralls still need some AI combat tweaking. I had 12 fighters and 12 archers. Fighters guarding my gate and Archers on the wall. Fighters did fine fighting the Harpies (although their engagement range was rather short… I would think their default engagement should have been further away… they did not engage until the Harpies were nearly upon them).

But that’s not my main issue. The main problem was the Archers. The Archers would fire a volley of arrows, and then, draw swords and do nothing. Maybe thralls Archers should be set to only draw swords when they are hit by a melee weapon? Standing on a wall, the Archers with swords were useless.

So please have the devs take another look at the AI coding on Archers and their engagement protocols.

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I don’t know how it works (as you know from my discord, I just mod stuff heh heh), but does setting the behaviors of the Thralls make any difference? Such as “Prioritize Ranged?”

During that Purge event, it did not seem to make any difference. But I only tried changing two of the Archer thralls who were not responding. After they ignored their orders, I did not bother trying to change the other ten and simply noted that the AI needed some more work when it came to Archers (ranged combat).

Everything you mentioned, can be adjusted easilly by yourself. You can set the reaction/ attack distance of any thrall. Also you can set archer to prioritize Ranged attacks, and they won’t use melle anymore. (Frankly if you want them to use bow only you can just take out any melle weapons they hold, and keep only the bow on them).

One good thing for archer would be to have a toggle on/off, on them moving during combat, as most of the time they more chaotic and to far from target.

Those are good observations, but as stated above, the ‘prioritize Ranged attacks’ were not kicking in. That’s why I think the Devs should have another look at the AI combat with archers. Maybe increase their priority even more or be able to better detect elevation distance from an enemy?

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You said your archers were on the walls… did the archers have a clear line of sight? One AI update I’ve noticed on this version of Testlive is it seems archers will no longer shoot at a target without LoS. Did you have fencing in the way? Did the floors they were standing on block them from shooting below? Etc? Just a thought based on something new I’m seeing. That said, why they would then pull out their swords and just stand their with dumb looks on their faces, well, yea, they probably need another look.

oh god please no purge on siptah, we dont need that for pvp server, surge mechanic is working well and give a different gameplay than conan. don’t kill it !!! purge have always been bugged since day 0 can destroy a base with you having no luck to do anything and there is no interest to have purge when you fight daily others players, no purge on pvp server, yeah i know you did message for single player, pve. but surge will be on pvp server too, and we dont need it.

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There is a way to empty your purge bar at will in 2.3. If you don’t want it, you don’t have to fight it. Currently, it requires some effort but we have given some preliminary feedback on this mechanic as well.

Yes. The “walls” were foundations. Flat tops, no fences or crenelations or wall top caps or anything to get in the way.

They would pull out their swords before the enemy made it to the foundations. Yes, the archers had trouble shooting ‘over’ the wall when an enemy got up next to them, but that’s not what triggered the sword-over-bow issue.

That’s exactly what I thought, too.


Archer AI in general is poor (on live official). I have mine set to prioritize ranged and attack at 50m and they often fire a shot and take out their sword (they are on a tower with no walkable path between them and enemy). They even sometimes leap off the tower which is really annoying because they do not return, I have to manually place them again. I had to take away all their melee weapons to get them to focus on archery.

Yep, that’s exactly what happened in the Testlive, too. Archer AI combat needs some work.

but what is the point of purge on siptah for a pvp server ? what is the point to have a purge that will happens undermesh and npc spawn inside your base with some that you cannot even kill because they are in texture. what is the point to have a purge that will not even happens as the one i had this morning on conan, red cross, msg from purge,purge started, but nothing spawned and purge ended 40 mn later making me lost 40m waiting… who have asked purge on siptah for pvp server ? i never saw any message requesting purge on siptah pvp ? where surge mechanic allow you to get thrall you need once you understood mechanic. so no purge on siptah pvp and just explain to unexperienced player how to catch their thrall on siptah with surge. i like siptah mechanic as it is for pvp server.

and in others word surge works well, purge are bugged. so dont remove something that works for something that don’t work.

I love the Purge in PvE but frankly its pretty bugged. I am hoping the more optional (or at least player influenced) nature of the Siptah style purge will mitigate some of the Bugs but we shall see!

But I frankly I am with Azaroth and disagree with totally removing the wild surges. Sure they were not perfect (at a minimum why not animate the thralls that drop for chrissake! Have them at least walk about as if dazed from their Outer void transit!)

Reduce the amount of wilds by all means if you must but don’t remove one of the few truly original features of Siptah. Consider that you have based an entire faction (The accursed) on the premise these are former surge transported folks gone nuts. Great concept - except your now saying the Wild surge doesn’t happen. Has nobody heard of the word “Logic” at FC HQ?

At an absolute MINIMUM have Purges announced by a Wild Surge effect dropping the Purge waves on top of a Base… That at least would keep the atmosphere of a Wild Surge if nothing else!

But realistically keep a few of them or at least make it a toggle option for the private servers (Some of whom FunCom could Learn oh so much!)

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Same. I love the Purge and the “castle/tower defense” gameplay it provides. But yes, its pretty bugged and needs some TLC.

And I was one of those people who asked for the Purge on Siptah.

The good thing, though, is they’re going to make the Purge optional for the players. If you don’t want a Purge, you can empty your Purge meter and keep playing as normal. You can even trigger a Purge if you want one sooner. I think this is a great mechanic… if only the Purge itself got fixed, too, so they don’t spawn inside rocks, mountainsides, or your base. And employed actual siege mechanics (like they will trebuchet your base).


I have found to make wall archers work–some—is use stand command over prioritize range. Prioritize range makes them want to move back away (possibly tied to attack/chase range). Stand means they stay in one place and only change to melee if enemy is within melee range.

purges are bugged since day 1 (it means nearly 2 years if i remember well), it will never been fixed (because when i saw monster of maelstrom also spawning undermesh i undestood it was really a game engine problem) just one question are you playing on pvp server ? because for pve server i understand request of purge (and for sipthat it should stay in spirit of siptah, ie monsters from storm) but for pvp server i don’t see its just a source of a problem and that’s not fun at all, only point of purge was to got t5 trhall in old economy, with new economy there is no point to catch any purge thrall. and in siptah farming maealtrom and doing your own surge allow youto catch all good thralls you want (balance done actually is good, was not the case at start), but 95% of players do not have information on how it works. and it’s also more challenging to deal with a 1000 chaos surge solo than a purge. and well if more action you want try intruder surge, over 1000 chaos.

balance of surge in siptah is now working well, you need grint a lot to be able to summon t4 surge (because it will require to unlock good weapons, good armor, and build your army of follower to help you). Talking about army, do you know that level 3 thrall from a surge level 2 you summon is better to any t3 fighter you will catch on map. and that t3 fighter from level 3 surge will be better. than that a t3 fighter from a level 4 surge (1000 chaos) will be better. sipthah has to stay a different gameplay than conan.

Hello everyone,

We’ll make sure to forward your feedback to our team.

Thank you all for your comments.


It is a tad to late, Funcom listen once again to the whinnies…instead of keeping Siptah’s Main features( and Balance them), they just dropped all in the Garbage bean.

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