Feedback Suggestions

1: Remove target lock on to other players (pvp). Leave it for pve for those who want it for that.
Lets bring some more skill based pvp to the game.

2: Remove the extra zeal gather from the gremlin sigil, not even sure this is intended.
Farming gods and bubbles is crazy fast on siptah.

3: Buff legendary weapons.
Seems like crafted weapons with t4 thralls always are better than most any legendary drop.

4: Adjust the Aspect of the demon helm (siptah)
Over 900 armor in light armor with this helm. Why even have medium or heavy.


Agree, no target lock for PvP. Or at least no player lock-on, only for AI.

100% agree and am behind all of this. Cx

Big facts

Should share this forum out… lock on and duty facing attack needs removed to enable skill gaps

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