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Please report feedback or leave suggestions here about the game and what we’re doing. Feedback and Suggestions should be conveyed in a clear and objective manner. Please preface your replies with one of the following:

  • [Abilities] - Suggestions specific to an ability (or combination thereof)
  • [Achievements] - Suggestions for new achievements or modifications of current ones
  • [PvE] - Suggestions dealing with Player vs Environment content
  • [PvP] - Suggestions dealing with Player vs Player content
  • [Cabal] - Suggestions for how cabals work / features / etc.
  • [Crafting] - Suggestions around the crafting process
  • [Items/Pets] - Suggestions in regards to clothing/pets/other items
  • [Interface] - Suggestions for changes to the User Interface
  • [Misc] - Suggestions which don’t fit into the above categories

Please also make sure to leave helpful, constructive feedback. This is a great example of feedback, as seen from the SWL Discord:

[feedback] After a few months in the game the music at the dance floor in Agartha is getting a little repetitive… but on the other hand there are some great (and more varied!) songs playing in the music store in London. But since people aren’t really required to go to London anymore, it’s easy to miss them entirely… I’d love to see them play at Agartha too!

It’s fine if you don’t like something - please just tell us why instead of just complaining. Nonconstructive “feedback” doesn’t really help anyone. Such comments will be hidden on sight and action may be taken against you. Members of the community are also welcome to flag inappropriate posts from this topic.


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[Misc] The Chaos Magic Reciprocity and Wellness Enigmas have virtually no impact on gameplay and serve little point but to prevent players from receiving the Potency and Avoidance Enigmas more frequently. As a tank, I have long tried to use the Enigmatic Apparatus Chaos Focus, which increases the power of and the chance to proc Chaotic Enigmas, to help proc the Potency and Avoidance Enigmas, yet the Reciprocity and Wellness Enigmas hold back whatever potential this might have in end-game content. The Reciprocity Enigma deals damage back to its attacker based on the defender’s Combat Power, and, since players receive few hits at any point in the game, it proves wholly ineffective. The Wellness Enigma is too random for its heal to be beneficial, even to a tank.

I suggest either removing the Reciprocity and Wellness Enigmas entirely–thus, improving the rate in which we can trigger useful Enigmas–or rehauling these proc effects to serve a viable purpose. Because as it is at present, the probability to proc Chaotic Enigmas is low even under ideal conditions, making the up-time on Enigmas too short to make any practical difference in combat. We already can’t control when Enigmas proc. Getting useless procs half as often as useful ones helps no one.


[Misc] Information about the 64-bit client would be great? Is it still coming or are we stuck with 32-bit forevermore?


FeedBack - Will all new feedback topics just follow along in this one thread? Won’t that get a little cumbersome and hard to distinguish replies to specific topics? I would think Feedback should be the overall umbrella Forum, with individual topics as separate threads below it, so replies to the individual topics could be tracked better.
thank you.


We’re currently not interested in opening an entire separate category just for feedback and suggestions, but I will do it if there’s enough demand. We could also edit the Bug Reports category to incorporate feedback, like we do on Discord.


[Items/Pets] SWL prides itself on good research when it comes to real world references, be it myths or actual places and items. I’d like you to make another pass at the Caduceus Amulet. It really should be the Rod of Asclepius Amulet. More about the confusion beteween the two here:



[Interface] When the group finder finds a group for you, the pop-up always appears in the middle of the screen. This can be intrusive at times. It would be great if we could set a different location on the screen for this pop-up to appear.


Is there a reason I can’t post links…? I was trying to post in the Community Content area some links to Anima-Nation.

Yes, because new users are limited to the links they can post on these forums. This is for everyone’s safety. I can manually edit user’s trust levels as needed, though.


There is also a post limit for new users, so many people are probably finding out they can’t post till tomorrow now :speak_no_evil:

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[Achievements] Two minor things just to get the ball rolling:
A. A jimmy the rabbit themed achievement in light of the fact that he is one of the guys that shows us how crazy cool stuff you can do in SWL (and previously TSW)
P.S.:I think he also would love if you made some achievements repeatable. For example Lavagame or Cataphile

B.Can we exclude the timed jumping achievement from being necessary for the unseen completion. It’s hard, it’s bothersome and it doesn’t have anything to do with unseen. Not saying “remove it” but make it a achievement of it’s own that is a seperate thing from the unseen achievement.


[Interface] Can we please get a search function for the achievement names, i’ve spent too much time scrolling through the list trying to find one specific achievement so i could try to get a specific piece of clothing or item. A search function would make it so much easier.

Also, the maximum lore number on the overall progression bar needs to be updated :slight_smile:


[Crafting] Please revise the “Purified ■■■ Distillate” system. I seem to end up with too many Glyph and Signet ones, about a perfect amount of Weapon ones and way too few Talisman ones. Ideally I’d like one type to be used on all items, but one could also consider skewing the distribution either on a fixed rate or, even better, based on what you have.


[PvP] As PvP is currently only avaidable as Shambala and it’S pretty hard to get a group big enough to queue it together I suggest to measures to bridge the gap until time, priorities etc. come together for a pvp rework:
A. Lower the player amount for shambala from 10 per team to 5 per team making it far easier to get a shambala game going from nothing.
B. Make Shambala a main mission. If polaris story can be a main cheap main mission, why shouldn’t shamabala get the same benifit

Would it do pvp good? Maybe, maybe not. Is it worth the shot? I don’t see why not. All changes would just be like walking toward the community so the community can meet one halfway.

P.S.:One even could think and that’s the more radical though of implementing the ability to make unrewarded “private” shambala possible if people want to do tournaments, or cabal intern battles or any kind of lighthearted pvp event.


[Misc] Please consider fair pricing. Right now there is a 1:1 conversion between USD and EUR. If I were to buy 10k Aurum, the difference between 100 USD and 100 EUR (the latter which I need to pay in) is currently ~180 NOK, which is enough to buy additional 2k Aurum.



[PvE] After we get season 2, is there any chance we could have a balance/bugfix pass over the existing content, specifically bosses? There’s a bunch of bosses that regularly bug out and do things they shouldn’t or just behave unpredictably (Darkness War 3 with his aoes that turn slightly as they go off or go off immediately while the chalk outline is still casting, for example) and Hell Raised is still an order of magnitude harder than all the other dungeons in e5 and up.

There’s also a bunch of stuff in lairs/regionals/megabosses that seems iffy (the padurii megaboss doesn’t animate properly/has no hit indicator for branch whip - both it and the New England regional sometimes do double or triple hits, the Voivode in CF randomly turns and kills a raid member every so often with seemingly no way to prevent or predict it, etc etc).

I realise new story content is what’s going to keep the lights on (and I’m looking forward to it immensely) but it’s worth noting that the gaps between story content are filled with a lot of dungeons/lairs/megabosses, so it’d be nice if the experience was a little less uneven. :smiley:


[Items/Pets] It would be nice to have a shortcut to call a pet marked as a favorite. Like the sprint.


[items/pets] In the department of minor annoyances - Can we get an ETA on the missing museum items? The ones that just give extra poses don’t matter, but there’s the Tank Commander Blade needed to complete the Orochi wing. It was a bummer to realize it doesn’t exist. Any info would be appreciated! :pray:


[PVP] stock post saying bring back the old maps that we know the answer to but i say anyways to show there is interest in it :3

[Items/pets] stock post showing Interest in WING SPRINT!!!..oh and my black and white hair color :3


[Abilities] Reconsider the design of Pain Suppression and its passive No Pain, No Gain(referred to as NPNG), and potentially similar percentage based healing abilities on tank weapons.

To preface, from a pure mitigation standpoint Pain Suppression without any passive investment is on par with the Chaos ability Twist Fate’s passive Backlash - Both effectively reduce damage taken by half. This is fine on its own because Twist Fate comes with extra protection and Backlash with a reflect component, but Pain Suppression’s passive NPNG is what blows the ability’s mitigation out of proportion. With No Pain, No Gain the tank will heal for 113% of damage taken before damage is taken which is functionally 8 seconds of immortality on a 20 second CD provided the tank’s HP pool is capable of sustaining a singular hit. This means Pain Suppression is no longer a damage mitigation ability - With NPNG it becomes a full healing passive on a tank weapon.

In practice, NPNG is a longer Immutable that in combination with Immutable and Thick Skin nullifies the healer’s role in both low level content and high level content - The only requirement is to have these abilities and passives unlocked. I choose to focus on suggesting tweaks to Pain Suppression & NPNG as the primary culprits because where Thick Skin is centered around preventing damage, NPNG allows the tank to become a more reliable main healer than a dedicated healer can be which is one cause of our current Sustain Tank meta(1 Tank, 4 full DPS).

However, under ideal circumstances(E10 NYR) the healing from NPNG alone can generate similar threat to a tank spamming pulverise. This may be an unintended benefit but it’s actually very good design for tanks because an extra source of threat generation is in line with their role’s intended obligation. This function should be preserved, because with some tweaking it can also help struggling low level tanks maintain aggro over higher level DPS.

Therefore, Pain Suppression & No Pain, No Gain’s three primary issues are:

  1. It is a healing ability on a tank weapon with a percentage value which is not based on Healing Power.
  2. 113% of damage received as healing for 8 seconds is a longer, more reliable and often more powerful heal than even the best Fist/Blood/AR healing abilities(which are all subject to Healing Power).
  3. The combination of above factors when used with other Hammer/Chaos mitigation abilities mean any healing from another player is redundant - Tanks have enough healing built into NPNG(and Immutable) to sustain themselves indefinitely.

So, how do we solve these issues?

Instead of Pain Suppression & NPNG’s current forms I’ll suggest three options. The intended goals of these suggestions are to balance all tiers of meta in favor of incentivizing healing to be the healer’s job, while reinforcing mitigation and threat generation as the tank’s job:

  1. Pain Suppression and NPNG could have better synergy with their names and Hammer’s specialty. They could perform something like:
  • While Pain Suppression is active, # extra rage is generated when hit but rage can not be spent while Pain Suppression is active. Damage taken will be significantly reduced based on the amount of rage stored. (2 rage = 1%-1.5% damage mitigated? Max rage would be 50% or 75% damage suppressed - Less than 113%, but still very meaningful.)

  • No Pain, No Gain is the release of what pain wasn’t suppressed. All damage received during Pain Suppression is gained as additional hate(but not subject to 10x hate generation). (Therefore with low rage more threat is generated but with high rage more damage is mitigated.)

  1. Or, preserve Pain Suppression as is and change NPNG to no longer heal for 113% of damage dealt but to instead count all damage received throughout its duration and turn that value directly into threat generation. Additionally, gain even more extra rage when hit which will result in more frequent enraged Pulverises(which means more frequent healing from Pulverise’s passive)

  2. Or, preserve Pain Suppression as is and base NPNG’s additional healing off of Healing Power, balanced so that 8 seconds of immortality can’t be achieved without overwhelming investment into Healing Allocation.

Simply reducing the duration of Pain Suppression, while it would have some effect, wouldn’t meaningfully incentivize healing to be the healer’s job and tanking be the tank’s job in the meta. Healers would still have little or nothing to heal, but sustain tanks would feel like weaker(yet still immortal) tanks.

Option 1, IMO, creates a fun and powerful ability for hammer tanks without being “8 seconds of immortality powerful” or reinforcing redundancy for healers because healing would eventually need to come from another member of the party. After the ability ends the tank will have a (nearly) full rage bar to spend on Percussive Maintenance. Temporarily maintaining full rage also synergizes with Bristling Rage. However, any of the three options would be an effective first step to incentivize having a healer in a meta group’s composition without unjustly nerfing hammer tanks.