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The only complaint I have is that the very first “boss” that you fight as soon as you start the mission still takes a long time to kill. He’s had his hp reduced, but maybe he has some increased protection or something. He takes longer than the “final” boss who guards the rocket launcher.

The mission itself can be completed in 7 or 8 minutes with clever routing through the place.


You can already queue for multiple activities. You even stay in the Shambala queue if you accept a dungeon or raid pop.


Add a daily reward for signing up for (and successfully completing) the first group activity of any IP we qualify for, putting us in a queue that’s used to fill the next available activity, be that a dungeon, raid or battleground. It needn’t break the market, so they could grant shards and empowerment xp, for instance. Perhaps the queue is drawn from after so much time has elapsed once someone signs up for a specific activity?

I know that most days, I certainly cba signing up for dungeons, NYR or Shambala; I’d happily do any, but the queues are long and I’m lazy. But if there was more likelihood they’ll proc while I can still be bothered because people are incentivised to sign up, I’d certainly sign up for the random one.


[PvE] I would like there to be a chain of related missions – level 20 or so – that would require the player to visit the various hub cities and do stuff there. Action/Sabotage missions for preference, with maybe an Investigation mission to change things up. Traveling through London in ghost form to see the psychic echoes of a Jack the Ripper murder. Killing sewer gators under NYC. Tricky ghost negotiations in Seoul, or just a fight to the death in the arena there. Sprinkle in a few side quests so that we can do dailies.

It doesn’t have to be high level, as long as it’s interesting. And gives a chance for an agent, of course. Doesn’t have to be a new one; one of the regular ones will do.


[PvE] Also: please give us back the Tokyo Dungeons. Even if they’re just Story Mode. We miss the dungeons themselves.


You are right. Apparently, there is a way and mine got bugged and didn’t allow me to do so.
Thank you for pointing it out.


Ok a few little (or not depending on your point of view) suggestions from me.

Can the amount of Hexcoins you get from selling a duplicate agent to the vendor be increased, 4 seams a little low when you spend 200 hex coins to try to get one of your missing Agents and it is a duplicate that is worth 4 back to the vendor.

Would it be possible to see which agent has which pice of equipment without having to open each one up looking for the right one for the next mission.

Any news on Elite Slaughterhouse and Facility as of yet? I really miss Facility ( i know we have it on story but…)

MFA and MFB would be nice to, even if just story mode for now. Especially as that’s where a few museum items come from (tank commander blade and so forth)

A 64 bit client would help with some memory issues a few players have, a DX12 one would be great to.


Quite a few of us run the old client and not steam. As new players can only use the steam client, perhaps a reward program to convince us to change to the steam client. Possibly outfits as incentive. This would boost the numbers and thus the visibility of the game on Steam. Hopefully bringing in more new happy players.

If you plan on having a sale on clothing and/or items, having a Bonus (insert suffix here) Week or indeed doing a Stream, can we get a bit more notice than the usual 2 days. With more notice we can add it to Forum calendars, post it around social networks and make sure cabal mates are aware before it happens. One or two week’s notice would really help when trying to arrange events J


Nonsense. New players are free to choose between the Funcom client and Steam. Nobody is forced to use Steam (and that’s a good thing, IMO).


[Interface/PvE] Would it be possible to change the interaction with elevator buttons. It’s always a frustrating task to get the cursor just right on those to get the right thing. The hitboxes on them are nervwrecking.
Not sure how it was in TSW but with SWLs cursor it’s just not doing a good job.


There’s no need to raise the hexcoin value of duplicates. There is a need to replace the random gcrap bag sold for 200 Hexcoins (easily over 100 dollars’ worth) with the option of buying an agent the user actually needs. You know, the way a decent business that actually cares about being customer friendly would’ve implemented it from the start.


Is not a challenge just a boring slog through enemies hp bars. I think the biggest complaint has not been about it being a challenge but just how long the fights take. If your dieing a lot then likely it’s just a gear/build issue cause you really shouldnt be.


The first is just sneaking. Once you know what to do it’s pretty fast.
The second is probably best rushed with AA and some nice defensive/healskills…even if one dies a couple times it’s still way faster than fighting through it…
I mean they could make it easier than that but I doubt they wouldn’t nerf the chests in the end if they nerf down the mobs in 2 out of three missions so that everyone can do it in there sleep.


[PvE] “Nightmare in Dream palace” drags on for ages even among the storymissions. Would it be possible in breaking it apart into two seperate storymissions, up it’s xp or have an easy sidemission in it for some extra xp?


-Raise Hand-

See what u describe is not a challenge. It is sensless HP buff to mob so it will feel taxing.
Taxing is not challenging.

A challenge is when to blood mob in VMC is Setting a DOT and other Mobs would get damage buff cus of that. So u Need to cleanse to buff or die. That is a challenge.

Also It would Count as a challenge if they would be actally able to kill you.
Imagine a DPS race more seconds than minutes.

hard hitting Mobs with reason able HP so it is actually fun to fight them.
It would be also nice if some synergy would be brought back to SWL

for instance, we had Mobs in TSW that where regenerating with freaking Speed till you set expose and a DOT.
That would be to complictaed for the now to be targeted audience of this game.

Mobs that set expose on you, with reason able min damage so u actually feel the expose.
Or more Mobs that help each other, like the death cultist that are casting barrieres ono each other or other nearby Mobs. That is a challenge.

But how about setting expose or DOT to purge a freak regeneration.
Yes that would force some ppl to first check the buff section of the mob and maybe reslot some skills or gadged.

But right now funcom understands if we say we want a challenge we want longer taxing fights, THAT IS NOT CORRECT!!! we dont want longer grind, we want Entertainment. Also on the Battelfield not only in reading and enyoing the atmosphere.

The faction missions are a test if and how scaling in this game would work.
I have no proof of that but I am certain that it is a field test.

All faction missions are easy, really easy. They are not challeging at all, but they are time consuming if u not choose to run past all Encounter. And yes that works in all 3 faction missions, into darkness not soo good but still.

so enough commenting on that


First person view
would be great if we coud see our hands moving or see our weapons in general while in first person. I some parts of the game it is more immersive playing like this and I noticed that neither our chars hands or weapons are seen. Would be a nice to have :slight_smile:


Agree. HP sponges are NOT challenging, but tiring. I had way less IP, had to heal myself during the fights and then simply continue. I don’t see why one would die there, aside from the obvious fact, that they have a broken build.

I’m a fan of hard mission, intelligent design, synergies and whatnot. And while I enjoyed the new additions (was able to access 2/3 ranking missions) I’m still missing the challenge in them^^ The fights did take long though, which came as a surprise.


DPS-forward builds are not “broken”. There’s no other solo content in the game that requires the sustained defense/self-healing that some of these new boss fights do. Even E10 scenarios.


Wait, so these missions, for some, brought back a bit of TSW’s need to adapt to new circumstances?


E10 faction missions required a change in strategy (more defensive combat) compared to my usual solo build that has worked for everything else. E10 hard mode Rhys required a lot of experimentation but ultimately only a (minor) build change.

But I think a big part of it is that blood has a built-in handicap that no other weapon has. My alts with different primary weapons had no problems with the faction missions.


Ah, OK. It’s nice it did need some new strategies, means they did something right! My blood/ele alt hasn’t had a problem with the first, will see soon if that changes.