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I agree, that would be a simpler, more direct solution to the worthless distillates, but it had already been suggested, either here or in the Agent System Feedback thread, and maybe they made these impure distillates in the first place because Purified are too good a reward for tier 1 missions. Introducing the alchemist both explains a bit about where it’s all coming from and gives them an option in between full shard cost and no shard cost.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. I threw in a bunch of possibilities because there are a lot of ways they could adjust it to the cost balance they want, but it could be as simple as sending an agent on a daily special mission to get an anima still and dumping your junk distillates into that instead of throwing them out.

I would love to see all the agents bring back only purified distillates, but I’d still want to know where they’re getting them from.


[Interface|Tutorial|Agent System] - The level 25 “Supporting Agent System” unlock tutorial image (provided by the buzzing via sms) could use clarification:

The instruction to “Equip Support Abilities by clicking a slot” captions a block of images, the largest of which is the sidebar list of supporting agents, with labled slots. This sidebar has no interaction for assigning an agent, but the user is likely to find that out after they have (irrevocably?) disposed of the large tutorial window.

That the actual interface is marked with a mouse cursor is easilly overlooked; being both the smallest of the three images, and with a layout that leaves it slightly out of context (if it weren’t for duplicating that section of the agent UI in two other places in that image).

It is however, very purple. I am sure the Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors is satisfied.



Can we talk about final boss of HR again? He’s overtuned at anything higher than e6. Too much hp for groups “at the appropriate level”. You have to out gear him to beat him. Plus, everything about the boss is overly strict. Everything is a one shot kill and losing anybody is an instant wipe.


His shield cleansing him of any dots before it starts reflecting would be a good start.

I highly doubt it’s intended that one of the dungeons is only doable for most people if they’re in gear a tier or two higher than required.


His shield cleansing him of any dots before it starts reflecting would be a good start.

As a shotgun dps…YEEEEES O_O
Having to not use DB shlls is a pain.


No, most people can’t do it at all. The only people who can do it are in gear significantly above the tier. The timer’s about half as long as E5 dps would need if you got a group of 3 perfect players.


I can tell you from experience that shotgun dps get another layer of hardship added. Since the most common shell is Dragonbreath, which applies a dot for very long it’S easy to kill yourself even though you stop shooting way before he gets the shield.
I can manage the dance and the red circles are pretty easy…but add that on top of it and it gets complicated especially when one reminds himself that one dps down is a failure in terms of enrage timer.


I did try out his enrage damage when tanking it… 3 seconds before it killed me. At e5 it was doing 10k/sec. You can’t cleanse fast enough to not die.

They also shortened the timer by 2 minutes compared to tsw.


Even if you were prepared to put together a specific group all with specific builds to tackle Machine Tyrant, it’s still random chance whether or not you even see that dungeon. For most people however, you use the group finder at a specific tier and it’s not unreasonable to expect that all the dungeons within that tier are of at least similar difficulty - not that one of them requires all five group members to have a perfect combination of build, gear and player skill that isn’t required in the rest of that tier.

The old TSW system of switching weapons to handle certain mechanics shouldn’t really be used in this game anyway because what if someone is a free player and doesn’t have the weapon unlocked? What if they’ve only levelled the two weapons they’ve actually been using? It’s not good for the game’s community if our solution to certain bosses is “telling the majority of the player base they suck and should leave to make room for a proper player” rather than “ask the devs to bring that boss into line with the others”.


[interface] There’s a typo in the mission text for the special mission The Treasure Fleet.

It goes without saying that this missions is dangerous.

“missions” should be “mission”, obviously.


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Regarding the Agent Booster packs. I bought $20 worth or so, got a couple gear to keep and mostly sold the rest. Enough that I ended up with 15 HexCoins…so I decided to save up my alt’s aurum to buy enough extras to get 20. Took a few days, got the 20 coins…bought a dossier…and it’s a dupe. I wasn’t even surprised. I was expecting it to be a waste of my time, and it was. Over all, my feeling is both regret and being completely turned off these items.


That mirrors my experience with Agent Boosters. There is no aspect of this system that makes it worth engaging in in regards to cash or time.


[interface] Another agent mission typo. This one is in She’s the Neuromancer Queen.

The client is been plagued by a computer hacker

“been” should clearly be “being”.



The 15 character limit might work for post bodies and replies (although most forums are 10 character limits, 15 seems a bit stringent.) it is certainly far too high for titles. For whatever reason, Discourse wants you to use full, complete sentences as post titles. This is a ludicrous concept. For instance, when I made the post for my Kaidan Key Log I couldn’t post because that title was too short without the added semicolon that’s in it now. 15 characters doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? But look at “Kaidan Key Log” and tell me that’s too short to have conveyed the point of the post. Tell me that looks like it’s less than 15 characters without counting.


[Interface] Instead of a skull for an incapacitated agent in the agent system, which might make people worry they are dead, perhaps a bed would work as a better icon/symbol.


heartbeat lines, so we understand “recovery”


:palm_tree::tropical_drink: … they are on vacation, aren’t they ?


Gadget tooltips aren’t updated to reflect cooldown reduction from the Time & Space signet. Not sure if damage/healing numbers are updated with their respective signets, though.


Damage is, so I assume healing is too.


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Pleases add tags for things like [Agent], [Weapon] (one per weapon) and so on.