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[PVE] Solo Player End Game

I vastly prefer to play solo. This is largely due to a limited schedule and not wanting to inflict my play style on others. I feel the end game progression loop for solo players is pretty lacking in general. I feel that nothing beyond Scenarios are really worth my time. Soloing low tier Elite dungeons is painful, spotty and takes too long. It’s obviously not designed for a single player to complete. In general, rewards across the board are pretty anemic, far too random and time consuming to open. The exception to this was container key runs. But now, the distillate yields from these runs are way too random. Sometimes I end up with around a total of 2500cc worth of distillates and othertimes almost 10x that. The overall reward experience is frustrating and each session end has me asking myself: Why am I playing this game? I really want to love SWL, but just about every feature has me wondering why I would use/play/pay for it.


  1. Consider ditching reward bags altogether when you hit Tokyo. Missions could reward low yield distillates.
    1b) As an alternative to the above, you could have reward bags have a chance to award distillates (between 250cc and 500cc).
  2. Remove 1 or more layer of randomness from the container key experience. Currently there are two: 1 from opening the grimy key and another from looting the container boss.
    2a) Remove the chance to get anima shards instead of a key, always grant a key. Randomly not getting a key, when your goal is to get a key feels awful. Instead, reduce anima shards rewarded from bosses to something like: 1000/3000/5000. Don’t award cosmetic items if the player already owns them. Replace all cosmetic items with gadgets, pets or distillates. Overall distillate cc yield would probably need to be reduced to make this not break things.
    2b) Increase the chance to get a container key from a grimy key and increase the anima shards from not getting a container key. This makes the experience of not getting a key feel better. Additionally ensure that the player always gets a distillate upon killing a container boss.
  3. Add more solo focused challenging content with multiple levels of difficulty like Scenarios. This type of content doesn’t splinter the player base like multi-tiered group content does. I was really hoping Orochi Tower would end up like this, but there’s no real reason to run through it more than once. A total shame.

My line of thinking is that group gameplay should be significantly more rewarding than solo content. That said, I think rewards outside of Scenarios is just lacking, especially when it comes to distillates.

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[PVE] Agent Network

I’ve played (and still play) a lot of MMOs that have systems like this: Star Trek Online’s Duty Officer system, Star Trek Online’s Admiralty system, World of Warcraft’s follower missions, Rift’s Minions, etc. I feel that the Agent Network analyzed individual components of these kinds of systems, but not how they work together. Or why each of these components exist. As a result, the Agent Network suffers from the following major issues: three layers of monetization (2 hard and 1 soft), large barrier to entry (very time consuming and random or expensive and random to acquire new agents), unsatisfying rewards (low distillate cc yield), needless penalties (incapacitation), poor user experience (UI is needlessly complicated, very small text, success chance is really confusing, no indicator as to when my agent will be incapacitated) and 3 currencies that you need to generate and carefully manage. In general, I feel this system suffers from a general fear of rewarding the player in any meaningful way even if they’ve invested significant money or time into the system. Whenever I use this feature, I end up asking myself the following questions:

-Why would I use this? I throw away all the distillates I get because they’re not worth applying.
-Because of the above concern, why would I invest time and/or cash into this system?

I realize that there are additional tiers, but if I am feeling unrewarded at lower tiers, I am not strongly incentivized to keep progressing. In short, I really want to like this system as I am a big fan of offline progression systems like this, but it suffers from a lot of problems that really make it painful to interact with.


  1. Consider rewarding players with a specific agent at certain player level milestones: 15 (Faction Recruit), 20 (New Agent), 30 (New Agent), 40 (New Agent), 50 (New Agent). These agents should be awarded retroactively to players who have already achieved these levels.
  2. Significantly increase the distillate rewards. Never award less than 250cc or make all distillates purified, that just feels…bad. I frequently hear the argument against doing this “but it’s passive gameplay”. This is true, but it’s passive gameplay you can spend real money on and spend real time on to grind out agents, so the rewards should reflect this.
  3. I spent $40 on this feature and completely regret it. That’s a pretty awful feeling when you spend money on a game. Dial back the monetization or make spending cash worth the player’s investment:
    3a) Increase the value of Agent Boosters: I feel like the items awarded need to be either worth more hex coins, or the hex coin prices need to drop a lot. Increase the likelihood that an agent will drop. Completely remove green equipment bags. Consider awarding two items, one of which has a high chance of awarding an agent. If you receive a duplicate agent, you should be able to exchange it for another of a equal or lesser quality.
  4. Increase the frequency and reduce the randomness of earning agents. The latter part of this should really be applied to all rewards in SWL.
  5. Allow the player to earn each of the 3 currencies equally (unless supplies and intel are supposed to be more rare… not sure if this is intentional). I never have enough intel and supplies.
  6. Simplify how success is explained to the player. 100% is a blatant falsehood. It’s way more complex than that and I don’t think it needs to be. I think STO did this really well with Admiralty.

In conclusion, I really want to like this system, but I feel it really isn’t worth investing time or money into at this time.

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Chat: Color-selection for different chats would be nice

I’m not a big fan of mods, so I don’t know if there’s anything like that around. Even if there is… would like to see it as a regular feature. Hope this wasn’t already mentioned…


[Items/Pets] We need a rocket jump gadget.


[Uh, Items? Misc? Agentry Angst?]

I thought of a possible solution for the low level distillates are worse than junk issue we are running into with the agent system (apologies if it has already been mentioned). Why not change the anima shard worth of distillates entirely? Instead of being required to use a higher amount of anima shards for distillates (any distillate at all) on the empowerment of higher level gear, why not eliminate this system all together and instead charge us anima shard costs according to the level of the actual distillate, therein requiring that the most powerful distillates in the game cost whatever amount of shards it takes to currently use a distillate on legendary items, with the least powerful distillates (those in the very first tier of the agent system) costing us the amount of anima shards (or slightly less) then we currently use to empower a green item? This way we are still paying more anima shards to empower our gear with more xp (when using larger xp distillates) but also paying a fair price in anima shards to empower our gear with a lot less xp from the smaller distillates.


[Agent Network][Crafting][Items] Anima Distillery / Purification / Alchemy

These new little agents sure bring back a lot of scraps of distillates. I thought it was strange how common distillates were before, but now they’re like copper pieces. The little ones are too common to be worth picking up. So who’s out there, distilling anima from all the mission reward fodder we vendor for shards?

The item description says distillates are a conglomeration of anima /distilled/ from discarded weapons. There is explicitly a distillation process. And the good ones, the valuable ones, are purified versions of that stuff. So there must be a purification process as well. And it can’t be that hard if our handlers have subscribed all of us to weekly deliveries of it.

So, what’s the process, and why aren’t we doing it ourselves? Is the equipment too bulky? Does it require specific expertise and reagents that aren’t otherwise useful in the field, so nobody bothers teaching us?

How about we make contact with our faction’s alchemist (these skills are too useful for them not to employ at least one) and get them to turn these scraps Ms. Recruit brings back into something useful? If we could do a mission for them to get a still and condense little bits of distillate into that to make a decent vial worth using, these little mission rewards would be actually worthwhile.

Maybe it only costs 50 shards to empower the still or something, then we could fill that up and use it to empower something that costs more. Like some folks have been doing with green items, but even cheaper because a 150cc distillate isn’t even worth using on a green item. At 50 shards, it should be, even if we waste 60% of the XP by transferring it later from the still to the final target. It would be nice if we could do this without losing quite as much, though. Maybe make another step of taking the full still back to the alchemist to make a Distillate out of it that converts, say, 75% of the still’s XP into CCs of distillate, instead of 40% XP recovery. Maybe even have a purification process available that loses a little more of the XP, maybe down to 60%, but still better than 40% and reduces the cost to use it to 0.

Maybe the process requires tools and materials and reagents and some work that would translate into a mission we complete for the alchemist to get our final result. Maybe there are even several available missions in different difficulties for different capacity stills and distillates.

Maybe we could even get our agents involved in this process and make a Special Assignment to go assist the alchemist and return with some component of this process, like an empty still, if they do a decent job of his errands. Unlocked after we’ve done it ourselves, I would think.


Just making the agent system give purified distillates is a much better solution though. Adding some complicated new system that achieves the same goal is just making busywork for both the players and the devs.


[Agent System] For me at least, there’s a massive imbalance between missions yielding the different resource types. I am starting to get doubts whether missions yielding Supplies even exist; they’re probably a rumor spread by the Illuminati.

Personally, I’d prefer to see the balance of resource-yielding missions improved, but a button that charges a lot of Aurum to refresh the available missions might better fit the overall system design.


[Agent System]

Dear Funcom,
Let’s talk about the Agent system.
Please consider adjusting the distillates experience, it is real strange to get stuff the cost the same to use as a Talisman drop and give less exp.
Please consider to disable Incapacitation chance if Aurum is used to finish mission faster. When you pay 150 Aurum to finish the mission and get incapacitated that’s very frustrating. I wanted to get my Faction henchman ready to action because a mission with gear drop chance was available. I missed the mission because she was incapacitated then.
Please consider to reduce the cost of reviving an incapacitated agent to 1/10. 8.000 Mof I do not pay. 800 I would pay.
Please also consider making mission fluff text faction specific, it is so annoying that I do send in my Agents to support and help the Illuminati, because I am a dragon. This is really bugging me.
Please consider to let us skip missions, maybe a shuffle function or something like that. Also consider to allow us to save a mission for some time. Often I do not have the resources or a free agent or the mission with the juicy drop chance is just not available. I can’t sit in front of my PC all day and monitor the missions, so it would be nice if we can save one of them for later.


[agent system]
After testing the feature the few days, I can’t see the point.
Put yourself in a 15th level new player’s shoes. He’s got one agent, yay!
But will he grind the missions to get others ? No. Because he’s struggling with his weapon choice, his builds, the akabs and all he wants is to find beaumont. And also because he just can’t quick roll on mission with his little combat power.
After use the feature a bit and see his agent incapacited, will he pay the MoF ? He may not have them.
So what will he do ? Stop using this feature.
Until he can grind the missions, have some MoF, and definitively do not need those distillates.

May be you could change that by:

  • Picking only one mission in a map and add agent loot on it, with better rate drop. With some little maths, you could replace the low drop rate by the missions cooldowns in term in feature longevity, wich may be less frustrating for players.
  • Have a better explained and designed system of incapacity. Or delete it.


Looks like you aren’t just a jerk to me. It’s everybody. I thought we had something special, and this is how you repay me?

However, there is a fail state. The failure state is simply called “complete” in-game. It is absolutely a failure state, though. There are always minimum rewards given, even for failed missions. Namely, whatever three agent resources for that mission are and the xp. That’s all you get. The mission complete text for most of the agent missions for this fail state actually use the word “fail” or “failed” or some other synonym.

I think this is a bug. When you get a “Mission Complete” that actually gives you item rewards, I believe they really should be “Mission Success” instead. I would speculate this is related to the problem that @Glaucon described where the servers are sending old data to the game client which is what’s causing the xp bug.


Glass houses mate.

It’s pretty clear that what @Vandelay is saying is that there’s not a hidden fourth state where the game says “Mission Completed” but actually gives you no rewards (or at least, not intentionally). What we should call the worst of the three possible outcomes (failure or completion) is a different argument.


I agree, that would be a simpler, more direct solution to the worthless distillates, but it had already been suggested, either here or in the Agent System Feedback thread, and maybe they made these impure distillates in the first place because Purified are too good a reward for tier 1 missions. Introducing the alchemist both explains a bit about where it’s all coming from and gives them an option in between full shard cost and no shard cost.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. I threw in a bunch of possibilities because there are a lot of ways they could adjust it to the cost balance they want, but it could be as simple as sending an agent on a daily special mission to get an anima still and dumping your junk distillates into that instead of throwing them out.

I would love to see all the agents bring back only purified distillates, but I’d still want to know where they’re getting them from.


[Interface|Tutorial|Agent System] - The level 25 “Supporting Agent System” unlock tutorial image (provided by the buzzing via sms) could use clarification:

The instruction to “Equip Support Abilities by clicking a slot” captions a block of images, the largest of which is the sidebar list of supporting agents, with labled slots. This sidebar has no interaction for assigning an agent, but the user is likely to find that out after they have (irrevocably?) disposed of the large tutorial window.

That the actual interface is marked with a mouse cursor is easilly overlooked; being both the smallest of the three images, and with a layout that leaves it slightly out of context (if it weren’t for duplicating that section of the agent UI in two other places in that image).

It is however, very purple. I am sure the Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors is satisfied.



Can we talk about final boss of HR again? He’s overtuned at anything higher than e6. Too much hp for groups “at the appropriate level”. You have to out gear him to beat him. Plus, everything about the boss is overly strict. Everything is a one shot kill and losing anybody is an instant wipe.


As expected and Intended
MT is Assholemario

If you don’t know assholemario you tube it, you will understand


His shield cleansing him of any dots before it starts reflecting would be a good start.

I highly doubt it’s intended that one of the dungeons is only doable for most people if they’re in gear a tier or two higher than required.


His shield cleansing him of any dots before it starts reflecting would be a good start.

As a shotgun dps…YEEEEES O_O
Having to not use DB shlls is a pain.


No, most people can’t do it at all. The only people who can do it are in gear significantly above the tier. The timer’s about half as long as E5 dps would need if you got a group of 3 perfect players.


He is exactly as hard as in TSW, so for me normal.
MT was and is one of the hardest Bosses in game.

I am happy he kicks our buts every time

In early days we did run 3 shotgun/pistol DPS all with clean up.
If one DPS is dead, wipe. And yes we did tried it hours till we get him.

As dps you need to stay always behind him.
As tank you need to smell where the wells will pop up so not one sec reflection. U do not need to wait till shield is back, pull him trough well 3 sec before shield is back up.
If tank does not manage this its usually a wipe cus one dos always dies if shield is back up.

As DPS you need to dance in the middle phase around him not getting wasted from Yellow AOE and Red Homing one. Its Ballet all needs to be done at right moment or all are dead.

Leech is no good choice for heals here, if shield is up you lose your heals, better run fist/blood here your heal can also help with cleanse. I would also recommend that all are using cleanse drone.

And no you don’t need to kill him before rage counter is on, you need to create a situation where you can fight him while he is enraged.