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[Suggestion, Agents]

Let bounty hunters have a chance of dropping an agent dossier instead of the usual lunch money and bus fare. Could give a slight bump to the agent drop rate for players who have already completed the content, without making the drops dirt common or forcing a nerf of drop rates for new players. Having some variety from the bounty hunters would be nice, and this feels like a good thematic fit as a bonus.


Adding to that: Wouldn’t it be funny if bounty hunters could drop some orochi agents. Basically they carried some info on an orochi agent around and we now use that info to turn some orochi agents rogue. All obviously coming with a higher chance to get fatigued XD


[Achievements, Items, Vendor]

There’s a few things that Dr. Caligari seems to be missing from his stock:

  • Sleuth’s Pipe Emote (from TSW)
  • Borrowed Clarvoyance Drone (from Drone’s Best Friend)
  • Worn Curio (from tutorial, I’m not about to question the reasons for it)

Tangental item:

  • Flynn’s Gambit is listed as available (sprint menu) with an achievement (Dungeoneer) which is not in the game


Same with Obsidian Pharaoh Hound–says there’s an achievement to get it, but AFAIK none exists.


Can we reduce the amount of waist talismans from mission talisman bags. Currently waist Talismans are disproportional better suppied than any other talisman leading to far lower value. A lowering of the chance would counterbalance the supply of avaidable talismans for each slot to relatively equal levels again.

I know it’s a minor thing but as one of the few aware and using the green “trash” market waist talismans became a dust collector among mission rewards.


You could vendor them rather than having them lowered for everyone? :thinking:


I would have to hoard them in my inventory to sell later for shards I don’t need. It’s still a profit…I just have to undercut every other quite a bit compared to every other green item or throw them away and with them dropping from normal play not only from missions.
It’s no biggy if it doesn’t happen but it would be QoL when you are used to selling a lot of items for mof for some sidecash. See it as a personal quirk I poked into more than a serious issue in the need of resolving.


:slight_smile: (thirteen chars)


[Misc] Just a thought. It keep confusing me how mission report show me dossier as a reward but every time I need to check either inventory or chat to know if I got anything. So. We already have those filthy keys from every side mission in Kaidan - and we need to click every one of them to see if it’s container key or trash. How about giving us some dirty damaged papers for every action mission - so we would click at them and check if it’s most likely unreadable trash or tiny chance it’s a dossier.


That would allow collecting 100 papers before bulk opening just to test how bad drop rates really are. Which would be interesting, to say the least.


How would it be better in any way if we had to take up an inventory space and click an item to find out we didn’t get an agent? Keys are better like that because otherwise they’d take up 3 inventory slots instead of just 1 until you went to the docks. There’s absolutely no need to do the same with agent dossiers since the odds of them cluttering up your inventory are incredibly small between their incredible rarity and the fact that you can use them right away.


[misc ]Hi! I’ve got two little things.
1: The Handwritten notes (and some of the typed ones two) are sometimes really hard. Although due to the fact that english is not my first Language and I wear rather strong glasses it might be just me. I would be really nice to have the text of all notes repeated under the picture (as some already do).
2: Its a simmilar problem (and probably my glasses again) some of the riddles are hard to see. The two I can name fromt the top of my are “The Kingsmouthcode” In the organ ridde the notes are realy hard to see and “in the dusty dark” riddle where you have the floor preassureplates where you must highlite the correct symbols from the Pillars/Obelisks. I could hardly make them out. It would be nice the have a close up view or something iike it.

Have a nice day!

Edit: I just remenbered one more (this one on the Agents Networkt) If I open dossies (sp?) the Button I need to add the Agent to my Rooster is so far down on the screen, that I can only see the uppermost part, and that only when I move the Window as far up as I can. I would be nice to actually see it without guessing.


Could be seeing more of them because with the new agent system people are re-running a lot of SC missions over and over and only 3-4 talismans are available from those missions. Also the weapon belts that drop from random mobs.


By taking up more inventory space they can “encourage” people to buy more inventory space.


[Interface] Pls improve mission interface. It takes too much time to find correct mission for my purposes like time and resources. Also… Do u can prioritese icons of potentional reward like Bags>dislillate>anima shards.
Picture, like i see it SicretWorldMissionView


It never says it but I’m pretty sure the left reward is the ‘success’ one and the right reward is only available on ‘outstanding’


[PvE] Apply the Solo Scenario formula to zones as different instances and possibly give higest zone rewards from all zones in Elite instances with possible increase in shards.

Maybe not a full E1-E10 ladder but an E1-E5-E10 scaled version of zones available for the high IP players so as to keep replayability high.

Here, in this separate topic I opened this issue to discussion along with some more in depth analysis/suggestions so as not to clutter this thread.



We need a private auction option. The ability to list an item so that only specific people can see them. This way, you get to keep your precious “no direct trading of currency” shenanigans and we can still meaningfully trade items to other people.

I’m trying to sell something and the buyer has offered to partially pay with other items that I want, but that still leaves a MoF component. This item is currently selling on the AH for between 350k and 450k depending on what day you look. If I took half payment in another form, that means I’d have to list it for 200k on the AH. Even with direct communication with the buyer, this still leaves an uncomfortable chance that someone else will snipe the item instead of the intended buyer.


Why not just keep one to empower to green 20 and use it as an upgrade for your current waist tali? or you could delete it at that time if you don’t need it.


Using a green 1 or a green 20 is both a drop in the bucket at the point I’m in it’s not worth it. Once past epic quality upgrading with greens for anything but fodder is just a waste. I take the token mof/shards over using it to get not even a pixel more on a progress bar.
In respect to why not throw it away: That’s basically suggesting to rob the talis of it’s remaining value by just scrapping it completly. I sell it for shards before that. Not like I don’t have some breathingroom with inventory space.


Better to just allow marks of favour to be passed using the trade window for a 10% fee. It’s simpler, less UI work to implement and it makes the entire transaction happen in one place so people can’t just run off after half the trade is complete.