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And private auctions wouldn’t be used the same way? There are already gold sellers in the game and there likely always will be and besides, I’m sure direct trades are a much easier way to track and prove who was complicit in sales than auctions or whatever method they’re using currently.


[Interface] - Please, please, please make the agent system pop up screen/UI full screen.
The font is is currently way too small and too much of a hassle to read at the moment (for me). Also may i suggest to change the font type of the active missions in progress in the left pane of the agent UI as although it looks cool and retro-computer like, it makes it even harder to read. Probably a blind bat here, but i’ve seen more people in game chat having issues with it. Apologies if it is already listed here but there are too many posts to go through to find out :nerd_face:


They won’t bother with doing something that can be (and already has been) modified by an addon. Same goes with getting an official Fatigue meter.


But we keep hearing that the mods are the primary cause of crashes. I use quite a few myself, as the game is almost unplayable from a QoL standpoint without them. The better option would be for Funcom to start looking at the most used / useful mods and incorporate them into the base UI.

I’ve seen other games in the past do this (maps for EQ1 anyone?), so it can be done, and the work is mostly done, just cleaning up to reduce whatever errors they find the mod causes.

If we had other UI options (like XML) we could have active differentials posted for any given update (EQ2 had this) which would help eliminate the guesswork for UI Modders on what is causing errors with their mods too.


I’m pretty sure if Funcom had the resources to replace the whole UI with a new system, they would have done that by now. Have you heard Glaucon talk about Scaleform?


I would like to be able to see how much I posted my items for, and how long they are still for sale on AH.
I can’t even search for them like I used to have to in TSW :frowning:
Please fix this by simply adding in some manner in which to see, or check on the price of an item you have listed, and how long it has.


Speaking of mods and also suggestions, for me, for example, Boo Builds is a small savior. Several quickly accessible buttons for builds (and also clothes) instead of 3-4 clicks (and I somehow just can’t remember which icon is save and which is load, need to check it every time and then misclick anyway) help me A LOT.
Auto-sprint and auto-pet also make playing more comfortable.
(as well as AH mod and that one for lairs cooldowns :shushing_face:)


We either need our own maps, or the respawn rate needs to change ‘drastically’. As it stands now, it seems like mobs take about 5 minutes to come back. If there is anyone else in the vicinity doing the same quests as you, it completely kills any sort of time you had set aside to do your run.


[suggestion] Since season 2 is happening I think it would be helpfu in the aquisition of new players to start some marketing outside of the usual channels. Be it a beta servers where selected streamers/content creators can show of the first few steps in the new content. Some kind of lead in event with prizes. Hell…if money is at hand a few banners on and showcases on other websites would be nice or poke those magazines, youtubers about being willing to give interviews on it.

Basically whatever you feel is the right outward step to tap into new pools of people.
Haul in those whales still swimming freely around. (and a lot of not whales but sardines…definitly sardines)


Yeah i agree that the fact season 2 is happening while a major part of the gamers don’t even know SWL (or TSW) means a marketing push would be very useful to get new players. Money is lacking for this kind of commercial action (especially since it’s a F2P game) but the initiative Leo’s mentioning is worth considering.


This can be done with mods, unfortunately same response as above.


Some windows in the UI can be enlarged either in the menu or by unlocking the UI window and making adjustments. I haven’t tried changing the agent window, but it is worth a few moments to test it.


I actually said “almost unplayable from a QoL standpoint”, a little different =)

I don’t have access to my full list from work, but to name a few:

SWL Specific
BooBuilds, BooSprint, Tradepost Utility, LoreHound, Auto Repair, maXPert, Agent Tweaks, Bag Utility, Lassie’s Waypoints, Mail Deleter, OsmiumImmunity, AutoClaimMissions, BooBar, TrashScaler (A must for bigger resolutions), Custom Mission Log, DoubleAgent, FriendsProxy, GroupFinderTweaks, LairCooldowns, LairTracker, WhatsThePoint, UITweaks_BagLock, TopbarAdditions, Salt_n_Pepper & GuideFox

AllPointsBulletin until maxed on AP /SP then ShutUp to replace.

If this comes to the fruition of what the modder is wanting, this should be co-opted as a map replacement at some point…

TSW Mods that still work in SWL that I use:
Don’t Make Me Wait, [SWL] Advanced Weapon UI, AvailableMissions, Easily Distinguishable Map Mission Icons, [SWL] Advanced Weapon UI, [SWL] Advanced Computer Terminal, strangeBrowser

I’m likely still missing some. None of these are make or break, but they all add to QoL when playing and ease and quickness of use. There are lots of genius mods that are made that could be pulled into vanilla as a toggle option, so as not to force them on everyone but still give a more bug free option rather than having to say most crash reports are caused by mods. A middle ground shouldn’t be too difficult =)

Edited to list them all


Tradepost is only a partial solution, as it can’t handle duplicate items, even from alts. During the Krampusnacht event, I sold a lot of common stuff on AH, and if two of my alts auctioned the same thing and only one sold, Tradepost lost track of the other one and I had to go back to guessing how many days ago I posted it.

The way Tradepost adds that information to the AH interface is fine, but the way it just remembers your post history without being able to ask the server is a problem. If FC could just integrate the Tradepost utility and give it the means to query the AH for actual data, even just once when opening for the first time in that login, that would be a solution.


I passed the bug along to the mod’s author, and they were wondering if you have the latest version ( If it’s still a problem with the latest version it would be helpful to report it to the author (not all of us spend too much time in random topics on the forums, or randomly flagging things for other devs to check). If we don’t know how things don’t work for people, we can’t make them work better.


[Interface] It’s a little irritating that sometimes upon login, the game will randomly show the pup-up encouraging me to buy Patron on an account with active Patron status.

It’s also a little irritating it never ever shows any pop-ups advertising sales; has the idea of doing those in SWL been dropped, or are what sales do happen still being advertised poorly (i.e. not visibly in-game)? (I’d search the one-stop shop store interface to figure this out if there was one, but…)


It was a known bug when I downloaded it. At least, it was known to someone who had already commented on it when I found it. And yes, that’s the version I have. I only installed it in December, and that was last updated in October. I checked all this when I first encountered the problem.


[misc] Keybindings for some favorite emotes or similar feature (I know about adding favorite emotes on a specific tab in the emotes window, but it requires it be opened, etc.).

[interface] As a new player, the following phrases were confusing for me:
Cooldown for mission [xyz] has expired”. I initially thought it meant I had failed a mission due to a timer running out. I know this is very minor, but I suggest a simple string change to
Mission [xyz] can now be repeated.”

To be frank, these notifications in chat for this seem unnecessary and extra overhead. If a player wants to redo some missions in an area, she has a complete list already available in her journal (Missions finished) and they are even marked on the map as gray icons.


[suggestion] So after slugging my way through Cost of magics jumping part again I was wondering why ALL platforms are timed. Wouldn’t it be far more reasonal to have anything past the first rune as static platforms that are always active and only be the first one timed so you can’t jump up there without the mission.
(Also believe giving 5 extra seconds for players with not the best hardware is reasonable. If cataphile can have a lot of breathing room why not cost of magics jumping part)


[feedback][agent] I have feedback on two agent system related topics, drop rates and fatigue.

First, drop rates. I’ll preface by saying I have found 6 agents in total: 1 from dungeons, 5 from missions. 2 of those mission agents were on my alt that only did 3 missions per day. I’ve grown to accept the mission drop rates. After running almost 100 missions and not getting an agent on the first couple days, I originally thought the rates were too low. However, it seems to even out over time and appears to be in a reasonable spot judging by the prices of common agents on the auction house. I expect the average prices of the common agents to fall further below 100k considering missions are always completed by someone out there.

In contrast, the situation for the desirable “7%” agents is poorly designed in my opinion. 5 of those familiar face agents only drop from dungeon final rare chests on any elite tier, whereas the remaining 4 only drop from regional rare chests. This approach locks some of the agents behind high tier content (regionals are the equivalent of e8 bosses) while encouraging spamming e1 dungeon runs for the rest of them. Since nobody on the official side clarified whether drop rates increase over the elite tiers or not, there’s a ton of overgeared players demolishing e1’s hoping for an agent drop. It just feels off.

Second, fatigue. This thing makes or breaks your experience with the agent system. When you’re aware of fatigue, the system becomes significantly less tedious as you can actively plan towards avoiding incapacitations by managing your agents properly. It adds a dash of complexity to the system while making it more enjoyable. I am honestly baffled that you chose to hide this stat from players by default. Maybe you thought making it visible by default would nullify the point of incapacitation as a MoF sink. I don’t think it would. Players who want to power level a specific agent will still sink aurum and/or MoF to the system to get what they want as quickly as they can.