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There was a bug much like this early on… except the entire wave spawned at the beginning, all at once. :smiley:

It was a good bug, and made scenarios fast, so it was swiftly deleted to make room for other, less helpful bugs.


[Suggestion/PvE] Since the addition of the south africa jump pad in agartha the room gets a bit tight on the main platform making it harder and harder to keep apart which jumppad leads where and while you get it shown when close often one if sprinting into it so fast that the reaction time isn’t enough. Would it be possible to give the jumppads some signs so that you have a visual cue which pad leads where from a glance?


Honestly, rather than adding 4th age neon street signs to 3rd age jump pads or something, I for one would prefer the branching world tree going back to being a branching world tree.


[feedback/suggestion] Game allows us to turn off twitching from crits but there are lot of abilities that make image twitch - which can’t be avoided. It can be bearable in smaller battles but my eyes hurt on big bosses in Agartha. Please allow us to turn it off too.


Hard pass - the new system is so much better than the old one. Some kind of holographic glyph above each jump pad would be suitably 3rd age.


The new system might be better if Funcom wasn’t insisting this is not an MMO. It’s bloody bovine droppings for a story-focused shared-world action RPG.


You keep bringing this up as if it means something but it doesn’t. So they called one an MMO and one a shared world RPG, why does that matter in the slightest? The old system took far too long to get anywhere even if you knew all the right places to hurl yourself off the main platform and I don’t see how it would suddenly become better just because the game is marketed in a slightly different genre now.


[Abilities] Some time needs to be spent re-balancing the skill trees. Too many skills are underwhelming compared to others. The passives are especially bad, with the majority of them appearing to be kinda worthless.

There could also be some additional tweaking to re-balance the weapons themselves so that they are all a little closer in terms of their potential for dps, healing, or tanking. For example, there is a very large gap between the top DPS weapons and the bottom ones. And it is still kinda odd that AR is the strongest DPS in the game considering that it has the longest range, is mostly aoe damage, and can also heal.


@Pilchenstein, see, the new chopped up hub is aimed at MMO players like you, not at RPG players who’d expect the branching world tree to have, you know, branches instead of jump pads, a shopping mall and a dance floor. You know, the kind of MMO player that like you is either to dense, too unconcerned with atmosphere, or both to actually get that fine difference.


Pilch is a troll. Prolly best to quit engaging with him… never seen anything nice come from that one, so I just don’t respond.

Y’all are getting fairly heated meow.


[Abilities] Essence Grenades [Assault Rifle].

Occasional protracted execution of area of effect.


I kind of feel like “the entire point of the relaunch was to be less wilfully obtuse for the sake of it” has been litigated to death already but “the old game was better because it was an MMO and the relaunch sucks because it appeals to the kind of idiot who plays MMOs” is certainly a bold new take on the matter. :v:

On topic: it would be nice if cancelling an auction within the first two minutes refunded the deposit, in case you manage to typo the price (which I do quite often, because I’m “to dense”)


Ooh, nice. So hat was the entire point?

Can you actually link any source actually supporting that nonsense, or were you simply trying to prove @Merihem right about what you are?


Let’s try to keep things related to feedback and suggestions.

For everything else there is private messages.


All things Museum:

[Items/Pets] - Allow for us to buy more than one of each pedestal at a time. That running back and forth is tiresome.

[Interface] - Or better yet, drop the buying of pedestal ites all together, just pay the price at the location you want to place/upgrade and be done with it.

[Misc] - Let the doors of unlocked wings remain open!

[Interface] - And speaking of doors, just ask if we want to pay the price to unlock it when we attempt to open it, no buying of items from the curator.

[Misc] - Add a bank to the museum.

[Misc] - Make the curator shut up.


Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.


Alternative if his suggestion for “Pay on the spot” doesn’t work.

Put the Pedastal in the Quick Access inventory after buying it if possible. So we can walk up and press 3.

The doors are a cleverly disguised loading mechanicism, not likely to happen.

Yes to bank as well, although as member of BEST FACTION it’s a short hop to temple hall but it means I end up warping into London proper instead of direct to the musuem since I’m going to need my centerpiece items.


I believe they’ve mentioned that whatever mechanism they’re using for that doesn’t work with multiple pedestals in the inventory. But yes, I’d expect just paying at the pedestal should be possible and more than a sufficient solution to the problem.


Could we get a method where the tabs in the teleport window is closed, and not open, so i don’t have to scroll all the way down to get to Seoul.

Also. We got defence scenarios, how about assualt scenarios? Speaking of scenarios, could we get more places, I’m getting kinda tired seeing the same 3 places again, and again.


The way the radar works in ‘Espionage’ is great because it doesn’t take any sort of action time, or kick you out of sprinting. Compare that to the radar in ‘Texts’ (Kaidan), where there is an action timer associated with it and it kicks you out of sprint.

It would be nice to make all radars, and possibly many other usable devices, more like the radar in Espionage.

Another type of item comes to mind, though the quest name escapes me. It’s the first quest the vampire/undead looking guy in the cowboy getup with the long trench coat gives you at this base near where the entrance to the dungeon is in BF? You get a dart guy and have to shoot various things, including blood stocks. I suppose the ‘use’ timer might be appropriate in that instance, as it has an associated animation, but then it has this weird, long cool down that’s hidden that makes ‘no’ sense.

It would be nice to get rid of any hidden cool downs on items like that and replace it with the 1 sec global, that’s on everything like opening bags of loot. As it is now, it has like a 10-20s cool down, and when you are trying to go full on Ricky Bobby because you have limited time and another player is creeping up behind you on a quest and you don’t want to get stuck with the extra long mob respawn cool downs, it’s an eternity. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the super long cool down when you are using medicines on the patients in BF by the tents for Dr. Whoseewhatsits (sp). I’m sure that’s kinda interesting the first time, but when you know them by heart, and only get stung because you accidentally had a use item hot keyed before you started picking up meds, it’s annoying. You either have to sit there and wait it out, or figure out a way to reorganize your run to go do something else quick and circle back.