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[Feedback] The way agent dossiers drop in dungeons, or at least the perception of how they do, has lead to a lot of players who vastly overqualify for Elite 1 queuing up and rushing through the content without giving anyone else in the party a chance to participate. To the point where some players go so fast that they leave other players behind who are still zoning in.

This deprives up to four players the chance to actually play the game and learn the content they are being rushed through. Some people aren’t going to care, but others absolutely will. I don’t have any suggestions on how you might solve this conundrum. In the mean time, the fact of this existence is discouraging me from using the group finder on my low IP alts.


The suggestion of dropping “dossier pages” that you accumulate and eventually turn in, which has come up time and a gain for mission drops, could actually serve as an elegant solution here and for scenarios, too.

More pages per chest for higher elite tiers, some pages even in normal chests, adjust number of pages required for buying a dossier accordingly.

Yes, it’d mean having 5 types of pages (season 1 mission, dungeon/regional, scenario, NYR, season 2 mission) if Funcom wwants to keep ‘drop types’ separated. Still would be better than the total vacuum cleaner pure RNG.


One very just solution would be to make dungeon agent dossiers an E5+ only drop. Yeah, that’s a solution which would make people irrationally upset, but it’s already nonsensical that 5 of the original 7% agents drop in E1 dungeons while the other 4 are locked behind regional bosses.

To be honest though, I doubt anything will be done about it. The moment they designed agents to drop in E1 they must have known this was going to happen. I can only assume they are okay with it.

Would lessen E1 farming, but wouldn’t prevent it. In fact, it might make matters worse if the value adjustments are done poorly and E1 ends up getting the best page/time ratio. Even if the adjustments are done okay, a lot of players who don’t care about the distillates would still farm E1’s for the convenience. There really is no guaranteed solution to E1 farming other than completely disabling it.


IMho easiest solution would be disable abilty to join public group finder for lower tiers if your IP is too high. Similar to story dungeons. And keep no restrictions to private teams, which would still allow yo to help your cabal mates with lower IP.


You can queue with green gear and then swap to a different set in the dungeon. As an extreme measure, the finder could possibly auto-kick a player during the dungeon with an IP check, but that would inconvenience the team if the player was a tank/healer.


[Items/Pets] Everyone hates my revenant, please him and other not needed weapon effects a separate toggle in settings that you can just turn off, alternatively change the black swirly thing he comes from into a summoning circle like the one the new weapons make.

someone who gets abused over his weapon choice :slight_smile:


I did not know that some of the agents are locked up in group content. Now, I am sad enough to not bother with agents at all.

[Feedback] Please stop favoring group content.


Many of those players speedrunning the E1’s could easily solo it. But they join groups as a way of helping out. And most people are fairly happy to have the help. Previously people would wait hours for a group to form and you would hear many complaints in general about how no one is willing to tank e1’s for them.

If you are really put out by the help one solution would be to queue for e2’s or higher which do not share the same problem. And the added difficulty would be perfect for someone who is wanting a challenge.

Making it harder to help lower geared people would be a step in the wrong direction imo.


I can point at least one person who tend to leave people behind with some adds that can one-hit them since they have their dps build on so they are supposed to run for their life through them. I’d… not call it ‘helping out’. :thinking: I dunno why people are too shy to report them, maybe they are just too busy running. I guess problem is that one and other persons like them, not the system, but still.


My alts can’t queue E2.

One person I saw do this ran so fast through the fights that the at-level tank hadn’t zoned in before they started on the second boss. Do you think tanks need the help getting the queue moving only to be left in the dust?

It isn’t help. When I’ve seen this happening, it’s someone in DPS role, so they don’t even have the excuse of saying they were trying to get the queue moving.


I have similar experience with my two alts. It fair to say there are far more overgeared people who wait and go with rest of group. But that ones running alone are not that rare sadly and quite often they are the ones who are known from AH. Is it too difficult to make farming group and join dungeon as a private team?


Want to suggest guild associations or alliances so guilds can align with other guilds to work together toward specific objectives like NY E10 Raids and PVP


Cabals in [The Current Year]


I’ll take my 84 bank spots instead.


On the topic of high geared, running E1’s. From where i am standing it is more of a player mentality problem than anything. If a high geared wanna help out, thats fine, but you are not helping when you run 3 bosses ahead before the others can even pick up the first chest.

Personally i hate to just play catch up. If you wanna help in E1, that is totally cool, but if you wanna farm E1 please private (imo).

It would probably require quite some coding and im sure there are reasons it is a bad idea. Could it be an idea to prevent fights from proceeding without people present at the barrier. It’s sadly not just a behaviour from high geared players to race through. I see more on level groups where a tank or a dps will force the fight to start without the full team there.


[Items/Pets] Increase* the damage output from the Shadow Bound weapons.

The Shadow Bound weapon effect is pretty cool (maybe the black swirl is a bit much), but it lacks in th department of damage, adding approximately 0,135 CP/s. Most weapons are above 0,3 CP/s and some even pushing 0,4 CP/s and above. Now, I’m not asking to make Shadow Bound BiS or something, but maybe reduce the gap a bit? Aim for 0,25-0,30 CP/s or something?

*People much better at maths than me can figure out the best way to do this, be it reducing the internal CD, increasing the chance of it being cast, having the Revenant attack twice or increasing the output from the attack outright.


[Items/Pets] Shadow Bound. I’ve had them so long now I’ve gotten used to them… mostly. In particularly creepy new areas, though, his black cloud still remind me how annoying he can be.

How about cutting down the revenant’s long and distracting entrance so he has a better chance of getting an attack in before the fight’s over? Dramatic entrances like that are fine for mobs or anime characters, but we’re not pausing to wait for him. Maybe it’s just because I’m still just in Egypt and overpowered for the area, but that revenant almost always arrives late to the dance and wanders off alone.

It sounds like you’re saying that even if he does arrive before the fight’s over, and gets into range to hit something, he does less than half the bonus damage other exceptional weapons do. I would suggest that, given the other issues, making him show up more frequently would be a less than optimal solution. That would make him more distracting, although in conjunction with cutting the entrance animation, it might balance out.

He has a weapon in each hand, right? Maybe cut the entrance animation and delay and give him one attack with each hand. Quicker, less distracting, and potentially twice his current damage, without showing up more, or more of them showing up at big fights.


[Interface] Can we get a look-behind us button? I know that tab targeting is pretty much said and gone, but being able to snap look behind our characters would help on quite a few fights (looking at you Machine Tyrant).


[Dungeons] We really need the Gatekeeper back (at least for E5+). Item Power is in no way a meaningful measure of if a player can bring what is expected of them to a fight. Players that can’t even break 4k DPS on a stationary fight with 100% uptime have no place in things like E8. There is some flexibility to work around it with sustain-tanking right now, but that’s in the crosshairs to be nerfed.


I agree. E1-4 is a great way to introduce dungeons and get everyone playing, but above that the difficulty spikes to a level where a well tuned gatekeeper test before moving to the next tier seems appropriate. It would be nice to know the the players in your group at least have the capacity to clear the content.


Gatekeeper was rubbish and only taught people how to beat Gatekeeper though. I mean, it’s a great idea if your end goal is “screw anyone who’s not great at the game” but in reality players who struggle in e5+ are going to get better through practice and being helped by other players much, much faster than they are by endlessly banging their head against a single solo-instance fight.

Obviously, not everyone has the time or patience to help struggling players and that’s fine but in that case just find a better group instead of asking for new and better ways to exclude people who are still learning.