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Sorry, but whole TSW story was about fact that endgame population even extremely dedicated is so small and and not able to fund this game. In fact I would theorize there is a lot of people who own a lot of MoFs without spending any real money in game among this endgame population.

And about sole players not doing endgame. First of all, with current design even if they would like to, they find it extremely frustrating or even non existing. And moreover, there were several voices of these people they would like to do ome endgame stuff if it would be designed for solo player too.


Anyway I consider this whole debate as pointless, because FC is not willing to put any more resources into SWL to change design retention mechanics. All we hope is getting story updates and maybe some missing old TSW stuff. I don’t believe anything else is realistic.

And above that I have real doubts about abilities of those people in FC who are reponsible for monetization and some long term design decisions.


I don’t think allow some more options to stay at least somehow more competetive with group content players in endgame for soloplayers would cause harm to game. Quite opposite.

By definition, why a solo player would legitimately suddenly like to become “competitive” with a group-player ?

Group-focused people that dive into endgame have times and TIMES more expenses to sustain than regular solo players. They must pay for their gear, agents, various upgrades, dungeon keys, etc… How would they be able to sustain if suddenly there was no significant rewards for them and no chase items, all of those sellable on the AH? Streamlining everything so that even casual solo players doing random missions could get everything they want without effort would be a spit towards endgame players. The game already spits enough on them as is.

This is a “shared-world” game - it is an online multiplayer game. Key words being online and multiplayer. Not denying that playing solo shouldn’t be an option, but asking for everything to be accessible for solo is a no-go. It’s if i were to ask that my freelance company created by myself and my brother could have a chance to be competitive with Steve Jobs while we casually just make & deliver pizzas.

Alt-friendliness ? For sure! More solo content? Yes please! Group rewards more accessible for solo people? Nope.


This is way of thinking I will never understand, because it exactly kills game in longer perspective. Does solo endgame option means easy streamlined option? Not necessary. There can be still solo content which can be challenging and difficult. The only difference will be it would be designed for solo player. It is same twisted logic to put into game easy streamlined group content and ignore opposite option.

And does it really destroy your fun to have an option to get some of shinies from group content by solo players? Me not. Btw I am not calling to have all the rewards available for all no matter if it is solo or group content, scenario or dungeon, regional boss or something else. But some “redistribution” with more option how to get some stuff would imho help to keep game population healthier and bigger.

And btw it is very similar to calls of pvpers to allow them some ability to progress and get some stuff through pvp.


Except that you changed the topic here. You’re asking suddenly for more solo content, and challenging that is. Good luck with that.

No, it is not the same. PvP is another form of group content. It should reward with different rewards than solo.

I trust game designers more than a random claim of a random person on a forum to speak truth about this. In my opinion, it is quite the opposite: if solo people were to be given more rewards and potentially all of what group players can get, it would dicencentivize people from doing endgame totally, and the game will just be completed faster and have a shorter lifespan.


No I did not change topic. The debate for me was about current situation where there is a significat gap between first half of game which is focused on solo players and endgame which simply nearly ignore them. And yes, it would mean some more options in endgame e.g. solo versions of some dungeons or some difficult version of some quests or far more versions of scenarios…


I used pvp as an example of different options of progression/rewards from current situation.


Anyway I will not continue in this debate, becasue it gets to the point where it is pointless. I don’t consider solo player necessarily casual player who wants easy streamlined way to all rewards - especially in SWL with more older population where is a lot of more people who has far less time for play and problems to find time to play with online friends - and if there would be more challengable stuff for solo players and they would be able to get some currrent shinies available via current group endgame play, it would not ruin my gameplay either.


No, solo player can go into scenarios. But it is far worse endgame than group content, because all he has are 3 scenarios. Nothing more.

I don’t know why still ignore people who play solo and are not casuals.


Given how mindnumbingly boring and repetitive SWL scenarios are, with the story behind them entirely cut from the game, I think we can safely say that the dev team is either unwilling or unable to make decent solo endgame content.

Likewise, both caches and the shoddy agent system suggest Funcom either don’t know how to or simply give a rat’s furry behind about actually making monetization story/casual player appealing. (No solo story player needs all those bloody distillates other than to make solo content slightly less challenging than playing tic tac toe to tie, and the character bound agent booster crap is just plain ripping people off real good.)


All TSW PvP mini games could be entered without grouping up first. To me, this is solo-play as one does not have to join a group to take part as the mini-game groups the players.

I think the internet has diluted the meanings that were coined years passing. Hardcore are players that “bulldoze” through a game to get to the point of “top player.” Then, the hardcore player moves on to the NBT. This kind of player does not stick around long enough to support a game’s community and rarely spends additional money. Casual players are those that keep returning to the game. They tend to take their time with the content and explore the options the game offers. Casual players are more likely to spend money on clothing, pets, home décor, and other cosmetic items. Casual players usually make up the largest percentage of a games community. Both play styles come in single player and group player.

This is the Feedback & Suggestions forum: My feedback was that too much of the game (endgame) is locked behind group-play style. Whether I need a certain item that is only given to group-players is immaterial, I am a customer and I would like the same opportunities to earn rewards offered to group-players only. I am not asking for a hand-out; equal opportunity means that I have the options of completing challenging content as a solo-player. Having a solo version of the dungeons does not take away from the group version. My Suggestion is: Provide equal-opportunity to solo-players.


I don’t see the problem then since we have a group finder, which seems to fit your definition of solo content.


mmkay, in the absence of PvP, scenarios are the most varied content SWL has to offer, so what does that say about dungeons, raids and missions ?


The Eblis fight is always a new experience.


All the other stuff has the benefit of a) having some degree of story associated with it and b) not being essentially the same 15 minute or so tower defence despite the “fun” variation of “will I see the broken or the playable version?”


[Misc] Make a proper suggestion thread like we had in TSW. Only short and concise suggestions (one per post), and no what so ever discussion about the suggestions in the thread.

If someone want to discuss a suggestion, make a own thread and just link to the suggestion post and tag the creator.


The problem is that the group-finder is for activities where a player plays as a group-player. The difference being in the TSW mini-games, a solo player plays in a group but not as a group. (no group drama: no Elitist requirements)


Eh? By this definition you should be perfectly happy with the current state of the E1 queue. Half the time it literally doesn’t matter what the other four players do because one of them is soloing everything. Give it a shot. No one talks beyond saying “hi” and “thanks”, and it fits your definition of “solo content”.


One player soloing everything within a group setting doesn’t sound like fun. I was thinking more of having the ability to go into a dungeon solo and work the challenges solo. Or, the ability to gain the same rewards with equal challenges in an alternate solo content.


It’s possible to go into a dungeon solo and finish it solo. The requirements to do that are pretty high; you have to be able to do everything the at-level group could do–you have to be 3 players worth of DPS, a tank, and a healer all in one, and it can be pretty challenging to do that. One path to do this would be to solo scenarios until your gear is five player’s worth and then try soloing a dungeon. A good solo-scenario build is pretty much what you’d want to solo dungeons anyway.