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Battle Rank System.

It seems to be present at least in the Shambala scoreboards but not operational currently. How much work would be involved in reinstating that system into SWL with perhaps an associated reward vendor that sold cosmetic items based on Battle Rank? Things like the old Faction Markers from TSW for example would be amazing to have return to SWL. It may even be enough incentive to increase Shambala activity without directly messing with the current match rewards.


[Interface]? Move the New Dawn announcer off the Radio audio channel so that she can be captioned. Finally realized that’s where it was, and even having it at full volume it is far too mumbly to understand for me.


I have the opposite problem - even with my general sound turned down to 1 the New Dawn announcer is MUCH louder than everything else.


She’s on the radio audio channel. Try turning that to 1 and the rest higher?


Sorry, when I said general I meant master volume. So it should affect everything, including radio.


[feedback][suggestion][items] I strongly dislike the Special Agent Dossier shine effect. I dislike it to a point that I prefer not having the agent rather than having a shiny version. You may think that’s extreme, I don’t care. It’s a poor visual effect and I’m taking a stance against the implication that it is universally desirable.

I’m currently hunting the agent mission reward dossiers. Today I managed to get outstanding on “Descent”, obtaining Siobhan Gowan. Unfortunately, I received the Special version (which is character bound just like any other agent mission reward dossier). This may have been a great occasion to a collector, but it’s a massive punch in the gut for me. When I come across these purple dossiers in an unbound form, I can just sell them or trade them for a regular version. Yet when it happens like this, it’s as good as a mission failure.

I simply want you to reconsider your approach to these bound special dossiers. They are not universally desirable. I’m not going to use this dossier. I don’t know if I’ll delete it yet or keep it as a memento of a massive disappointment. I would be very happy if you could give us the option to trade them in for the common blue version. I know I’ll keep repeating “Descent” to get outstanding again until I receive the regular blue version anyway.

Regards about the Agent System

Dear Points of view.
Why oh why do we have deserter?
Please - remove the deserter debuff from dungeons - it can’t differentiate when someone has crashed or disconnected.
in fact…
I actually don’t see an occasion when this should ever be applied - to anyone - since, if you wanna remove someone, the option is there to kick and so problem solved. This deserter debuff is nothing more than a hindrance when you’ve sat in a queue for hours, to then crash and once you’ve returned (no matter how long or quick) you are then removed from the dungeon and given deserter - an absolute farce.
Not happy viewer…
Tunbridge wells


I had this issue on my old laptop. Would crash very frequently ~1-2 times per hour and due it always took me a minimum of 3 minutes to get back in the game. I made it a point to complain about this every day on the SWL bugs and feedback section of the discord but nothing got changed. Not as big an issue now with my newer laptop but I still only join premade groups that can private que because of this. I’m not queuing group finder as a tank only to screw some poor group over that’s been waiting for hours.


I am really struggling to see the when, whys and what - for this debuff to have a necessary function - there isn’t one that i can see.


It’s so people don’t ragequit a group the first time it does something they don’t like.


But they can vote retreat or vote to kick - problem solved - I’ve seen E10 lvl people do this on E6 bosses before they’ve even started.
The debuff serves no purpose.
if they wanna leave - let them leave - the system clearly can’t tell who is leaving for whatever their reason is.
Whether that be RL issues, connection issues or wonky Funcom logic
#DownWithTheDebuff i say!


The idea is that they get punished for just leaving like an ■■■■■■■, unfortunately with the crashing it hits the wrong kind of people. For instance lets say 4 people queue with the intention to finish a dungeon, but 1 queue wanting to farm (lets not discuss if this is okay or not, the fact is people do). You get past the easier bosses and the 1 player leaves. Now if this is a DPS it’s alright to get in again, if it is the tank however you could wait for hours or be forced to retreat. That’s a situation where the debuff is gonna help. Sure he could ask to be kicked, but at least he has to be nicer about it then instead of just leaving.


Not really though. If the group decides to be dumb and try to hold a player hostage, it’s better for that player to quit immediately because it gets the deserter countdown started right away, rather than wasting another twenty minutes doing something they don’t want to and then being forced to sit out.

A much better system would be if deserter was only applied to habitual leavers and the duration extended the more often they ditched groups. Also if the game wouldn’t kick players for disconnecting - there’s a perfectly functional vote kick option that the group can use if a player isn’t coming back. :v:


Agreed but probably harder to implement. Not saying the deserter system works well, far from it in fact, just commenting why it’s there. And yes they can just leave and take the debuff, but it could discourage some.


Already done that very recently for…

This very reason…

I won’t post the details of how we unanimously held hostage an E10 Lvl Quetzal in an E6 dungeon coz -
I don’t want to keep going over the one suggestion of:

“Remove the debuff - it serves no purpose”

But i will say that the debuff was the reason they didn’t want to just up and leave, acting as a deterrent for them, but by them also dictating how much of the dungeon was to be done on their terms. It’s sad that there are certain mechanics at play in this game that have allowed some of the worst natures in tanks to come to the surface and expose themselves for being so.

The debuff only applying to habitual leavers would only be abused by those who vote kick others for whatever reason. Face not fitting, their name they don’t like, they don’t get on, the gear isn’t high enough, the healer won’t go dps - they won’t do as their told, etc etc …

In any case - i still feel the Debuff needs to go -

If someone wants to leave - let them leave.
If someone disconnects - let them rejoin.



Just a reminder of how it worked in TSW (as I have no idea why THAT was removed in SWL): a group had a leader (group wasn’t disbanded when leaving dung). When someone dropped you could just invite anyone you wanted and leader could summon him into half done dung. (Meaning anyone could just port out and in at will.)

It was simple, without annoying regrouping, without being kicked out BEFORE the freaking game restarts itself after it CRASHES.



Tweak South Africa XP gains. I see no reason to go there to grind missions for AP/SP/Weapon XP if that place gives about 1/3 less XP than Kaidan.

Kaidan Side Misson = 4918 XP
Kaidan Action Missions = 9834 XP

SA Side Mission = 3098 XP
SA Action Mission = 6196 XP


A guise of the deep ones or aquatic themed attire such as webbed hands would be lovely.


Would be nice if the current NPC can drop himself as agent from it’s quests and the epic counterparts keep dropping from regionals, last boss blue chest and etc.

Some low level folks, new players, are quite pissed off with high geared people farming e1, sadly it’s flaws their gameplay and i guess my suggestion here more lore friendly and community friendly also.

Now the 2 good suggestions:

Please would be nice make a Android or IOS App for agent management, other games have already their apps tied with main game, don’t loss that chance to expand the horizons of the game.

I know the agents give it bonus and etc, but would be cool if you can summon in field, yeah I know it’s sounds laggy friendly but I think we can look after it to filter where it can be summoned.


I don’t know if this has been said before, im going to call it a [suggestion rant] as it has both

I’m writing about Agent Boosters. My recent experience with them has now put me off buying them completely. I had been converting my MoF to Aurum to buy blocks of 10 Agent Booster packs.

Out of 10 Boosters; Last week I got two agent dossiers and I got three out of this weeks batch. This would have been fantastic if they weren’t ones I already had. Yep all 5, actually I should say both as I got two Dennis Masuhlo’s from last week and two more from this week (plus an Ann Thophora). As I only have 3 agents from the list of possible drops (7). I would have expected two of the total to be useful I certainly wouldn’t have expected 4 of them to be the same. Of cause the 42 Hex Coins I converted my bag returns into are slim conselation as they wont buy anything worth having and even when I can purchase something that may be useful (like epic gear) I would already have acquired all that I can use (which I already have).

I think if I am trading hard earned resources (or paying money) then these bags need to be more useful and less annoying. I think you’d agree, my experience of using them should be positive and not leave me feeling resentful and disappointed. Booster packs by their very nature have a finite customer attraction. so how about making it a more attractive one (and a more positive experience) . Take a leaf from the event bags and remove already acquired agents from the list of drops, by all means reduce the drop chance but don’t give me 4 of the same agent in a row (i feel like I’m being trolled). I’d be much more incentivised to buy bags if I knew I had a chance of getting something useful rather than spending arround 460,000 MoF on 42 Hex Coins.