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I suggest body tattoos feature. With a ingame shop like the London and NY ones. And the add of more hairstyles, beards and piercings, please.


[Items/Pets] [Agent Network]

Couldn’t the Shadow Trafficker just sell dossiers directly instead?

I’m not a gambler, so I haven’t bought any boosters yet, but it seems to me the part of this that’s too punishing is the random bags sold by the guy who only accepts the “consolation currency” you already got from disappointing random bags. He should be more like the Lucky Coin vendors back in TSW. We got those coins from event bags, without even selling the extras. We could trade the duplicates to people who didn’t have them yet and collect coins. Each bag just came with one, plus an extra for bulk bags. Then if we still didn’t get what we wanted, we could buy it directly from the Lucky Coin vendors. And if we did get everything we wanted, we could save them for the next event or buy alternate colors of the same things.

So why not have the Shadow Trafficker sell agent dossiers individually? The prices would still be way too steep for me, but at least if he sold blue Agents for 20 coins instead of blue bags, we’d only have to gamble once. We could spend 2500 Aurum on RNG bags from the mystical plus sign, and then when we get 5 duplicate agents and the rest … green gear that we already got for free… we could just trade in the five duplicate agents for a new one of the same rarity. Trading in 50 Rare agents for one Epic would still be the domain of whales, but at least it wouldn’t be a just a cycle of feeding the RNG big piles of hard earned Aurum until we finally get an agent we didn’t already have.

And seriously, green agent gear bags are the scarves of the Agent Network. (sub-250 distillates are the fireworks.) Could we just not have those in bags we spent Aurum for? Even if the bags only cost 25 Aurum, opening one and getting a green pistol would feel like getting robbed. But then, I’m not into gambling, so maybe I don’t get it.


still waiting for the Morninglight mobile app. xD

I honestly love games that reach through the border of RL…
So I wouldn’t mind setting some time aside each day to be a good Foundling like the preacher said and earn some additional points for it. I bet people around me would only be mildly disturbed if I suddenly spouted things like “We’re all made of stars” while smiling at the display of my phone.


Clothing request: Metallic crown of Hel, both Gold and silver


That suggestion is almost as old as the agent system, and Funcom still not having officially commented on it…

Unless the entire engine and vendor set-up in SWL is so terrible they really should’ve just shut down TSW, changing the inventory of an in-game vendor should be a very quick fix.

So I find it rather hard to give Funcom the benefit of the doubt on this anymore; I guess they really don’t care about providing customers any value for money.


[Crafting] [Misc]

We were discussing gathering in another thread and I thought I’d risk posting my idea here, too.

New Feature Encyclopedia & Crafting

Some were glad, that SW doesn’t have the classical gathering systems. And I am glad, too. Would hate to have more numbers to scale up. However…
I wouldn’t mind some kind of flower picking or fishing, but in means of lore collecting.
Suggestion: If you discover a flower or shroom in the wild, you can pick it and it unlocks a little trivia/lore/fact. Just an option to learn new stuff. Our agents could have an encyclopedia of sorts, where such entries and a little picture next to them are stored. Can be expanded to wildlife and other critters.

Now what to do with those ingredients? In addition to just collecting there could be a crafting option.
Totally harmless and not gameplay relevant things like brewing a potion that dyes your hair blue for an hour or makes you puke rainbows or to use different plants/fruits/berries to brew and mix cocktails with fancy names or make Halloween candy. You could pick the fennel from the Marya camp to brew a tea and give it to Mama Abena and she’ll give you a piece of honey (a lore). Or you gather certain shrooms, mix them and it turns out to be funny, if you know what I mean. (If there ever is a housing feature and we’ll get a kitchen, the brewing could get interesting^^). Just some examples.
For completionists, that provides something else to do. And speaking just for me, I like learning new stuff.
The aforementioned aside, no. Please no crafting in the classical sense as seen in every other game.
No “To craft this fishing rod, you need to…” and the like. The chance to fish, gather etc is zone based. If you can enter a zone, you can harvest nature’s bounty.


Option to re-key map Fist abilities; Feral Frenzied Wrath’s passive Gore and Primal Invigorating Wrath’s passive Serenity from (Default [1]).


[PVE][Story] Make the story missions replayable in the first zones.

It would be nice to make the story missions in Solomon Island (Dawning of an Endless Night), Egypt (Black Sun, Red Sand) and Transylvania (Mortal Sins) replayable.

This feature is available in Venice, Tokyo and South Africa. But not yet in the old zones.
It’s really a shame because the quests do exist, the cinematics do exist as well. It’s a huge content you can’t access anymore when completed.

Minor changes might be needed for some transitions, but almost all the quests would work very fine as stand-alone.

Plus, I have a very bad memory and I can barely remember what happened in Solomon Island. I barely ‘member Cassie, the Fog, the Sword and Handsome Jack… Wait what ?!
It would be nice to be at least able to replay the cinematics (I had to watch them on youtube :sob:)


Originally in TSW those missions were not made to be repeatable. From Tokyo forward they became repeatable because people requested that. For SWL they had hoped to make the older missions repeatable, but last i heard that is apparently easier said than done =/.


As I recall explanations, the thing with those missions that they are really long and they’d need to redo a lot to make them closer to usual missions and apparently they had no time/resources for this.
Then I personally don’t see this as a big problem, actually. They left In the Dusty Dark as it is after all. Could just put some warning like ‘beware it will take whole evening’. :woman_shrugging: And we always can put mission on pause if we want to do something else.


Agreed ! And Nightmare in the Dream Palace is endless too. But still repeatable.

I mean, for a story driven game, it’s sad not being able to replay at least the cinematics, if not the missions.



This suggestion is probably as old as Scenarios themselves but is there ever going to be the possibility of providing more options in this mode of game play? A simple (or at least simple in my mind) idea would be to have the SAME 3 maps with the SAME mobs and the SAME spawn points but a DIFFERENT goal/objective. Namely a survival mode where waves become increasingly stronger as a simple yet popular mode in other games.


Yeah but the story in each of the first three regions is a single mission with over twenty tiers. That’s not a problem when they’re occupying their own special story mission slot but on repeat they’d be stuck in your main mission slot.

Also it’d just be straight up better to have them broken up into regular missions for when you want to repeat part of the story in say, Blue Mountain, without having to complete the entirety of Kingsmouth and Savage Coast first. :v:


If I may, I’d like to see a way to search/sort signets.


I’d like to make a petition for them to add to SWL the same scenarios as in TSW.
Find the survivors, and defend them in several places on the map …
Have the obligation to run from the first floor of Mansion to the backyard because a group of survivors is attacked … And have to do the opposite just after …
Play a scenario with 5 players, with hordes of enemies …

Current scenarios (solo / duet) could be considered as learning scenarios.

Me, I want them to put the version “nightmare”.

The cards would be a little different (the Mansion would be open, and many rooms of the Castle currently inaccessible would also be used …)

Moreover, the problem of balancing rewards would not even exist. Just reward TSW versions scenarios the same rewards as normal versions.

Because seriously, currently a Scenario, it’s not difficult. At all.
It’s about 12-13 minutes, ok.

So, a “TSW” scenario that lasts the same duration, where is the problem?

But at least, have more VARIETY in the scenarios (without having to recreate content, since everything is already in the game) and allow a GROUP to play together.

I WANT THE OLD SCENARIOS OF TSW! I want to run everywhere, have the stress of seeing ghosts pass through the floors, or “bombs” that one-shot the Survivors when they come into contact …


A method to quickly identify what tier dungeon/scenario/raid you’re currently engaged in.


I agree that hairstyles need to be added. The barber in London can barely do anything. How about some shoulder length hair, etc., and different colors (eg auburn, not a choice between brunette and red only)?

And the changes the plastic surgeon makes in NYC are barely noticable.


[misc] I noticed a few mentions of the barber in London, and hairstyles. Obviously story content, and gameplay should take precedence, but if new hairstyles do get added at some point, I would love to see some new beard options as well. Perhaps some longer/bushier beards!


In addition, your facial expression changes when you sit down on the surgeon’s chair. That makes it hard to determine the openness of your eyes and since we have no 180° rotation, we can’t see our faces from the side. Some noses look good from the front, but surely not from the side.
I support some more long and mid-length hair styles, be it for men and women. Would love to have my dark blue hair with turquiose tips back or the orange with white tips.


how about removing the annoying cinematics every time you go and redo a mission, and while we are on about it the run mechanic ( if already stated ) has to be the worse I’ve ( note the word I’ve ) have encountered in any game I have played, for example if running an AR build with F.A or B.S and ya get that stupid launch grenade that you cant cancel and when mobs are dead you cant run you cant warp to a well ,because it still shows you as being in combat , even when you are not, why the inane debufff to running anyhows, its a QOL improvement that needs to be address and also champions which are clearly out your reach (KM etc etc ) stil aggro yo when theyre an one shot kill when you are above it level. its just so annoying to have to contend with.