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While i can’t speak for others i do believe quite a few players enjoy going back and rewatching cutscenes =) i know i do.


I love the cutscenes. I watch them almost every time and on those occasions when I’m in too much of a hurry, there’s the escape key. But I suppose for someone who’s always in too much of a hurry, waiting a couple seconds for enough of the cutscene to load before escape will work, for each main mission, every time, would get pretty annoying. I wonder if FC has statistics on how many people actually do that consistently enough to warrant a “skip seen scenes” option just to save them those seconds.


Press [Esc] to skip cut-scenes.


There’s always the Escape Key…
Just making them a one-off deal wouldn’t be ideal. I also love seeing them and a big reason I lament that early story missions aren’t repeatable.
A Toggle in the menu would be best.


I believe cinematics and dialogues could be removed from elite dungeons (left for story modes only). Typical example could be Eblis (HE6). I’d like to see his starting dialogue removed totally, as well as the cinematic when he gets beaten at the end. We’d appreciate to be able to engage him immediately, as soon as we get into the room, and not have to press escape to skip cinematics every time they happen.


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[Item] Can we get stackable signets please? They clutter up the inventory/bank/cabal bank like there’s no tomorrow. For the record: I have max inventory/bank space.

On a side note, I think the amount of posts is getting way out hand. Why not split the thread into more manageable topics?


[interface] i’d like to see a search bar on the ability page or at least a hightligh of important words (clean, purge, and interupt…) in the description of abilities. Currently it’s a nightmare to search for a particular effect you have to hover over evry ability then read all the description. Evry additional effect on an abilty should be identifiable quickly


I still want a Guardian Doggy. Did we ever get a Guardian Doggy? I mean we get Jinn and Draug and even a tiny little Hel. Having a Guardian Doggy as a pet wouldn’t be all that emersion breaking.


It’s been previously stated that Filth pets were off-limits, but that was a long time ago, so who knows.


I didn’t know that. Apologies. (Though it does make sense.)
Also, aw…


Speaking of, I was suprised to see that they kept the NYR filth uniform. IIRC Joel said that it should never have been added or some such.

(BTW, we have a filth kitty.)


Considering there’s Nermegal and there’s the exploding into filth tentacles Siberian Husky, that’s not entirely true regardless.

Also, it’s not like it makes much sense to preclude filth pets specifically when there’s endless Dreamer spawn pets…


What was meant by this is no small versions of filth monsters you would typically fight. They didn’t mean normal pet types like Nermegal.


Thanks for the clarification!


[Items] An old topic regarding clothing. The weapon capstone outfit sets are missing pieces.

First of all, let’s establish that these sets are modular and edited versions of the faction deck outfits from TSW. All of them are missing smaller bits like faction symbols here and there (in order to make them more suitable for faction recolouring), but a significant number of them are also missing entire pieces.

Gladiator - Missing the bracer.
Thaumaturgist (Magus from TSW) - Missing the shirt.
Crusader - Missing the shirt.
Elementalist (Paladin from TSW) - Missing the shirt.
Warrior - Missing the scarf and helmet/goggles.
Bonus: Exorcist (now an Aurum outfit in the dressing room) - Missing the shirt.

I understand mainly why the ex-Templar outfits are missing the shirt. Because back when they were a single uniform, only the showing parts of the shirt were modeled and now that they are modular, you would have to create the rest of the shirts. Then there’s the fact that a lot of them had crosses on them so that’s very Templar-like and would need to be edited out. Still, the sets look incomplete without a shirt piece and a regular t-shirt really doesn’t help complete it.

I know you are adamant about never re-introducing the unaltered TSW faction deck outfits so I have always hoped we could at least eventually get the missing pieces back for the SWL’s modular ones.


[Misc] Let the weekly special mission also grant, say, 30 of each mission resource.


Stackable signets and glyphs and museum items (please)


Plus, this feature already exist in TSW, we were able to search the ability wheel by key words or effect name.

Unable to empower other glyphs with the free level-up glyph

[Abilities] - Add rocket launchers (comparable to wings/Ultimate)
[Misc] - Add rocket launcher ammuntion

Add rocket launchers as a weapon.
Add ammunition as reward for completing dungeons.
Complete first set of challenges, get one batch of rockets to launch.
All dailies, get second ammo batch.
Sorta like wings Ultimate, but altering the cooldown/replenishment aspect.
(Patron? Get one batch of rocket ammo daily, like collecting a cache key.)

Intended Effects:
People will get to use rockets.
People will run more dungeons.
People will become Patrons.

Speaking of rocket launchers… and Guatemala…