Feedback & Suggestions



The suggestion I would like to put forth, is an extension to the saved build system. Imagine if you could swap builds in combat? the idea is being able to ‘Favourite’ up to three builds which can then be switched between in combat to allow for more abilities. Perhaps by keybinding them to the number pad? or Alt+1, 2, or 3 etc.

This could function similar to the old aegis system, putting abilities on a small lockout timer and not being able to switch builds when abilities are on CD to keep it balanced.

Would be a nice little feature to allow some more tactical play in PvE and the occasional PvP


Fix up big where if you get stuck while a ghost you have to shut down the pc. While we are at it, fix up the stuck fix. I get stuck all the time, jumping down into a few rocks, etc and /stuck gets me the inane response that I am not stuck. I know, I can /reset, but they should fix up the stuck bug


TSW, there it was necessary. In SWL you open the page and read through your respective… what?..20 Abilities? Guess a search function would be nice and comfy to have, but nothing vital.

Love the wheel and status effects and all those possibilities btw. Cross skilling <3


[Misc] (I guess?)
Still voting for full bodies and not parts. Friend of mine was unsure if he was seeing things or really had a zombie arm now :smiley:


[Feedback] Anniversary
Decorations are so cute! So many details, it looks all so sweet. Thank you!
Especially that fat bee :smiley:


[Event] Thank you for taking the randomness out of obtaining shems!! Losing my TSW shems hurt because so many of them were incredibly rare random drops, and it’s nice to be guaranteed shems now.


Having gotten the Lunar Shem the first year it was available was… painful. Losing that Shem hurt a lot.


Event Healing

  • need option to assist target of hostile target (a working one)
  • Edited out. <okay, bit confused now: sometimes it seems my base heals do heal my defensive non-group , sometimes they don’t. Sorry. Bad targeting aside, base heals do heal any target in focus. Thing that confused me was that Nurture did stack on myself, rather than my target>
  • my most powerful heals are group heals now (convalescence, communion etc). Can those get a line, that they either heal my group OR my defensive target that is not necessarily in my group? (this I consider a nice to have, the aforementioned would be an urgently needed)


How about summer swimwear fashions? I know the beaches are infested with draugr and Japanese black lagoon monsters, but we do have beaches, and I’d like some bikini bottoms that didn’t look like I borrowed them from my 10 year old niece.


[Suggestion] Vintage unisex beachwear? Yes, please. :smiley:


[Misc] This came up on Twitter, but I thought I’d echo it here. The floating tree islands in Vibrant Agartha look really nice. I think they would be a great addition for Agartha proper to have them scattered near the zone teleports. They could use tree types from the respective areas, providing some visual distinction to which island you’re trying to jump to (rather than relying on pop-up text). As it stands, the only one that’s obvious at a glance from the central platform is Tokyo.


[Misc] Museum storage

Picking up museum items as we progress is a burden. We have to either sell them to vendors, sell them to someone who can use them, or buy enough inventory space to keep them until we can use them to complete exhibits. How is it that that museum can devote vast empty areas to our future exploits, but they can’t spare a small locker to hold a couple of trophies in progress while we finish them?

Even if it’s just a side closet somewhere, there should be a bank terminal inside the museum with a separate page for museum items only, like the Mission Items and Agent Items inventory space is reserved for just those types. (Of course, I’d rather have my own general purpose storage room in there for more inventory pages, but I gather that’s about as likely as player housing.)

Also worth noting is the smell of month old monster parts in a safe deposit box. Presumably the museum has the facilities to preserve and/or taxidermy the critterbits without getting unspeakable ichor on our third age trinkets and backup mystical tomes.


Also, will we ever have player housing? You know, the instanced kind? Not the “limited plots because we think housing is a status symbol and not a right?”


It’s been addressed by Nirvelle. They’ve said it’s too big a project for the current size team they have.


[Items/Pets] I would love to have a black hakama added to SWL! We have faction colors and white… why not have black?? It also fits SWL’s horror theme very nicely imo :slight_smile: having black hikamas or dresses for males (so we can make them look like robes for example) would be a nice addition to the game! In regard to the black hakama, it also shouldn’t take many resources from the devs, since it would essentially be a re-skin of hakama models already inside the game :slight_smile:


So I was thinking that a music themed cache would be pretty rockin’. Mostly just because a guitar hammer skin would be gold, especially given Kirsten Geary and Haruko have the same voice actor. Could throw a blue bass guitar in Kirstens room just as a nod to FLCL :stuck_out_tongue:

Hammer - Guitar
Blade - Flute
Fists - Those semicircle handbell things (dunno what they’re called)

Shotgun - some sort of trumpet or trombone
Pistols - Piccolo trumpets
Rifle - ???

Chaos Focus - Tambourine
Elemental Focus - A triangle or something
Blood Magic - A book of sheet music

Would look rediculous but hey, I run around in a neon green mankini…


[suggestion] Something that always bugged me is that the dressing room has a few wrong sources for cosmetics. Something I realized again looking at the Gaia Rocks T-Shirt. Would it be possible to spend some time go through all the stuff in there and fix the discription, maybe even change in SWL currently unavaidable stuff to something like “currently not avaidable”.
Also maybe add the missing preview pictures for a few colors with some items. So you could move forward knowing that you add new cosmetics to a well structure clothing section and no mumbo jumbo hauled over from TSW and never touched more than critically necessary.


[suggestion] When you talk about dressing room I can not add I would really appreciate an option to exclude some things from search list or just hide them from whole room.


[Feedback] I love you all very much and appreciate you, but seriously, can you please make more male shirts with the TSW Pre-Order/ACU shirt design and not the “sausage” shirt, as I like to call it? We beg you! The sausage shirt literally looks like the character is wearing four layers of other shirts underneath it and looks… so horrible. I love the game shirts that come out and love their designs, but will never wear them because they’re always on that horrible fitted shirt. Please, you make the ladies look nice, why not the guys?


[Item] The shotgun “Redeemer” buffs damage of a group for three seconds reloading blue or purple shells and gives a on hit heal for three seconds on orange and green sheels on reload. As a dps I never use blue shells as they are currently way to unreliable as a source of exposed and the common consensus is the use of orange/purple use 1:1. So my suggestion would be to alter the effect to give damage on red and purple and heal on blue and green instead of the current setup. Creating a viable alternative to the current Best in slot the SPES.