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[Interface] Empowerment Match Highlighting

Not all of my alts have their various glyphs in the same slots, so every time I want to use a fodder glyph to empower a slotted glyph, I have to mouse over everything I have that isn’t green to find the matching item.

There’s already a blue “+” glow graphic that means that kind of match. Could we possibly have matching non-capped items highlighted with that glow in our inventory when we choose something to empower with and haven’t selected what to empower? And possibly the other way around. (But maybe only unmodified items should volunteer to be fodder?)

So, for example, I open a glyph bag and get a basic green one pip Devastating glyph and put it in my empowerment materials. The ring in my inventory with a level 13 Devastating glyph glows, but the book with the level 25 blue Devastating glyph doesn’t.

Probably not necessary for weapons and talismans, but I imagine this would be just as useful for signets. Just highlight anything that would cause the selected material glyph or signet to glow, I guess? And if there’s assorted material that doesn’t all match, skip it?


Turns out it didn’t, despite the announcement saying “a couple thousand Anima Shards”.
Oh, how this world must have gone down the drain when a couple is a single.


[Misc] Small changes to hub areas to reflect story happenings

Just a small suggestion inspired by a conversation over the WoW practice of mixing it up with old towns/hubs in line with in-universe events. Might be nice to have, say, faction/police patrollers on the hub streets, heightened surveillance on the Morninglight booths, that sort of thing. Something to make the hubs feel more alive and reflective of where we’re at in the story.


[Feedback/Request] Can you make the Drunk females in Agartha a little less intrusive and annoying? I mean the drunk males just look suicidal by the edge of the platforms, but the females come out to the dance floor like every 30 seconds or so and take up a good portion of the dance floor where we don’t WANT to use it because the NPC is going to run into us every 30 seconds…


You mean Randy the Random Drunk NPC Chick? Different outfits in different instances, but always alternating between the same two dance moves and then stumbling back to laugh with her friend the wallflower? Yeah, she’s a little past caring about personal space. She musta got that one slightly off bee that only gave her the power to stay that drunk 24/7 without ever having to go get another drink or find a restroom.

The dancing NPCs in both The Rooted Groove and The Horned God clear the dance floor and hang out at the sides when players are around and chatting in vicinity. Maybe Randy could also use that cue to go get a drink or just boogie at the side of the dance floor, or, like random spots off to the side between tables, not really caring which bit of floor is designated for dancing?


I wish I had your problems.

I belive thier are greater issues to address


[Suggestion] I think there’s some inconsistency in the extra distillates provided by the final dungeon chests. If we count the total of extra distillate XP we get in dungeons, we’ll get 1 extra (glyph) distillate for 6 baseline distillates. In scenarios, the equivalent is 1 extra (weapon or talisman) distillate for every 3 baseline distillates (not counting the occasional 4th, it is not baseline). In lairs and regionals, i didn’t quite establish any average, but from my feeling, it looks like the extra (glyph / weapon / talisman) distillates represent 1/3rd of the baseline signet distillates.


  • Scenarios’ extra distillates: 1/3rd of the base distillate XP
  • Lairs’ and regionals’ extra distillates: roughly 1/3 of the base distillate XP
  • Dungeons’ extra distillates: only 1/6th of the base distillate XP

Solution: please Funcom, add 1 extra glyph distillate in the final dungeon chests, so we’d be able to get the baseline weapon or tali distillate in those chests, and 2 extra glyph distillates as total.


[Suggestion] Implement a turbo mode for scenarios which has no timer, but makes the waves of mobs appear as soon as the previous wave of mobs is dead. It could be for example a totem to interact with in the scenarios themselves (like we used to interact with master planner totem in dungeons in TSW). As it stands, the current E10 difficulties are clearly not designed for fully geared people and can be trivialized very quickly even without being fully geared. In this situation, we simply have to wait the timer and the base 15s of spawn time between waves of mobs, which is not fun nor challenging at all.


I kinda miss the “double-wave feature” :stuck_out_tongue:


[Ultimate ability]

Would be nice to have an optional transformation ability as a alternate to the wings ability. Something like Devil May Cry’s devil trigger but Ophanim based, with forms that are representative of the choices made in the story campaign. Would also be nice if Alternate forms could also be bought from the clothes store like the alternate wings.

Mechanically, Maybe boosts all stats by 100% (+ whatever percentage from the overwhelming power signet) for 30-60 seconds?


Back at relaunch they mentioned that they had plans to do more with the Ultimate Ability, potentially alternative more healing and tanking focused. I believe this is part of the reason why it isn’t as strong as it was in TSW as well =).


for what in Gaias sake you Need those arms for?
So much power

wanne rofle stomp through maps?

u Need ip 250 to finish all maps, thats it.
So why a skill like this?


That would be roughly a million times stronger than the current ultimate ability and there’s just no need for it. :v:

They should really get rid of the “one wings per ten minutes” rule, given that it’s not that much stronger than other abilities and all the bosses have about eleventy billion health.


That’s what the other signet is for. It makes your wet noodle available more often (granted, not on the same boss)


No, the cooldown where wings cannot damage a boss no matter who casts them.

The signet makes it take about 6 minutes instead of 8 minutes of constant attacking to recharge but even if you do, you can’t use it on the same boss again.


Pistols: make the white chambers forced match at the beginning of the fight delayed until any ability is actually used. This matching too often goes off without a chance to use it, when the enemy is too far / not present etc…
So the match will only start its timer when you actually start attacking / healing / using stuff.


yeah, this I can only be damaged by skill once in 10min was ok in TSW cus bosses had less HP
But in SWL this rule is stupid cus the bosses have tons of HP and would not mind 2 or 3 wings tossed at them


Why are you throwing wings at bosses besides just for fun? Even in TSW? They are, and always were, for adds! It’s an AoE attack that can hit 30 things at once. Prime add control. Wing-smack the crap out of Flappy’s spiders.

I only ever used wings in dungeons in TSW if I needed a heal or it was Eblis and custom dictated he get wing-slapped. Or on mini scorpions :slight_smile: The real last 90 bosses of NM MFA.


Well if using wings on bosses is so sub-optimal, why do they need to be immune to all but one cast per ten minutes? Check and mate mister game police.


Imo, throwing Wing on Bosses in SWL is pretty much of waste of Wings, because SWL bosses have way more HP than did in TSW (example in Scenarios). SWL Wings feel more like cosmetic stuff othere than game changer like it was in TSW. SWL does not have those Tokyo dungeons where Wings were “must” to use agains adds.

Secondly, SWL does not have NM Group Scenarios, where Wing were pretty much of a group control element, even that they did work well against Bosses who had less HP vs. Wing Damage.