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Can you also please allow us to select what font our character name is displayed in. Thank-you.



Coloroptions/Recolors of weapons so there is more option to find a matching weapon for an outfit.


[PvE] In Scenarios…please make the locusts delayed triggering…insta triggers can go so horrible wrong with not a huge fault from the player and only because the game aligned against one and gave you the crammed castle.


They actually are—they only blow up if you hit them. That may not always be possible to avoid, but if you can’t stop your survivors from killing a mutator on top of themselves, you can lead the locust bombs away if you’re very careful.


[PvE] Please make the Farming Implements and Broom in the New Dawn missions “Cult of Personality”, “Dawn’s Harvest”, and “Vermin Cleanup Detail” always pickup-able. If you lose them for any reason before you finish these missions (and they can be removed from your inventory against your will), you have to restart the missions from scratch.

Alternately, just save our progress in these missions if we abandon them.


From my experience they trigger as soon as they get in melee range to the player. I normally trigger them by running past…not hitting.
They do autoaggro on the player so you can lead them savely away in mansion or egypt but castle is a bit crammed and has all survivors in one big clump making it a pain. Always have to keep an eye out for the special effect and lead the mob carrying them out or not defeat him close quarter.


not needed if you intercept the mob and reposition them before you kill the locust one, you can easely control the encounter, but yeah from time to time you just lose 5 survies
and thats one of the only ways to lose some of them at all, so dont cut it


Counterpoint: they should absolutely make scenarios less frustrating. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone respond to failing a scenario with “Oh well, I had fun and will strive to do better next time” rather than complaints about how one or more aspects totally came out the back end of a cow and they hate scenarios and wish there was another way to farm glyph xp. :v:


This is mostly my response to a failed Scenario. While i don’t celebrate a failed scenario, I am perfectly fine with the occasional failure, as long as it wasn’t an obvious bug, but instead my own failure or just mechanics timing bad together. They nerfed Scenarioes plenty as it is imo. As for the locust bombs. As with any scenarioes strive to not fight in camp. If something does get in camp, grab it by the neck and drag it out again. That aside Locust bombs are marked with a green cloud on the special mobs. It’s hard to spot on some models however.


The locust bombs can also be killed before they explode.




This is actually fairly difficult to do as melee. Unless you get a couple lucky Crits. Idea! Maybe make there cast impairable but have the cast start again after impairing like the revenant in mansion. 1-2 impairs you should have no trouble killing them as melee.


Mine too. It’s usually, “:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I thought I had that covered. Better make sure next time,” with the occasional “:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:shotty scarecrows :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: possession :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.”

Scenarios are the main thing I do anymore in SWL because I still enjoy the challenge.

I am wondering if locust bombs got stealth nerfed though. Had a pair blow up on survivors one time recently and not kill them. I was shocked. I suppose they could have glanced?

Which leads me to an actual suggestion!

[PVE] Scenario NPCs like Carmen and Andy are remarkably smart about not attacking reflect shielded hell soldiers—was very impressed by that. Could you extend that to not standing in locust bombs?


Locusts deal a little less than half of a survivor…and since there are to that means it comes close to instakill…both on survivors and on special npc buddies


Joel Bylos, former Game Director for TSW.


[Cabal] Could we get a second message of the day that only shows in the officers channel?


[PvE][Feedback] Venetian Missile Crisis after the patch is a fair bit better. The boss mobs are still bags of HP, but the rest don’t feel nearly as meatshieldy, plus the gas cans are useful now. Even if they do blow the clothes off my chaos clones before killing them.


[Item/Pets] Since day 1, the sprint window has listed the Faction Scooter as obtained by faction ranking. We have all of that now, but nothing about getting that Faction Scooter. Is it, along with the Obsidian Pharoah Hound and Flynn’s Gambit, lost and forgotten?


Hi Secret World Legend players & Devs;

This is a request post, please be seated and well tied.
Precautions have been taken, let’s go.

I’m a veteran from The Secret World, and I’m playing the game despite the low population. Everything is ok, but ( yes, yes it’s coming, who says : "Hold the door, hold the door… Hodor!!!) we can’t have access to full game. What a lovely day to start by:

  • The Museum can’t be finish:
    Some museum’s items can’t be found cause they requires events, like : Glowing Mayan Bones - the Horn of Niflheim - Jack’s Head - Lunar Shard - Mischievous Tuft - Sacred Soil (not sure need to check this one) - Solar Shard. And I don’t talk about the low chance to drop other items like Depleted Energy Cell - Living Shard - Living Water Shard etc etc…

  • Some pets, clothes & Sprints :
    This section concerned also SWL players. As mentioned earlier, there is a bunch of stuff out of reach., and cosmetics are part of it. The events from The Secret World could give some exclusive item for SWL and it will allow us (regular players) to continue the game and get some achievements like : GET THE PURPLE CAT (I had farmed hours and hours and I still need it)… icy claws, exclusive sprints like the achievement with dailies etc etc.
    I know the cosmetics from The Secret World are still in demand cause I see regularly SWL players asking for it or doing Flappy. As exposed to you once, you could get something to exploit here and it won’t cost a lot.
    I take the opportunity here to ask SWL players who won’t come back on TSW to gift me if you want …cause I’m greedy Lumie and you’ll get my eternal thankfulness. If you don’t know what kind of stuff I would accept : Mk3.0 - PvP signets - Pax Romana - Fragments Lair - Augmentations - Clothes - basically everything. And if you know a player called “Pikem” please share this message to him-her : THANK a LOT!

  • Players v Players:
    It has been asked a few times too:
    Would it be possible to reduce the number of players to get the pop? I’ll prolly chock lot of SWL players, but the majority of TSW players want to do PvP at least to get their dailies, weeklies or farm templ…clothes (evil laugh).

  • End of game or End game:
    All population from The Secret World is aware about the situation for TSW (and SWL too), and the low resources allowed to it. We don’t ask new content or difficult solution, we would like to have the release of events. All of them are great, it’s a bit sad to leave them lying in the drawer. It will be awesome to see Golden Gollem face again or to meet angry gatekeeper cause I’d like to get the potions there! (and the pet too)… or to redo Samhain quests… Or look at huge bo*** *cough see Hel…

Any questions …yes you in the back with the weird nose ?

“Why you post it there it’s not the right place?”

Caus’ GM Yowie sent me here, If I wasn’t sent here, I would not bother SWL players neither devs :wink: or just a bit. Another question?

“I just want to say, you are AWESOME and I love you! Would you marry me and have babies with me?”

No. Another question?

“Can I pee I can’t wait anymore?”

No one leaves before I’ve done.

“Can you organize PvP farming to get clothes?”

If it’s possible to low down the limit to get pop we will be able to make some event with all pvp maps yes.

“I have two questions, firstly : how come back to TSW? and why?”

You can come back to TSW with your Funcom Account and downlaod the client here:
And for you second question: join the Phidiasism’cult! I need adepts, you’ll be able to contact us with this command : /chat join TSW. Last question?

“Are you sure Devs read through the threads for any suggestions or feedback the players may have for them?”

I have faith! You need to have faith too. Thanks to everyone for the time you spend to read this message. I really, really hope to see good consequences in TSW.

Phidias-X :kissing_heart:
By the way you can go pee now.