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I like this reply so much. Priceless xD


I wish to point out a few things here, that might be somewhat redundant to some compared to others… but here goes nothing!

  • Firstly: Auto-healing by gadgets would get you out of a jam - might not be considered as valid as per say… Sending whatever’s in your path off before they even step into your path? … Still a healthy option for most DPS’ who runs on their own out there - This world can be a dangerous place.

  • Secondary: You are talking about Elite 10 here, which is valid for some but this shouldn’t be applicable/reasonable meassure. … I don’t even know nor will I anytime soon, if there’s a single difference aside from the natural “HP and Damage up” for every encountered foe… but yeah, if thats the change… then why should it be a hassle to give some tactical thinking and experimenting a go?
    (Ps: simply curious about this, so any feedback would be gladly apprechiated.)

  • Third and last: Blood Focus magi’ requires some workaround for a reason, for an elementalist… trust me, it can make things interesting, if you underestimate the situation or overestimate the gap in timing (which I in all my honesty, am missing and failing at making).

TLDR: Neat with focus on self-preservation, gadgets are your friends. Elite 10 is in a class of its own. Magic users will get some trouble, if they get too overconfident/panicky.


Ability to select multiple and different role types on the Activity Finder simultaneously for different Activity queues.

example Tank E5 Dungeon, Healer NY Story, DPS E4 dungeon and E10 Raid.

…but sort out the current finder failings first.


Thank you for stating the obvious. My point was that my usual solo build that got me through all of the other solo content, including E10 scenarios, did not have the sustained healing to get me through what can easily be 15-30 minutes of combat (E10 Rogue Agent with the hard mode switch enabled).

I’m talking about the optional hard mode that the E10 version of Rogue Agent has, which makes the fight significantly harder and longer than the regular E10 version.


No, it only exists in the E10 version.


I mean we could suggest to have the “hard mode” in other modes. Doesn’t sound that tricky compared to other requests and suggestions in here.


There’s a difference other than more adds between regular and Hard Mode E10 Rogue Agent?


Other than the increased number of adds the biggest difference is probably that the shrines are only active for a few seconds, so you can only power them up if you’re already at the right one, which can significantly increase the length of the fight (I had some attempts that lasted up to half an hour). The blood trails are also more deadly (they turned into insta-kills for me). And subjectively I’d say that the adds spawn faster, but I could be wrong about that.


You also forgot to mention that in hard mode he had way more HP. If my memory isn’t faulty, i was in need of 4 phases to kill him when i was attempting the achievement, while in easy mode i’ve already killed him in 1 single phase with a very crit lucky burst (hammer > all).


[Misc] Please let The Talos of Gaia lores be available outside the event, i waited for so long to be able to finish my museum collection. But because of RL i was unable to play during the event and now have to wait a year. Restricting progress like that is not fun for anyone.


Talos of Gaia =/= Golem lore for wing


I tried for about an hour and only managed to activate one shrine (and did like 1/10 his hp cause I was still dealing with adds), I guess “already be at one” is the way to go but it seemed to me the shrines activate at the same time as the adds spawn. The hard part of charging I found was it hinders you way more than on normal mode (it’s like, 50% speed reducion instead of 20%) and I couldn’t get out of his grenades.

I’m only like IP1070 though, not way over the top like some people, there’s really no way they could balance it so both IP1000 and IP1550 would find it hard but doable. Takes me 2-3 charges to kill him without the hard mode.

Tying everything into crit really compounds issues too, if I fight the adds and don’t crit they don’t die and I don’t heal.


There is. I don’t think many people expect content unlocked at 1k IP to be balanced for 1630. However, some people (including myself) are expecting a new difficulty (or multiple ones), like E11, for 1500 IP or something.


The shrines also lock your skills. That matterd when being chased.

I haven’t checked, but I heard the Shrine of Arrogance is in all versions of Rogue Agent.


The statue itself is there in lower level versions, but you can’t do anything with it.


That’s a shame.

It is, I didn’t have to change my build, but it still felt a lot like soloing an elite dungeon in TSW to me. I’m very glad it’s there :slight_smile:

turns reply into a Suggestion!

[PvE] Turn the Shrine of Arrogance on for all levels of Rogue Agent! It’s there for fun, and players who aren’t at E10 yet might like that kind of fun too! Just keep the achievement for E10.


Click the box that says “Only show agents with equipment”.


[Items] Account bound cache keys and account bound distillates taken from those

Yes own stupidity: Had it more than once that I opened my daily reward and received the key with the wrong character. In dire need of the distillates with another char, this hurts more than it should.

Edit (because of stupidity): That would require the possibility of sending items to characters linked to the same account. Got mixed up with TSW there for a minute, my apologies.


This would also let me get the AP/SP on my alts that aren’t maxed out while letting my main get the cache keys to open boxes.


Ah i didnt see that handy tick boss, alas all my agents have equipment some with better than others.
Maybe I just need to be more organised. :slight_smile: