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[Misc] In Bank Heist Daimon Kiyota talks about his youtube account but so far we have no RP Daimon youtube account with characters moonwalking.


Would be nice to have a way to convert excessive AP and SP to Anima Shards. GIves a purpose to increased levelling and the daily prize, etc, and would make dealing with the museum a bit more appealing, which is an excessive Shard-Sink.

I was thinking, bring back the Gatekeeper… maybe randomize the challenge and give people 30 seconds to adjust their builds. Each time you beat him, he subtracts X AP and X SP to give you Y Anima Shards. Don’t be stingy here!


I don’t know how it’s for patron…but as a f2p I am flooded with shards and still only close to finishing AP.
I have a finished museum and 4.5 or so million shards without use.
The game is the opposite of stingy, regionals, missions, dungeons, scenarios, killing stuff…everything seems to throw shards at me.


[Gameplay/Storyline] Was thinking this morning about the Agent network and how the story line works in to the Secret World collaboration. What if during a set group of story line missions completed by Agents a random portal opens to a dimension during regular play. You make a choice, to follow or not to follow, this would extend the mission goal and/or additional rewards/items? Just a thought…


I subscribe and I managed to drop to <40k shards left just by empowering with the distillates the agent system gave me. I had to start destroying them instead and now I’m on a slight upward slope again. And the agent system gives me no more rewards except tiny increments towards 20 agents.


Maybe it’s just the diffrence in playstyle. I think I said it in other places but if I was subscribed I would run Tokyo daily or at least every 2 or so days which is 100+k shards per. Sure I could get through that but I would need a sizeable amount of upgrades with no regard to how minimal some of them are (I mean some are a lot smaller than a matching item and I stopped using those at purple).


Yeah my daily routine is “stand in agartha waiting for lair/regional while queued for any versions of NYR I haven’t done yet, then get bored and run 4-5 missions, come back try again, then queue dungeons on so many tiers it’s an instant pop, then log off”. I’ve finished my capstones via this routine (admittedly at like, ip1070) so running every mission in an area was never desirable or necessary.


Basically, the only way I can increase in shards is to run missions to sell talismans, etc. Distallates always seem to take up about as much as I earn when getting them.

Only exception are the world bosses. Always turn a heavy profit there.

Way back in the day I used to use the green stuff to level up my gear… that’s a pathway to shard-ruin these days.


whats that E10 hard mode switch ? I must have missed it


Statue before you drop down into the main fight. Only usable in E10.


Chaos users… would be nice if there were a way to tweak likelihood of different paradox effects. As it is, the odds of certain things happening is so remote it’s hard to justify taking passives to boost certain ones just in case they happen to turn up (example, evade/glance/crit buffs.)

Maybe a Paradox Affinity selector on the Chaos Actives window. +20% chance of one type, subtracted from the others evenly or something along those lines. If certain effects are too powerful could use a lesser increase for that type.


There are ways to push that, but you need to look to the weapon you are using.

Irregularity Architect: increases your chance to get singularities, and enforces that an additional singularity is spawned regardless of the triggered main effect.

Warped Visage: enforced that an additional doubleganger is spawned along with the triggered main effect.

Enigmatic Apparatus: increases the likelyhood of getting Enigmas, and they are more potent.

Further some abilities can also enforce the effects.

Pandeminium + Fractured Existence: spawns singularities, but they are disconnected from the paradoxes.

Tumultuous Whisper + Duality: If used so it makes you hit 8 paradoxes, will spawn in a doubleganger in addition to the triggered main effect.


DumbOx and myself were arguing about removing the 2 useless Enigmas for ages by now: the Reciprocity enigma (reflects on damage taken, which by the way ends up killing DDs if the enigma isn’t automatically purged by Resonance Cascade (if the passive isn’t taken), which is… dumb) and Wellness Enigma (the “healing” of it being random, it is mostly useless, and it ends up killing people sometimes because of how it works / is bugged).


I like how the zone loading screen art contains the location name in some unusual but appropriate and somewhat hidden way.


Not sure if this has been suggested before.
I’m in this position on the game that I believe many many people have had been also.
I have almost all of my talis red. Been changing those while I have progressed and the “final” build is coming.
Though I’m not so sure about the “final” since you never know if some things change in the game mechanics that makes me swap talis.
And I think this is the one reason why FC might not even want to change things since it would affect the builds too much hence people would need to start the progress again and I’m certain that many highend people would just quit.
Well now I see this uncertainty ahead of me and I ask myself why bother with the work. no reward on endgame, uncertainty, blabla.

I think what would work to everyone is if you could swap the talisman to what ever you have already collected and make the gear progression separate from the affixes and pips.
Then boost the tali affixes to make them be more meaningful and scale affixes also with pips.
This way you WANT to find that 3pip piece or you can buy the imbuers and still don’t feel robbed.
This would make the gaming interesting since you are free to test odd combinations without risking endless grind to see that it didn’t work.

It also would free FC to do changes to much needed revamp of tanking and healing
It would also bring bucks to FC since imbuers would sell more often when new (1-2pip) talisman would come and the 3pip tali price would come up on AH.

I wouldn’t even care if they didn’t have the backlog of what people have collected in the past.
I would hunt those down again if it was like this.


Turning what I’d consider a raging dumpster fire of a gear system into something where trying new stuff would actually be fun even for more casual players? Now that would make the game massively more attractive. I wanna +100 that suggestion!


Anima allocation was a nice step to what would’ve been my ideal gear system in TSW. The next step would’ve been unslotting glyphs and Signets from talismans and move them into their own gear slots to increase flexibility.


That might not even be technically possible. Back in TSW they ran out of gear slots with AEGIS. Giving glyphs and signets their own slots would take up even more of them.


If I understand (I had an idea about glyphs and signets), the possibility to change glyphs and signets between builds is impossible ? If you want an another glyph or signet for example between two differents builds as DPS and healer, you need to remove them and merge others or use an another talisman? (actually, I know that is the only solution, if I say no stupidity).


Removing signets and glyphs from gear gets really expensive at higher, so yes, using different talismans is currently the only easy way to switch between different setups.

The easiest solution to the glyph problem would be an Anima Allocation-like system where each glyph only has a stat budget and you’d use sliders to determine how much of that budget to allocate to the various glyph stats.

That would, of course, turn the glyph market upside down over night.