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I feel the change to making it use your ele focus stats instead of the active weapon was a tacit endorsement that they felt the skill otherwise works as intended.


Nah. That was quite clearly a bug and fixing a bug isn’t the same thing as making balance decisions. Nobody really complains when a bug is fixed but you absolutely cannot say the same thing for when a skill is nerfed. :v:


[Items/Pets] Would it be possible to add a weapon skin to hammer resembling a bident or a sasumata.


[Agent System]

  • :persevere: Can the 4 and 8 hour missions be removed from randomly showing up on on the first selection of missions for each page? I keep accidentally clicking on them and wasting a ton of time with them. I think it would be better for the 15 minute and 1 hour missions to be added in their place. I feel like the longer missions are there just for annoyance sake, which is a really weird thing to want to do to players.

  • I would love it if I could venture into page 3,4, and 5 to collect more resources then I am spending. Even just earning one extra resource would help. It doesn’t have to be on every mission, but it would be nice if you could occasionally reach past pages 1 and 2 to help earn the amount of resources you will need to use for blue/purple bag missions. :woman_teacher: Almost since release of the agent system, I have felt absolutely stuck doing only page 1 and 2 missions just so I can barely earn enough resources for the agent gear reward bag missions. Edit: Seems Wekesa and Astrid can be used in higher tiers while giving one resource back. Cool! Would be neat though if resources could (sometimes) be the actual reward though, instead of distillates and the odd bag (doubly cool if both the reward and the bonus were resources).

  • You guys discussed awhile back that you would make changes to the Agent Reward Boosters to give us more value for the dossiers we might currently have and need to sell back. It seemed like this was in the works yet nothing has come of it. I’m eagerly awaiting this change and I am looking forward to dumping as much money as I need to into the South African Reward Boosters. Is there any news on this? If too much time passes, we will have earned (in game) all the agents we need from the boosters, and they will become redundant. Please don’t keep this on the back burner much longer :kissing_heart:

  • I just want to thank you for Astrid and Wekesa. Especially Wekesa. Now that we have an extra mission slot open, I would love more Astrids and Wekesas, if you know what I mean. Pretty (pretty?) please give us more agents that love to give back? They are my absolute favorite. :avocado:

  • Can the drop rate of Mythic and Legendary agent gear be adjusted somewhat? I still haven’t seen a single drop of either and it feels like they will never, ever drop :roll_eyes:

  • That’s all. Still loving the agent system, still addicted. If only you could find it in your heart and pockets to let us do this on our phones… I promise I would still log into the game on occasion to run new missions. And if there are agents involved with the distribution of new content, I will have no choice but to keep throwing money at your faces. Pinky-swear. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: The very next day after writing this I picked up my first Mythic drop! Surprisingly, out of a blue bag came an orange Tactical Assault suit, which I always assumed only came in Legendary. Seems the Mythic ones give the trait (in this case Power) but not the stat (no Prowess). I’m thinking of selling it, but have no idea how much people would be willing to pay for this (apparently 375,000 MoFs within 5 minutes of putting it up on a Saturday morning works). Pretty exciting though! :star_struck:


Remove the AFK time-out feature.
I doubt there will ever be a log-in queue.


Or at the very least, have it do /camp instead of /quit :v:


I have had another idea for Auxilary weapons. I imagine coming up with new interesting mechanics that would require a whole new world of balancing could be awkward and time-consuming, so instead of being whole new weapons, what if they were just alternative versions of the existing weapons? Which we’d have to buy with AP and SP, of course.

For instance, Quantum and Chaos are similar in concept, so what if they shared a mechanic but their abilities were reskins of Chaos Abilities with different effects? Quantum could be a ranged healing version of Chaos.
Whip could be an alternate dps form of Fists.
Rocket Launcher a dps AR.
Chainsaw could be a tanky Blade.
Flamethrower for a dpsy Shotgun.
Mirror could be a tanky Ele maybe? Was there going to be a wand/stave ever, that could be Blood? (I may be misremembering) Either way, that still leaves Pistols and Hammer to worry about, for which I’d posit something like bows for Pistol, and I dunno for Hammer.

This is just me daydreaming, but putting it out there so it can be scoffed at etc.


[Items/Pets] Saw this rack of weapons in Agartha with a pudao/hyeopdo model that, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think is available to use in-game. It would work well for hammers especially for Dragon themed characters. I’m currently using the ancient Egyptian spear as a polearm but there’s something weird going on with the texture, so this would be perfect.


Not quite a bug, not quite a feedback, but this in the Post Office in London:

Dollars?! That’s practically treason!


Also with the occult museum.

We control the world. We provide the blueprint and we provide the instructions.
We’re right here, hiding in plain sight.



In “All Seeing Kawaii” could there be a choice to try again when I die in the last tier. Its rather annoying to have to wait 8 hours or more to try again at the lore and the achievement.
Thanks :slight_smile: and great game by the way!


Now that ladders are fixed, make climbing ladders as fast as it was for everyone who knew how to do the trick.

Because. I. Can’t. Think. Of. Any. Reason. Something. Should. Be. So. Slow.

Or, few more options:

  1. Climbing ladders should be related to the spring level you currently have active. If you want immersion, turn your sprint off.

  2. Speed of climbing ladders is tied to your IP.

  3. Tie it to an achievement. I’ve climbed 100 ladders, now I’m so good at it I fly!

Player Achievement Compilation

Make the reward structure for Occult Defence less confusing - I got the exact same rewards playing through waves 9-13 as I did for playing through 13 alone and I have no idea if that’s intended or a bug. :v:


[Agent System]

:hibiscus: :blush:

This is feedback in regards to what I, as a likely consumer of Agent Boosters, would deem as fair changes to the current HexCoin sell back system of undesired (or duplicate) Agent Booster Rewards. I’m just going to be very specific here.

While keeping the buy prices mostly the same, and still allowing us to only sell back items received from Agent Boosters, this is how significant I believe the changes should be:

  • With a buy cost of 200 HexCoins for purple Agent Dossiers, I believe we should be given the option to sell back any duplicates purple dossiers we may receive, by the sheer luck of the universe, for, at the very lowest, 150 HexCoins, up from a bizarre 4 HexCoins.

  • With a buy cost of 20 HexCoins for blue Agent Dossiers, I believe we should be able to sell back our duplicate blue dossiers for, at the very lowest, 15 HexCoins, also up from 4 HexCoins.

  • I think the Agent Gear Reward Bag price of 4 and 8 HexCoins is fair enough for green and blue reward bags. However, I feel the purple Agent Gear Reward Bag should cost approximately 25 HexCoins instead of 85. With these buy prices in mind:

  • I believe that green agent gear should remain sellable for 1 HexCoin. The sell back price of blue agent gear should be raised from 2 to 4 HexCoins. The rare purple agent gear should sell for no less then 10 HexCoins (up from 3). The highly rare orange agent gear should sell back for 50 HexCoins and the red, does this stuff even drop for anyone?, gear should sell back for approximately 100 HexCoins.

  • I believe the 5 intel, 5 supplies, and 5 assets should have a buy price of 1 HexCoin each at the Shadow Trafficker, down from 3 HexCoins.

  • With each new Agent Booster set of agents added to the game, I would like to see their equivalents immediately added to the Shadow Trafficker, so we can exchange our fancy new duplicates for their counterparts.

  • Lastly, and this is probably the most important point, I would like the ability to choose the agent I am trading in my duplicate for. So I could pick, for example, any dossier from the Starter pack, the South African pack, or the Druids of Avalon pack, so long as I had the 200 or 20 HexCoins required for purchase.

That about covers it. This is just brainstorming, really, and maybe it might seem a little extreme, but this is real money we are considering here and the value of these boosters must feel fair and desirable if you want us to seriously consider purchasing, I might even say–mass purchasing–these items.

Thanks for looking this over! My wallet is waiting. :money_mouth_face::point_left:

Edit: Hmm, I just realized that selling just one purple dossier back for 150 HexCoins could net you nearly all of the blue agents in the pack, if you were to buy blue agents instead of a single purple one. Since I don’t think this would encourage more purchases of Agent Boosters, I think you would have to adjust the price of blue dossiers to about 75 HexCoins, with a sell back price of maybe 20-25 HexCoins.

See, I’m not trying to be too greedy here :innocent: Well, maybe just a little.


Put Mr. Abernathy back into normal size. Can you at least pretend there is something like an immersion in this game anymore please?


[PvE] Scenarios

Add somesort of “Visual Information HUD” about events/threats ongoing. Like icon showing if there is possession, bomb, commander, long range thread etc. I dont know about others but I like to listen Rocken Rouuuuull when I play, and I miss most of those voiced informations about threats too. Same happens if im in Discord etc. babbling about. Besides, it would help players with hearing impairment or something too. There arent “subtitle” for these threats either.


I agree. I love music for this kind of game play but it can make it really hard to spot special events; commanders sin particular can really ruin your day. Even with no music I often miss these alerts, for some reason the voice for these new scenarios doesn’t really grab my attention.


Well, at least for the commanders they show up as the boss icon on the minimap. No indications of possession/sabotage bombs though.


Sometimes they don’t.


Scenario spoilers:

Commanders spawn with a buff that cloaks them from your minimap for a certain amount of time. It’s 1 minute at Wave 21 (and lower on previous waves I believe).