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Can’t you just imagine he’s wearing magic +3 Trousers of Size or something? :v:


He fell into the magic potion as a kid.


[Items/Pets] Can we bring back some of the cosmetics, sprints and pets that were only available and transferred from TSW? I think something that makes this game truly unique are the endless cosmetic combinations, nearly every player looks different than everyone else. Some of the cosmetics, like the PvP outfits look really cool and I think could help bring life to the lack of PvP engagement in the game. For collectors like myself, the ability to be able to get some of the cool TSW exclusive cosmetics and sprints would be awesome (and seemingly easy to do).


[group finder] I can’t imagine no-one’s fed this back before but couldn’t find it with a quick search. Can we queue different roles for different activities/levels? For example, I am happy to run NYR E1 as healer or DPS, but I’m really inexperienced with E5 as healer so would only queue as DPS. Even separating it by activity (e.g. DPS only for the raid, but both roles for Dungeons) would be a welcome addition


Some suggestions for occult defence:

  • Make it a bit brighter - I get the whole “woo it’s dark and spooky :ghost:” aesthetic but it legit gives me a headache at times, especially versus a filth wave
  • Make the special enemy announcements a bit clearer - I think they might be missing subtitles (which doesn’t help) but having something flash in the middle of the screen would be a huge help for anyone who’s hard of hearing or playing with music on
  • Fix the rewards - it feels like what we get currently is ok (though if five distillates for a single wave is actually a bug, please remove the signet rather than one of the glyph distillates :v:) for a single wave but the bonuses aren’t working if you do between 2 and 5 (maybe?)
  • Make the mission complete even if you don’t open the chest - it’d be nice to still get the credit even if we’re helping someone while out of keys or didn’t reach a high enough wave to feel it’s worth spending one or whatever

Some feedback on occult defence:

It’s great. Seriously, it’s fun, the waves are short enough that it never feels like a chore and it’s got great replayability. It’s everything seek and preserve isn’t and I love it. :+1:


You can adjust your game brightness, you can enable subtitles since you cannot understand the rewards are perfectly fine, and asking for mission complete even if u fail may be one of the most “special” thing I’ve heard all day. Keep it the way it is challenging


Except that that’s not even remotely what he asked for.


Since u like to argue isn’t opening the chest part of the mission


Only in Occult Defence. In Seek & Preserve you get mission credit without opening the chest. And nobody said anything about rewarding failure.


May I add a bit too then? I agree that place is bit too dark, and I have my adjustments lighter making them enough for the rest of the game. Apparently most of places during nighttime are lighter than Stonehenge in that one scenario.
I kinda disagree about “or playing with music on” - come on, if you want hear things - you turn your music off. Though I also don’t understand few phrases but nothing too big so far.

Also for me it’s quite as routine-ish as old scenarios but that’s for other discussion. :thinking:


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[Suggestion - Misc] Could we have versions of the /pray and /worship emotes without the hand-raising to heaven? Just… bowed head and clasped hands, like the poses our characters go into when we talk to the overseers in New Dawn.


This is totally wrong. Check the tooltip of one of her traits, it clearly says she gives 1 extra random resource when she completes a mission. The game displays her as getting +1 everywhere before you launch the mission, but i confirm that you only get 1 additional random resource at the end.


Another suggestion for Occult Defence - as well as making the announcement of their arrival a bit more obvious, give the different special enemies unique icons on the minimap.


@Lulz … I think you meant to post this in the Conan Exiles forum… or are you suggesting that Secret World Legends should be more like Conan Exiles? Do Agents count as Thralls?


moved to the propper Forum


yes thought this was conan exiles forum my bad


Crit Power rating could use a raise of 300-450 to its soft cap. Right now, equipping an agent with crit power rating when you’re at the two glyph cap is just depressing.


Hello, do forgive me if my suggestion is already listed (i do not feel like reading 800+ posts).

Immutable in its current state is way too strong. It would be better if instead of always granting heal equal to 40% of maximum health did this: if tank’s health is below 35% of maximum when the effect expires, it will be restored to this threshold.

Pain Suppression’s passive (No Pain No Gain) basically gives tank 8 seconds of invulnerability. It would be better (in my opinion) if instead the hate generation by its healing would be doubled.

The bosses’ damage could be more sustained and less spiky. Currently for the healer it’s like: “meh, meh, meh, Oh my god!” It would also be a good idea to introduce more groupwide damage, sustain tanking meta practically eliminated healers.

I would also love for the manufactories to make comeback. They were full of interesting story and without it it’s impossible to finish the Orochi wing.

The last one is a bit of nitpicking (and totally unimportant): the side room in first encounter in Slaughterhouse and both side rooms before the fifth encounter in the Facility have no entrances.


There’s pretty much no way to balance sustain tanking versus tank + healer setups and sustain tanking can’t be nerfed or removed at this point without throwing away literal months of grinding by a lot of people. I think the best we can hope for is some kind of band-aid for tank + healer to make the damage more manageable and less “you made a single mistake: rip in peace”. :v:

With that in mind, I’ll make the following suggestions:

  1. Add “healtank” as a group finder role and allow dungeon groups to start with one of those + 4 dps as well as the current “traditional” role setup
  2. Make Stalwart and Elusive glyphs give additional health as well as defence/evade rating, to give tank + healer setups a little more breathing room, without affecting sustain tanks in any way

While we’re on the subject of groupfinder and roles - can we do something about NYR story making everyone wait for 2 tanks and 2 healers when it’s doable with 10 dps nowadays? Maybe make it start with a single tank, if that tank is above a certain IP threshold?