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Not really, dungeons are still randomly chosen.

Good luck with running particular dungeon for achievement or for practice.


Private groups can retreat immediately after entering with no penalty.


Yeah but that’s a pretty tedious work around.


But it does work, until Funcom realizes how stupid it is not to let private groups pick their dungeons directly.


That’s only one of many stupid things Funcom have done since releasing Secret World Leg Ends though, and despite being told so many times, they have not fixed any of them.


… they really do need to hit private groups with that deserter penalty to drive home just how important dungeon randomness is for people to be able have fun!

What? Given how adamant they’ve been about their atrocious forced randomizer being a good thing, that’s an infinitely more likely outcome than Funcom actually trying to put a bit more of the fun back in SWL.


From the way the groupfinder works currently, it seems like it’d be possible to add private group queueing but it would certainly be inelegant UI-wise (the menus would be nested four deep or so) and there’s obviously a concern about how it would affect queue times for the randomiser. Sure you could offer extra rewards for randomiser (though exactly how is a practical concern - the dungeons are notoriously badly behaved, so could you trust extra rewards to appear when they should and only when they should? :v:) but:

  • The most readily available data on whether that actually works or not would be from TSW and the people with access to that data are the ones who decided not to follow that model in SWL
  • How big would the bonus have to be before “doing hell raised with a bunch of random yahoos” looks like a better use of your time than “blitzing polaris with a premade death squad”?

So I can certainly understand why it might not look like the best use of dev time. A possibly better/quicker fix would be having the groupfinder “forget” private groups once they’re in a dungeon, so they can immediately queue for another dungeon without having to leave and remake the group first.


Given how rare it is for HR to be beatable in a randomizer group, no bonus would stop me from clicking ‘vote to retreat’ as soon as the group fails a boss due to dps problems. Most people would probably get their randomizer rewards from doing E1s same as in TSW people ran Elite instead of NM.

Even if the reward was “after completing all 5 in randomizer you get a 100x bonus” it’s still a better strategy to quit on bad groups and only try to run HR when you’re in E5+ with a bunch of 3-4 E overgeared people. The 3 minute timer on MT is deeply unbalanced compared to any other dungeon fight.


The timer is 5 minutes now :smiley:


Ah, haven’t been in a while cause most groups fail on boss 4 with the one shot kills.


The only challenge in the game is now gone


There should still be a 3 min achieve for E10 HR IMO


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The real challenge is getting Shambala to proc.


[PVP] moar pls - not just shambala saturdays which is a ton of fun, btw. would like to see more across the board! team, maps, etc… <3 thank you!


During boss fights, could we have a big fancy health bar for the boss (or bosses) at the top of the screen? Aside from looking nice, it gives everyone a better idea of how much progress is being made and it would mean you could once again see the boss’s health from the anima well spectator-cam.


Something should be done about dungeon rewards. From E4 to E5 it is huge leap in difficulty, yet reward-wise it is just another tier.


Maybe change Occult Defense so you don’t get the same random enhancement twice? I just had two commanders and two assassins spawn in one wave, which I feel was quite unfair.


Just think of it as rolling “Castle” in the new scenario type :wink:


I find assassins aren’t too bad if you interrupt “flicker”. I don’t think it’s feasible to restrict the random enemy types like that since the number and types that spawn are already restricted by which wave you’re at - plus it’d be a bit bland if every wave was just a single spawn of each type. :v: