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I don’t cleanse myself, have any single target abilities or have an defensive cds (I do run about 10-20% tank to avoid assassin one shots though) otherwise I use flicker, Fey Line gadget, and quickness signet to always outrange mobs. If I don’t kill a single target mod fast enough I bring to the next group that spawns. This is relatively more difficult if your melee though.


[Items/Pets] Allow us to buy the cache epic weapon skins. There’s nothing more frustrating then wanting one of the skins that come from the epic weapons but not wanting to shell out 300k+ MOF to buy a weapon just to get the skin


Something I like about OD is that we can tag stuff by running past them, without attacking. As another melee player, I find it best to use this method on split waves, commanders or enemies in the middle. I sprint around them and let them follow me somewhere better to engage.

If a commander spawns while I’m already in combat, I find it better to finish combat first instead of try to run to the commander with no sprint. I toggle sprint, I run to the middle to pick up anything I may have missed, then I run straight to the commander. If another pack spawns in that time, I don’t engage the commander still and I let everything follow me to the new pack.



Feedback: agent missions with a longer refresh time than completion time are annoying. It draws out the process of finishing mission chains (less chances per day to get the next part of the mission) and it makes me not want to log on as much. They’re occupying the slots that used to encourage staying online all day cause you could send agents on missions every 20-40 minutes.

There’s not even a way to use aurum to refresh the slot so it’s not like you profit from making this more annoying.


I said it since a while. Having a mission recycle for mof/aurum would be good for both player and funcom. Good seeing it brought up.


Depends on the commander… the ones that output the freaking skulls require quite a bit of damage to kill the floating burning heads. Granted, if you saw and take out the commander with 0 to 1 batch, not a big deal. If you’ve got 3 or 4 batches things are not good.


Nothing will make me switch to Steam client. I’d rather uninstall the game.


Wait what? They’ve made SWL Steam only for new users?


No, they didn’t. You can still sign up for an account and download the game directly from Funcom.


Then I don’t understand the post I quoted.


[Agent Network] The Jeronimo exclusive missions “Once Again into Agartha” and “Into the Void” pop up too often and occupy the missions slot for 2 hours. Please reduce the refresh timer on these missions (to be 40 minutes like other 1 hour long missions) and possibly make them less common after they have been completed once.

Actually, the refresh feedback goes for all of the new Jeronimo chain missions. They all occupy the slots for way too long.


There are 5x T4 Jeronimo ONLY missions and all of them occupy the precious 1H slots. Once Jeronimo is 50, this effectively removes all of T4 from being used to level up agents. But, you say, there are other T4 missions (15m, 4H, & 8H)! This is the second problem with the agent missions and why char-only missions are bad.

The 1H missions are by far the most xp/time. You’re better off doing nothing and waiting with an empty slot for a 1H mission than doing a non-1H mission; ie. 1H xp > 4x 15m xp > 4H xp/4 > 8H xp/8.

So, I’d like three changes:

  1. Open all 5x Jeronimo-ONLY missions up to anyone, but perhaps only give “chain advance credit” when Jeronimo does them himself.
  2. Open all the Jeronimo-Prohibited missions (I know of 2 atm) to anyone, but again only advance the chain when someone else does them.
  3. Most importantly, balance the XP rewards for time and fatigue cost; ie. 4x 15m = 1H = 4H/4 = 8H/8. A 15m mission should not fatigue an agent as much as a 1H mission.

If you do #3, #1&2 are still a problem, but no longer the serious leveling impediment they are now.


While your suggestions appear nice, the following one won’t happen:

This just won’t happen because of the fact it’s just way easier to throw an 8h mission and be done, there will be no purpose in throwing 1h missions, especially since an 8h mission gives as many fatigue as a 1h mission. Chain throwing 1h missions require to be logged for quite long and/or frequent periods of time, that’s why they’re the most efficient. Someone who’s logged and chain throws 1h missions throughout the day should be indeed rewarded with more XP than someone that throws an 8h mission and just goes to work (but he also has to manage fatigue way more than someone throwing an 8h mission - part of the deal).

In a similar fashion, while chain throwing 15m missions also requires a lot of presence, even more frequently than throwing 1h missions, the issue is that 15m missions are mainly profitable for resource grinding (tier 1/2 -> pure resource profits, tier 3+ for resource conversions), so i don’t see them also bringing XP/hour comparable to 1h missions. Also, if a 15m mission is proportionally profitable in terms of fatigue and XP compared to a 1h mission, than people would just empty all the 15m slots before going to higher durations, depending on their schedules etc… Now, the fatigue and the disproportionally distributed XP within multiple mission durations makes people actually willing to take decisions, and waiting on an empty slot for a 1h mission to spawn is probably part of the design.

That said, this is my personal analysis of the design, might obviously not be accurate. I’d probably agree to fatigue being a bit different for different mission durations though.


Yeah, didn’t think it would, but it’s why the T4 lockout is such a kick in the nuts. The T4 Jeronimo-ONLY misions occupy the single best leveling slots in game by far. They regularly lock me out of that tier for an entire play session.


[Misc] Can we get a basket next to Deputy Andy that we can click on to deposit kitties in to make up for those kittens? Kitties for Andy rather than Bullets for Andy


I hope that includes the Character Bound Sanguine Kitty most of us already had from last year, forcing us to choose between not accepting Samhain gifts, giving up an inventory space, or deleting a cat. I don’t know how Andy would take care of all those cats with his busy schedule of standing on the roof, but maybe he could take the ones he can’t handle to Eleanor. The ghost cats in particular should do well there.


With the new agent mission line the first and second slot in tier 3/4 are becoming more and more crowded, making the life hard for people who still need the agents coming from missions in these slots or in return the right conquistador mission for progression. Dantes mission line already took overhand the same way with tier 1.
As such I think it is necessary to think about systems to lessens the frustration of not being able to get a mission for ages.
My suggestion would be to let players recycle missions, make it a mof/aurum or whatever prize. Letting us push a little for a chance of better missions would be great and probably would make more money out of the existing system.


Please, add an Imbuer that allows you to transfer your weapon xp to another weapon. I’d pay 3150 aurum for one. I’d prefer cheaper. 2500. 1500. Really, the cheaper the more I would buy to test out other weapons. This way, if… I wanna transfer a lvl 70 legendary weapon to another I could. It really takes a considerable amount of time to level up to 70… mistakes are made. Particularly, early on… thank you.

Another option, allow for an imbuer that changes a weapon suffix. Can I have a free one for giving ya thee idea? Thanks!


Why do that when you can pay through the nose to relevel the item?

And the suffix swapper has been suggested multiple times.


Alternatively, maybe making weapons and talismans non-character bound would allow people to switch between them more easily (as they can be bought and sold, even at a high level). Would reduce the need to grind so much (though it would still need to be levelled by someone) and mean you aren’t quite so limited by the choices you make at the start.

It’d probably totally destabilise the currencies though so…maybe not :smiley: