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I wouldn’t consider Commanders a DPS check. Situational awareness and gap-closers are far more important when dealing with Commanders than the damage you output.


I mean, if you already gave up on killing stuff as it spawns they’re fine, but my build’s only gap closer is “kill everything that’s aggroed and sprint” and to slot an active one I’d be giving up on either cleansing or being able to deal with single mobs fast, at which point I also have to give up on purely passive healing and slot some mitigation which just compounds the problem and leads to more mitigation.


I don’t cleanse myself, have any single target abilities or have an defensive cds (I do run about 10-20% tank to avoid assassin one shots though) otherwise I use flicker, Fey Line gadget, and quickness signet to always outrange mobs. If I don’t kill a single target mod fast enough I bring to the next group that spawns. This is relatively more difficult if your melee though.


[Items/Pets] Allow us to buy the cache epic weapon skins. There’s nothing more frustrating then wanting one of the skins that come from the epic weapons but not wanting to shell out 300k+ MOF to buy a weapon just to get the skin


Something I like about OD is that we can tag stuff by running past them, without attacking. As another melee player, I find it best to use this method on split waves, commanders or enemies in the middle. I sprint around them and let them follow me somewhere better to engage.

If a commander spawns while I’m already in combat, I find it better to finish combat first instead of try to run to the commander with no sprint. I toggle sprint, I run to the middle to pick up anything I may have missed, then I run straight to the commander. If another pack spawns in that time, I don’t engage the commander still and I let everything follow me to the new pack.



Feedback: agent missions with a longer refresh time than completion time are annoying. It draws out the process of finishing mission chains (less chances per day to get the next part of the mission) and it makes me not want to log on as much. They’re occupying the slots that used to encourage staying online all day cause you could send agents on missions every 20-40 minutes.

There’s not even a way to use aurum to refresh the slot so it’s not like you profit from making this more annoying.


I said it since a while. Having a mission recycle for mof/aurum would be good for both player and funcom. Good seeing it brought up.


Depends on the commander… the ones that output the freaking skulls require quite a bit of damage to kill the floating burning heads. Granted, if you saw and take out the commander with 0 to 1 batch, not a big deal. If you’ve got 3 or 4 batches things are not good.


Nothing will make me switch to Steam client. I’d rather uninstall the game.


Wait what? They’ve made SWL Steam only for new users?


No, they didn’t. You can still sign up for an account and download the game directly from Funcom.


Then I don’t understand the post I quoted.


[Agent Network] The Jeronimo exclusive missions “Once Again into Agartha” and “Into the Void” pop up too often and occupy the missions slot for 2 hours. Please reduce the refresh timer on these missions (to be 40 minutes like other 1 hour long missions) and possibly make them less common after they have been completed once.

Actually, the refresh feedback goes for all of the new Jeronimo chain missions. They all occupy the slots for way too long.