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They could be account bound, letting…

Oh, right.

Bloody make the game several gigantic bits more alt-friendly already.

It’s mind-boggling how Funcom would forego the monetization potential of an account bank, or making the game alt-friendly enough people would actually buy character slots.

For ideas there, how about account bound lootbox keys (better designed games do that, really!), and account bound drops from agent boosters that give massively more incentive to just buy bulk and then redistribute drops as desired?

It really is the antithesis of competent marketing to have a system that will frustrate customers by getting the wrong drops on the wrong characters, because people will get the impression that frustration is the design intent.


There is an issue with the Jeronimo mission line (having excessively longer refresh timers than other missions of same duration) that should also be fixed separately though. Some kind of manual mission refresh is a good idea as long as it’s not simply a band-aid for the Jeronimo issue.


SWTOR’s Legacy system would be a good example of making a game more alt-friendly. They could include family trees for RP’ers maybe, or at the very least the ability to pay to unlock bonuses - could have faction-specific gadgets or abilities to unlock in SWL maybe that can be used on alts too. A great money/MoF sink.


(Museum of the Occult)
I would welcome possibility to access bank from the museum, so people don’t have to run between Agartha and Museum to upgrade centerpieces.


1: Been asking for this for a while.

2: Be Red Faction (best faction). Its a short run to Temple Hall and see the banker.


I can’t find a quote now but I remember Andy saying on Discord that they like the idea and they are considering doing it. But I guess it’s not priority and may come with next museum upgrade, for example, like new wings, who knows when. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Can confirm! :point_up:


Suggestion: do something about the launcher taking so long to start up. It’s incredibly annoying having to watch it do the RDB hashes every time, especially when the game crashes so often. I put it to you that you don’t need to verify the integrity of the game files every single launch, particularly if said integrity was only just verified thirty seconds ago because the game crashed at character select. :v:


[misc] Some merchandise please? I specifically think about tees and PV figurines. :bowing_woman:


My wife and I have played The Secret World from day one and Secret World Legends from day one as well. At first we did not like the idea of starting all over again. We did, however, enjoy revisiting all of the old content. I’m not sure if all of these ideas have come up before, I have seen a few of them, but here goes.

  1. I would like to see a reason to go back to these locations as elite locations like the dungeons. I think a lot of players would be happy playing old content at a higher level of difficulty and reward. New missions could be added to these zones as well.
  2. Apartments or housing of some kind would be nice. The museum is fun but a spot to decorate with furniture and pictures etc. helps with immersion. A lot of FTP games use decor as rewards and cash shop items.
  3. Some variation of synergy between weapons. Blood used to enchant a weapon attacks to drain life or Elemental to add fire or electric to weapon damage. Ice could add slow or freeze effect. Add an advantage to every weapon combo to promote using more then one weapon. Even a combo tree would be nice as an AP sink.
  4. I know a lot of players, including myself, miss Fusang Projects and other pvp content. I would like to see all of the pvp zones come back.
  5. New Orleans area would make a fun new zone.


!3th Nov 2018

[Achievements] Please allow players to do the achievement ‘Prestigous Benefactor’ in the Museum of the Occult ’ (Achievment is unn the sub heading ‘wings’) by providing an way for us to obtain the item ‘Tank Commander BLade’ which is needed upgrade the centrepiece ‘Orochi Tank’.

If you cannot provide any better way to obtain it - why not give your GMS a way to provide this missing item (Qty 2 needed) to players who submit a peition? at the moment , raising a petition is waste of player and GM time as they can only provide a ‘sorry nothing we can do’ response.

I’d appreciate a fix to and bet other players would. The museum is considerable time effort and this is blocking the capstone Achievment. Can you please do anything to help?


We really need to not lose all our progress in Dark Agartha when the server crashes/disconnects. I’ve lost both my free try and a second try to being disconnected from the server. I’m really unhappy with this now.


The intent is that your instance should stay open for 15 minutes after disconnecting. The problem here is that we’re seeing crashes of instances, which would indeed ruin your run. We’ll have a crash fix hopefully tomorrow, but please know that if you disconnect “normally” in DA, it should keep you in the instance (but your timer will continue ticking down while you’re offline, etc) for up to 15 minutes if you log back in within that time.


Dark Agartha suggestions:

  • Apply that “15 minutes to reconnect” thing to scenarios, dungeons, etc
  • Add a duo option :v:
  • Give us (lots) more slots to save builds in

Also, we really need an easier way to switch weapons than “spend months levelling another one” - stuff like Stonehenge and DA that challenges us to try new things is great but any enthusiasm for experimentation is kind of dulled by the enormous chore involved.


Heh yeah… at a minimum I’d need 1 legendary 70 weapon and 2 legendary 20 signets to switch to another weapon. But since that’s 300 dungeons, 400 regionals, with no change in my gear (cause I’m leveling things I cannot equip at the same time as my current legendary items) … I’m never gonna do it. Oh and 60k MoF to recombine my items. Then 60k again if I want to go back.

I can generally get it done but there’s nothing interesting or new about “slot pain suppression, stand in enemy attacks cause they heal you”


[Suggestion] Double the cap on SP since we need to farm twice as much SP as AP for Dark Agartha


[Suggestion] As well as the “once per day” Dark Agartha run that costs AP&SP, we should be able to pay marks to run a version that awards distillates instead of imbuer fragments - it’s kind of baffling that you’d add something fun to the game and then tell us we’re not allowed to play it :v:


Once again, I found myself thinking in the shower about this. It may not be feasible now, but one solution might have been to adjust mission rewards in higher level areas. It seems bizarre that the weapons and talismans you get for completing SA missions is exactly the same as Kingsmouth ones.

If you had, as a minimum for rewards: New England - green weapons, green talis; Egypt - Blue Weapons, green talis; Transylvania - blue weapons, blue talis, Tokyo - Purple weapons, blue talis, SA - purple weapons, purple talis; (or something like that, doesn’t have to be exactly that), you would be able to level different weapons more quickly.

Though as I say, probably wouldn’t be doable now without significantly disrupting everything (and annoying people who’ve done it the long way round)


[Items] Bring back split glyphs.


That would be largely pointless without a complete overhaul of glyph stats to move away from the current “one correct build” approach.


I’ve been demanding Funcom slash the cost of glyph/signet removal to 1 MoF for quite a while now.