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I would be nice to have smaller packs than 25 boosters (ie. real microtransactions…).

Re the drop rate, i didn’t get any either by running 40+ missions, raid, etc since yesterday. As far as i can understans that it is a long time grind objective, usually dropping rate shall be decreasing rather than starting very low. I personnaly don’t mind. Nevertheless, i think people feeling it is far too low should be allowed to express their view. Whether it is 1 day or 1 week after the launch of the mini game, people soul dfeel free to give their views. in absence of testlive features i don’t see how the devs are going to get feedback otherwise.

The recovery price is too high. 9k is nearly a f2p player daily allocation of mof.


You can buy Agent Boosters in smaller quantities by pressing the little green plus in the Agent interface.


[MISC] Agent Network - My initial impression of this system is that it is pretty unrewarding. 200CC distillates are pretty awful. I feel like the absolute minimum XP a distillate should provide is 250 or distillates provided from Agent Network rewards need to have no application cost.

[MISC] Agent Boosters - Overall, I found these to be a very poor value. I spend $20 on them and immediately regretted it. If I could get a refund on these, I absolutely would. I mostly got green equipment. My feeling is that you should never get green equipment from something you spend aurum on.


ah! loool! i spent 25 minutes looking for it yesterday and thought i dreamt it up, while asking my guild mate who said to me it never exitsted but in my mind…
Maybe a small feedback then, just put the same option in the general cash shop? that was the point of the cashshop window, right? i mean summarizing stuff, you know?


Yes indeed :slight_smile:
I think they may need to be able to appeal a bit more to casual players when targetting drop rate though :wink:

You are right, everybody should give their views both the happy and unhappy ones. This way it doesnt end up in only negative feedback. Something they could introduce and was done in a game was survey popping in game and giving a mini reward if you were filling them out. Asking questions about feeling about content. This way they could have more stats.


[PVP] For Shambala, random loot ? With attractive items, i don’t know, like title or Something cosmetic :slightly_smiling_face:
And old pvp of course, with power factions


Again though, in all the previews and descriptions of the agent system, I’ve never once heard anyone from Funcom say the system was designed or intended to be “hard”.

I dunno, it’s almost as if people have been waiting a long time for this feature and now that it’s here they’d like to be able to actually use it? There’s not a lot of fun decision making involved in sending a single agent on the only mission that matches their one skill every eight hours. I’d be tempted to buy a booster or two to get myself started but by all accounts the drop rate on agents from those isn’t stellar either.


[Misc] Quality of Life request. Please make bags openable via right-click while an NPC vendor window is open. Bags can’t be sold to vendors anyway, and it’s a huge pain to have to keep closing the vendor window to open new bags when we’re trying to clear out inventory space. It would be nice if we could just keep the vendor open the whole time.


1st couple days, on a new mechanic.
I think we can stand to be a little more curious, as opposed to judgemental.

I’ve no doubt that fixes, tweaks, and expansion are in the plan, once FC gets a better understanding as to how the Agents work in with playstyles, and how responsive players are to this.

Lets pass on the info as to where things are not working as intended and otherwise keep our frustrations and blood pressures in check :sunglasses:


I was going to suggest this myself but in the meantime, you can open bags by double-clicking them while the NPC window is open. Being able to just right-click through hundreds of bags however, would reduce wear and tear on my mouse by roughly does quick calculation 50%? :smile:

This is a thread for feedback & suggestions, we’re providing feedback and making suggestions. Nobody is being aggressive or losing their temper, so I don’t know why you’re bringing up blood pressure. If you disagree with our opinions, then that’s your right but please don’t act like it’s somehow wrong of us voice them at all. :sunglasses:


[PvP, Interface] “Faction Identity”- Faction war is what brought me into the secret world, and intrigued me to stay. However, with Secret World Legends, all of that was removed. And with the re-launch we were stripped of our faction ranking.

  • Bring back faction ranks, it is not too late.
  • Bring us the “promised” rank rewards. Lock the ranks (Rank 11+) progress behind a patron wall to make it somewhat worth it (from a developer’s viewpoint).

As of recently we have been introduced to the new agent system.
We have a daily log in reward, with a bonus for patrons. →

Can we tie these together and create a system somewhat identical to the browser ARPG we saw with the release of TSW? This creates a somewhat reasoning for a daily reward, instead of receiving items from god knows who- we will receive them from our faction in our shiny new window of the world map, with the vibrant colors of red, blue & green.
EDIT: I do realise that our levels (1- 50) are now representing the faction rank, like it always sort of has- but we’re no longer receiving the rewards? What happened to them?

  • A lot of complaining have circulated about the agent window not scaling very well, this could be countered with a new layout.
  • When you log onto SWL, you have to retrieve your log-in reward, and then open another window to send your agents on missions. Tie them together, for convenience sake? :slightly_smiling_face:

How to somewhat fix the issues regarding PvP:

    1. Nerf all AoE abilities by increasing their global cooldown. (Only applies to PvP). My reasoning for this is because when playing TSW, the only issues I ever countered was when the enemy spammed their blade AoE, or any other AoE for that matter. You will also see this in Shambala, where most players pick AoE abilities to fend of the enemy as they stack up behind walls… This might be considered a “game mechanic” for some, but for me it is a game breaker that needs to be dealt with.
    2. If you’re not happy with changing the abilities to work differently in different aspects of the game as specified above, another way to go at it would be to increase the global cooldown for all AoE abilities, but also increase their damage.
  • Give a significant nerf to damage and healing output. This will force players to pick more strategic builds where debuffing and purging are key to their factions victory. And death, although inevitable, will not happen instantly as you charge the enemy (because of the damage/heal output reduction).


{Titles} thanks for the phats for the Agartha Incident but I think a “NEKID IN AGARTHA” title is in order!


Thanks for the hint with that rifle. I’ll be on the lookout for that one then and try it out, but still hope there will be an option to not trigger/use grenades at all if no respective abilities are equipped. Would be a better solution than that ONE magical item :smiley:

Edit: Checked the rifle. If I don’t use a rifle power ability, it will still beep and boom. Sill, better than nothing. Glad you suggested it!

Prepare for socks and sandals… we already have a mankini, so let’s have a bad taste contest^^


To incentivize mission content replay (RNG is a cruel mistress), replace Agent Dossier (?) mission reward with an Agent Reward Bag, which rewards one of the following:

  • Intel or Supplies or Assets (common reward)
  • Gear Reward Bag (lower chance)
  • Agent Dossier (lowest chance)


I thought about it…the best thought I have is to turn agent dossiers into a new thing: Agent dossier fragments which would represent parts of one complete dossier.

Why that? It’s far less frustrating is you have a higher chance for a piece of a dossier compared to having a incredible low chance of a full dossier.


Ah, but then people get much more data for calculating the real odds of getting dossiers. (eg. if you get 2 fragments per mission and it takes 50, then you know it’s 1/25)


I think in terms of data it’S only a question of time until we get good spitball values so or so…it definitly would speed this process up but is that really a so bad thing compared to the low dropchances that bug people right now.


[Forum] Reconsider your “social guidelines” regarding “I quit”-threads.There is a huge difference between

Your game sucks, you suck and I QUIT!!!


"Hey, I love the game, I played for 6 years but ran out of things to do. The new system motivated me to check in again, and I REALLY want to love it, but the overall experience was so frustrating that I will probably continue my break until the issues are sorted out. Here are my reasons:

Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason x
I understand the need to moderate the first type of thread. It’s trollish, it doesn’t provide any feedback and overall feels distracting in the forum flow.

The 2nd thread type on the other hand

  1. offers constructive feedback for the devs as to why the player is frustrated
  2. opens up a discussion that gives insight if others are experiencing similar problems
  3. potentially allows other players to give helpful advice how to decrease the frustration and keep the player engaged
  4. and overall might lead to suggestions for improvements how a game feature might be more successful with the player base.

One of the threads is disruptive, the other constructive. One is trolling, the other allows discussion, the very thing a forum should encourage. Inherently constructive posts should never be penalized in any imaginable way, be it forum bans, deletion, closing of the thread, censorship, infractions or just even scolding via PM. Guidelines should be exactly that, some cornerstones to guide you through your everyday life on the fora, not some set in stone rules with their violation being punishable by death. You don’t have to go all forumnazi on someone because they say “I want to take a break” from the game.

Now I understand that my post is technically violating the 11th commandment “thou shall not question thy forum moderator” but then again I like to imagine it falls under the very same category of constructive post as described above.

PS: This is the thread that lead to this post:

Personally I have to say it’s beyond my comprehension how a moderator can pretty much say in the very same sentence “your concerns are very valid” and “you are violating the forum rules /close”

PPS: And I don’t even want to go into the semantics of “taking a hiatus/beak” (temporary nature) vs. “quitting” (permanent nature). So technically it wasn’t even an “I quit”- thread…


I never look at anything on that page. I would never have noticed it if I hadn’t read this reply. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

To me, the only reason exists is to pick a category to go into. Beyond that, the page is worthless to me. I’m sure there’s a way to pin topics globally so they show up in all categories.

And side note, since we’re doing Twitch emotes (which I’ve already found and used several times) we need DansGame. Definitely must have that one.


Agents are not listed in the MENU - if you don’t know to hit ‘P’ there’s nothing in the interface to tell you (well, the chat box…).