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[PvE] Could we get a second start button in scenarios that skips the opening cutscene and has the narrator just say “Save five people and watch out for bombs” instead of rambling on for forty seconds? I’ve got nothing against the guy’s voice but standing around hearing that same spiel starts to get old after the first few hundred times.

[Cabal] It would be nice if cabal members could pick an activity or note to be listed next to their name in the cabal tab, to help the shyer folks find dungeon groups/scenario partners/etc.


[Interface] Agent info needs to be visible in the Dossier tooltip. How am I supposed to know who I’m buying on the AH if I can’t see base stats or anything? All it really needs to show are the 3 base stats and the traits.


Isn’t it interface slider? But I wish some other of those options there would have louder version, so maybe higher Master audio would solve this problem.


I realise this is a refrain as old as time but I haven’t seen it brought up on the new forums yet :smile:

[Misc] Let us buy multiple pedestals in the museum and don’t stun us for five seconds every time we use one.


[Interface] PLEASE put a more noticeable confirm dialog when deleting AH mail messages with MoF attached. (Or as Peloprata says below, just retrieve the MoF from any message with MoF attached that you delete.)

[Interface] Make it so that hovering over your listed items in AH shows the time remaining and the list price.


I think he is talking about the ones that auto pop when you enter an area, the kill X of Y assignments. Not sure of those actually clear this though.


Yes, this so much :slight_smile:


You can double left click on bags to open them while they sit in your inventory while the Vendor window is open.


[PvE] Make scenario chests stick around indefinitely. I can understand there’s the vague possibility of an exploit with dungeon chests (someone leaves and their replacement runs back through the dungeon hoovering up loot) but that can’t happen in scenarios.
[PvE] Let us use the group finder in dungeons and scenarios once they’re completed - if you’re running them back to back, it’s annoying to have to sit through two loading screens (and remake your group) each time.
[PvE] Speed up the fade-in effect after a loading screen and let us control our characters during it. It looks fancy but if you get a mod that disables it, it’s frankly ridiculous how much of the loading time is actually just “for show”.


[PVE] A book or file/dossier on your own playable character that helps you unlock secret areas in forthcoming zones with small, additional content. This book/file would give a brief summary on your accomplishments throughout the story, and list some of the rarest achievements you’ve earned.

Maybe there are Gaia Guradians who guard the entrances to these bonus places, and “judge” (by completed content check) whether you can handle the content within based on what story missions you’ve completed, as well as some other “unknown” checks, such as lengthy achievements where a percentage of bestiary or location lore obtained is a factor in the content check. These places could be well hidden on the map, or be instanced.

These missions could be a new mission category called “Off the Record,” and your report ends up going to or being intercepted by the sweetling bee messenger. These small missions could have unique monsters/enemies behind them, or be small, but difficult investigation missions. The rewards would be things you can only get in these special areas. While the reward is this “secret” content itself, other rewards like pets, clothing, dossiers, etc, could only be found here for mission completion.

SPOILERS: This book/file could also play a part in the story, depending on how events play out with your faction and The Swarm. This could lead to a decision where you choose one or the other, and your book/file is updated, and allows for updates, with future content.

Effectively, this book/file of the players could act as an artifact seen in other mmorpgs, that upgrades in a way to unlock bonus content, as well as change depending on future story decisions.


/option SplashScreenFadeInTime 0
/option SplashScreenFadeOutTime 0

They are missing from the settings menu though


Nice, that’s good to know - what does the fade out one affect though?


[PVE] Agent system - Please make Agents from Agent booster packs tradable.


[PvE] I was thinking about how at level 50, we get that mission from Moose where we get a bike mount at the end of it and started to wonder if maybe there could be a mission like that, accessible at level 50, but where we can get a special agent as a reward. I noticed that while I am okay with just having my faction recruit on my alt that’s still in the story since I have missions to look forward to on her, for my main I felt the need to have at least one more and got frustrated that I couldn’t get one to drop. Once I got one, I felt more okay with the fact that they have a low drop rate.

Maybe this way it can still be geared toward people that are still working their way through story, with a bonus extra agent that they can get once they hit level 50 in game (or faction rank 10 basically).


Hi everyone, i did not know where to put this, so i apologize know if i am doing something wrong, but with the second season coming, will it be a chance to fix the loot on the missing museum item about tokyo please ? ^^
thank you


Yo, you’re practically gatekeeping feelings and it makes no sense. How about I step up here, call you impatient for barely giving it a week and say you should stop complaining until a month has passed? That would be silly. Everyone had different expectations from the system, you can’t just police how they perceived their initial impression.

Right after they deployed the agent update, I started doing action/sabotage missions in SC and started following the path a fresh level 15 player would take. So far I have fully cleared SC, BM, SD and half of CotSG. No agents. I don’t care, I’m doing it out of curiosity. As a massively overgeared character it’s barely a few hours of work. On the other hand, it gives a general idea on how the average player may experience the whole thing. Going through 4 or more zones and not finding any new agents. It will absolutely happen to a bunch of them and I won’t tell them how to feel about it.


[Interface] Add an option to review the initial mission description when viewing a completed agent mission - with the large amounts of time that can pass between sending an agent on a mission and them completing it, I sometimes forget exactly what they were doing in the first place. :smiley:


Please automatically add and subscribe the “General” tab as early on in the game as you possibly can. It looks incredibly lonely and while i understand you wanted to create that empty world feel, for this game with the population being quite low - you really don’t want people to feel like there is nobody else playing the game. I have ran four chars through this game and each time i had to add & sub the General, LFG and group tabs myself. With no indication from any source whatsoever about how to do this, as a new player unaware, you would be more likely to not return if you felt so inclined.

The new pop cap on hubs seems interesting. Why up the capacity for hubs that nobody is required to go to anymore if everything has been placed in the central hub of Agartha?
Is The Sunken Library now defunct as a required place to be to group up for scenarios AND …

[PVE] 1
can we please have a group option for scenarios?
At what point are they going to be opened up and survivors be in their previous positions in TSW or are they forever going to be the same as they are now? But the lack of being able to run them as a group makes them not so fun. It’s supposed to be group content.
The sound is an issue in some scenarios, it appears to be missing audio making it difficult to hear when certain abilities or effects are taking place or not.

Lift the restrictions placed on the patron/non patron use of the cabal bank space.
Allow cabals to have use of a personal cabal social agenda, much like the social sign up, members can sign up within the cabal their interests for the day, making it easier for those to group up within their own cabal region. This would be particularly useful for larger cabals

[PVE] 2
More variations of mega boss summons, a Jinn would be pretty cool :smiley:
I feel the Padurri is either defective or dull. Perhaps she could sprout mini padurri to fight or some other mobs from the shadowy forest. While i like the new placing of the new megabosses in agartha, i do feel they lack the nature of the environment they were once in which added an extra wtf element - i miss that. Superjack has some nice decor so i know the current mega bosses could be much better than just oversized versions of themselves. The Tokyo one is the most fun as she uses all of the stage as it were.
The padurri also holds some serious issues with causing lag.

[PVE] 3
Fix targetting, reticule is not an accurate target fix. there are some abilities which won’t work in the same manner as similar abilities within the same weapon category. Often making it difficult to target individual enemies of our choosing. There are times when situations require you to be looking elsewhere around you for variables in the environment and at your team mates while still being targetted on the boss or enemy - keeping a watch for any mechanic that needs dealt with. This is unable to happen as there is no way of being able to lock on to a target of your choosing. This is something that i feel is quite imperative on all sides of a trinity be it heal, tank or dps - we would ALL benefit from our combat fluidity if we were able to chose and lock a target of our own choosing. I can do this if i heal in Mega boss summons via a remapping of the keys to be able to select nearest friend so i can offer them heals. This should also be an option to do this with a chosen enemy. I don’t see why it isn’t.

Reintroduce the 3 PVP maps of Eldorado, Stonehenge and Fusang.
Traditional capture/Defend/Hold objectives which award points and contribute towards a Faction Buff.
A return of The Chronicle which tally’s a players kill counts and match wins of ED & SH etc
Titles, PVP outfits and achievements should be in place for participants
Overall domination in a year awards a claimable Faction Dog Tag in cosmetics (Annually recurring)

Unlock the passives from being tied to just one ability and add some more! There are too few abilities and passives to allow for much real variation.

Reduce the cost of Face surgery. There were some really hideous options for faces in SWL and we all had to bear the brunt of that when it came to - recreating our original characters or hopefully - better ones. Only to be faced with some very unpleasant offerings when it came down to it.
IF by some small miracle you manage to update the char selection/creation process and those options to be available for surgery, then i think it only fair the price for it to be of a decent rate since there should have been a far better set of options, sliders, tweaks, personal touches etc on offer. Currently you’re asking 110,000 Marks of Favour!!! for a simple botox. Scandalous…is all i can say.

Consider additional bank space. The current is far too low and hurts those in cabals the most, often people make their own cabal for the space, but have to be a patron to do even that. Personally i feel there are a lot of hurdles and stopgaps which prevent a player from just getting on with what is supposed to be a free to play game, only to find they actually have to pay to be able to play.

I think it could be refined a little more to be more open and inviting as a free to play game by not being so punishing from the outset.


[Items/Pets] Make the ward from “The Light That Blinds” in SC a mission item so that it can be used on the hotbar.


[misc] edit the mission goals on SC quests “Science and the Arts” 4/4 (defeat the wraith and seal the rift) and “The Breakfast Cult” (test the wards and place the wards). Currently, the mission goal listed at the top is the one that must be performed last. While a little bit of experimentation can have someone figure it out, currently it looks like the wraith is supposed to be defeated before the rift can be closed, and the wards should be tested before they are placed. The goals would be clearer if rather than both goals being listed at once (which implies they can both be done at the same time), the goal that must be performed first was the only one displayed, with the second goal appearing when the first is completed.