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It’s not being hunappy to give feedback for game experience improvement.


Ofc you can. but it’s not what happening here.
now its seems to turn like in the old reddit bad habit to paint all players like defenders/haters or something like.

Can we just let all that behavior behind us and move on ?


[Misc] Museum Feedback

  • Add Halloween to Odities - the Cat God and Baron Samedi
  • Allow us to buy more than one pedestal at once
  • Fix the Bingo! machine in the Gift Shop (lost 200 MoF, got 3 Pax back, now it won’t do anything)

Additional Ideas for the Museum:

  • Add a Collected Pets exhibit - classic pedestals only, require only that the pet be owned.
  • Add a Dungeons exhibit, with 3D models of dungeons - all centerpieces, completion for Classic, E1 for Superior, E6 for Paragon (lore requirements for story-mode only dungeons), with maybe Classic being outline, Superior showing more detail, Paragon having bosses shown…
  • Add a VIP Lounge which we can choose decorations for, make the old man tend bar
  • Add a secret room (under the stairs at entrance) for Agent management


I agree with that statement, people who give feedback (just like people who express their dislike) are people who actually care and are either asking/proposing improvments or are pissed because a game they appreciate is under what they expect; between the merely inconviened and the gravely disappointed, they should all be heard because we’re the clients.


Unfortunately, a global pin = technically visible from the frontpage, but not from any category. Banner topics are also universal. Can look into it but it may require a custom plugin.

Also, :dansgame:


Perfect time for :dansgame:


[Misc] For myself content is a big happening while playing; not much for the satire of cosmetics and apparel. Maybe a sublet for other side missions besides main missions. Something that would draw the story out with the side mission into an elaborate tale or consequence to further expeditionary tasks. Understandable video content and voice overs could be costly, but in the same what’s already in place could be utilized to expound another topic or fascia of the/a story.


[MISC] Please make an easy way to transfer gear between characters. to me this is the most annoying oversite in the game. I solo mainly, i also Play 1 toon of each faction. I cannot express how annoying it is trying to get your gear to your alts in the game. It is annoying to try and find someone you trust to hold gear in order to swap toons. Either give us a shared bank across toons on the same account or a way to mail them to our alts… PLEASE. This is long overdue. I would have prefered this addition to the entire Agent patch.

(Original Beta Tester n Lifetime Member)


[Misc] We need the titles from the TSW forum over here :3

The Venetian, Eliminator, Ab Initio and #IAMTSW I think were all we had.


agreed, in game mail with attachment would fix this easily.


Why would a player want the option to delete MoF? Why not automaticly collect any missed MoF when removing a mail?

Hmmm, I wonder… modding intensifies


[Items/Pets] - I Love having outfits, Could we get some Cosplay ie. French Maid and stuff like that?

[Misc] - Dossier Drop Rate, is KILLING me, been questing for days and nothing, I am cool with the drop rate, but liked the idea of pieces(pages) of a dossier dropping, like 100 needed to make a dossier. it would help to feel like I am accomplishing something. It could be the quest gives a chance at a full dossier and 1 random page of a dossier.

[Misc] - For those of us that are Altoholics, an Account bank so we can give our alts items (or being able to mail items)

[Misc] - Aparments!!! AO had great apartments, you could do something like that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

My 30 day daily login reward

[Misc, Chatlog]

New chat categories for two essential items.

  • All things Agent; exp gain (indicating which agent gets the exp), rewards earned, mission success/failure. Once that window is closed there is no way to find what it said in case of problems arisen.
  • Energy gains, it would be great to have a category dedicated to gaining energy from different sources aside from the normal regen. Including but not limited to
  1. Criticals
  2. Talismans
  3. Abilities/passives
  4. Other players’ passives/abilities that affect you.


[Interface] When failing an Agent mission, there’s nothing that explicitly tells you that you failed. You just the “Mission Complete” without the green circle around it and you have different text and Agent quotes.

When you get a critical success, the Mission Complete is appended with Outstanding Results so that you know you got a crit success. There needs to be something a little more with failed missions.


[Achievements] Please add an achievement when you complete the cat saving mission three times with the Andy agent. As a little sidenudge toward the halloween mission…
@TronQuixote supports this notion even if he doesn’t know it himself, so he can do other things than explode these poor cats.


Agent Network - Overall, I think it adds something to the game that the Secret World has lacked forever, faction scope. I think it is a nice beginning. However, I do have some minor and major concerns.

The UI is nice, but some effort should be put into the completion alert. It took me a long time to realize that there was an audio cue, and I immediately associated it with a biological body function. A persistent UI element would be nice.

Agent injuries are an interesting concept, but I would really like to see this effect stop a mission at the halfway point. It is frustrating to spend 8 hours on a mission, only to find out that it failed. Let’s give our agents cell phones so they can tell us their failings more efficiently.

Agent scarcity is my major concern. After running dozens of missions, several scenarios and dozens of regionals, I have not not a single additional Agent for my efforts. After spending about $12USD I have two additional agents. I have a really tough time not seeing this as an effort to drive up aurum sales.


Agent injuries are not tied to mission outcome and you still get some rewards for a “completed” rather than “successful” mission.

That is literally what this (and every other feature) is. Those are how the game stays afloat. :slight_smile: That said, I agree that spending your first few days (or longer) with only a single agent doesn’t really create the best first impression of the system.


Do we though? The only worthwhile ‘reward’ at our current level of agent’ing is experience and I’ve done 3 missions in a row that apparently decided I learned nothing from the encounter.

Literally nothing. No experience at all. Level 4 I remain after a combined total of 13 hours spent on “missions”.

Do a give a holy hek about a tiny baby distillate that has yet to learn how to crawl? Not even in the least.


Yes. Maybe not reliably until they figure out what’s up with agents not receiving xp but that’s the intent as I understand it.


[Interface] Can we get the agent mission overview to show success chance on the left when we already have an agent selected? Sort of like this:

UI modifications for agent system