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[Items/Pets] - I Love having outfits, Could we get some Cosplay ie. French Maid and stuff like that?

[Misc] - Dossier Drop Rate, is KILLING me, been questing for days and nothing, I am cool with the drop rate, but liked the idea of pieces(pages) of a dossier dropping, like 100 needed to make a dossier. it would help to feel like I am accomplishing something. It could be the quest gives a chance at a full dossier and 1 random page of a dossier.

[Misc] - For those of us that are Altoholics, an Account bank so we can give our alts items (or being able to mail items)

[Misc] - Aparments!!! AO had great apartments, you could do something like that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

My 30 day daily login reward

[Misc, Chatlog]

New chat categories for two essential items.

  • All things Agent; exp gain (indicating which agent gets the exp), rewards earned, mission success/failure. Once that window is closed there is no way to find what it said in case of problems arisen.
  • Energy gains, it would be great to have a category dedicated to gaining energy from different sources aside from the normal regen. Including but not limited to
  1. Criticals
  2. Talismans
  3. Abilities/passives
  4. Other players’ passives/abilities that affect you.


[Interface] When failing an Agent mission, there’s nothing that explicitly tells you that you failed. You just the “Mission Complete” without the green circle around it and you have different text and Agent quotes.

When you get a critical success, the Mission Complete is appended with Outstanding Results so that you know you got a crit success. There needs to be something a little more with failed missions.


[Achievements] Please add an achievement when you complete the cat saving mission three times with the Andy agent. As a little sidenudge toward the halloween mission…
@TronQuixote supports this notion even if he doesn’t know it himself, so he can do other things than explode these poor cats.


Agent Network - Overall, I think it adds something to the game that the Secret World has lacked forever, faction scope. I think it is a nice beginning. However, I do have some minor and major concerns.

The UI is nice, but some effort should be put into the completion alert. It took me a long time to realize that there was an audio cue, and I immediately associated it with a biological body function. A persistent UI element would be nice.

Agent injuries are an interesting concept, but I would really like to see this effect stop a mission at the halfway point. It is frustrating to spend 8 hours on a mission, only to find out that it failed. Let’s give our agents cell phones so they can tell us their failings more efficiently.

Agent scarcity is my major concern. After running dozens of missions, several scenarios and dozens of regionals, I have not not a single additional Agent for my efforts. After spending about $12USD I have two additional agents. I have a really tough time not seeing this as an effort to drive up aurum sales.


Agent injuries are not tied to mission outcome and you still get some rewards for a “completed” rather than “successful” mission.

That is literally what this (and every other feature) is. Those are how the game stays afloat. :slight_smile: That said, I agree that spending your first few days (or longer) with only a single agent doesn’t really create the best first impression of the system.


You’re not wrong


Do we though? The only worthwhile ‘reward’ at our current level of agent’ing is experience and I’ve done 3 missions in a row that apparently decided I learned nothing from the encounter.

Literally nothing. No experience at all. Level 4 I remain after a combined total of 13 hours spent on “missions”.

Do a give a holy hek about a tiny baby distillate that has yet to learn how to crawl? Not even in the least.


Yes. Maybe not reliably until they figure out what’s up with agents not receiving xp but that’s the intent as I understand it.


[Interface] Can we get the agent mission overview to show success chance on the left when we already have an agent selected? Sort of like this:

UI modifications for agent system

That’s not success chance, that’s “affinity”. It’s not the same thing. It’s confusing and frankly a bad way to convey information if you ask me.


Several scenario suggestions/gripes/bugs/feedback/etc. I’ve been doing tons of scenarios over the free key weekend because I don’t ever do them and am really forcing myself to get some glyph progress in while it’s free. It’s been a slog, but I’ve noticed several things that need fixing/changed/adjusted.

  1. If you get militia protocol or use Bear Arms and one of the survivors gets a melee weapon they become a liability, especially in the Castle. If you get one of the mutated mobs who puts explody circles under your feet they will aggro survivors until you actually engage them. Melee survivors are kamikaze and just go running to their death. In the castle they can end up off in some weird place deep in the bowels of the thing and finding them can be tough. This can easily lose you that survivor. The radius that they will move before leashing back home needs to be significantly shortened so that they don’t leave the main room.
  2. The first thing I do when getting into a scen is looking at what bonus buffs are waiting. If there’s a healing one I pick it up so that it can respawn as something useful. The healing one sucks. Sucks bad. 4% health per tick is nothing. Literally nothing. It won’t save you, it won’t save anybody. That needs to be at least 7.5% if not more. And given the nature of scenarios it would probably be a really good idea if the heal ticks cleansed one debuff. This would bring the healing buff up to par with the damage and defense ones.
  3. I got Dr. Aldini as a “cavalry” bonus between waves. He’s got a Sov-Tech chainsaw. Funcom. There’s only one way to ask this. WHERE’S MY GOD DAMNED CHAINSAW? Or better yet, WHERE THE HELL IS MY FLAMETHROWER? They’d better be in S2 or I swear to Gaia…


Could you expand what exactly the percentage means? I know there are 3 mission ending states: Complete, Success and Outstanding. Doesn’t the percentage show the chance of getting a Success rather than just a Complete?


It’s in the Agent window. Just check the help and it will explain it.


Are you messing with me? The tooltip says this:

Affinity: The higher the affinity an agent has, the more likely they will receive Success and Outstanding results when finishing the mission.

Which is literally what I just said.


Of course. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I have nothing better to do with my time.

I thought the help text was more helpful. Affinity = Success Chance + Outstanding Chance, which if I understand correctly, means that you can fail even at 100%.


Where’d you get that from though? Because the help text is literally what @Vandelay just posted.


You’re just making stuff up right now, assuming things that are not said in the tooltip. Why would anyone assume a 100% chance to get Success+Outstanding mean you can still just get a Complete?

I mean, if I was wrong about affinity not being success chance, I would be glad to admit that. But the tooltip literally confirms what I thought.


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I think it’s best if you @darxide & @Vandelay agree to disagree and leave it at that. Else you just tease the mods to get in here and speak the final word aka start cleaning stuff up and such.


Except that I proved my point 100%. I won’t agree to disagree. I was right and @Vandelay was being a jerk about it. The only thing I got wrong was that the two values add together (and crits aren’t factored after success, but rather at the same time as an alternate to success and fail) so 100% displayed is 100% to not fail.