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[Interface] Aside of affinity definition I personally would really appreciate to reduce necessity to click on those tiny cross buttons as possible. Which means to be able click through missions easily when they are open (maybe arrow or ‘next’ button, or just missions icons on side bar), and the same with agents.


No need to do that, I just wanted an explanation. darxide said I was wrong and pointed me to the tooltip, which didn’t contradict anything I originally said. Then he stated 100% affinity could still mean you could “fail” the mission, despite the tooltip not even suggesting this, without offering anything to support that. Now he has given me a 54 minute long video with no timestamp. He’s claiming to be helpful and that I’m a jerk. No need to get any mods because I’m looking for an answer, not a fight.

@darxide, if you can give me a timestamp I’d like to check the video out. Otherwise I can’t sit through an entire devstream trying to catch the part about 100% affinity still being able to fail.

After watching the relevant section of the dev stream (starting 17:40), I hear Andrew say “[affinity] is your total chance of getting an item”. I still don’t see how that contradicts anything I said but I’m not going to continue an argument between players. I would appreciate if a developer could clarify how affinity works.


The video is already linked at the right time.


[Misc] Put a link to the official forums in the launcher.

[PVE] Make the dungeon loot boxes in two ways to open, one with key and full loot, one without key and reduced loot like the raid loot box. So players have something to do after spending the 18 keys.


That’s already in, actually, at least for the regular launcher. (Don’t know if Steam launcher is different.)


Right or wrong, its a terrible way to display things. Its confusing and makes no sense half the time. So i have a combined total of 100% to maybe get this or that but I can still fail, except the text blurbs suggest success even though I get zero experience.

Wonderful. Pointless, waste of time.


Just popped in to say that’s a good point. ‘100%’ is a horrible qualifier if its not a 100% chance to succeed. This is very very very very basic design. I don’t want to be rude - it just is outright bad design to have this.


[PvE] I’ve got a whole bunch of suggestions for scenarios - I think the reason a lot of people find them so incredibly frustrating is that they’re on the brink of being really fun (and sometimes are, if you’re very lucky with mob spawns/events) but are hamstrung by the difficulty varying so wildly and the difficulty mostly revolving around inconvenience/annoyance rather than challenge.

  • Add icons at the top of the screen to show which complication and benefit we’ve got and have them blink when there’s a bomb/possession underway
  • Instead of mobs dropping a powerup at random, make them a guaranteed drop from mutator mobs
  • Make the powerups affect both players in duo
  • Make the heal powerup better (a slight healing aura for the survivors maybe?)
  • Make the mutators easier to identify at a glance - put a cloud of buzzing flies on the infested or something
  • Stop mobs from a single spawn splitting up and running in two different directions
  • Stop mobs from standing too close together - trying to pick off a filthy mob or a healer/infested mutator in a spawn of 4 is one of the few times I find myself truly frustrated by reticle mode
  • Stop mobs from running far away from the player to cast a buff on themselves and then run back for no reason
  • Lower the health on the infestation locusts a little
  • Mark supply crates on the map
  • Make the first aid kit a PBAoE rather than GTAoE so it’s faster to use in a pinch
  • Make respawning instant - we shouldn’t have to install a mod to get rid of the agonising fade-in where we can’t control our character
  • On the Hotel and Mansion, give us a speed boost on respawn
  • This is probably too much to hope for but make solo scenarios pause if the player crashes or disconnects
  • Reduce the cast time on exorcism and make the spectre appear instantly instead of fading in
  • Make picking up and dropping the bomb instant
  • Make activating sprint instant - we can’t cast it in combat so it’s not like the cast can be interrupted anyway
  • Reduce the number of slowing/rooting effects mobs use - they’re obnoxious in a mode that requires high mobility
  • Replace the enemy snipers with wizards - having a circle aoe placed under your feet instead of a target above your head is almost functionally the same but it’s more intuitive, it allows all movement abilities to be used instead of only dodge and it doesn’t force you to cancel sprint if they target you while you’re running between fights
  • Make the filth pools from the infected mobs go away faster (if that means making the damage a little higher, so be it)

And finally, a bunch of suggestions specifically for the Castle to try and bring the difficulty into line with the other two maps

  • Replace the spiral staircase in the middle with a jump pad so that players can still use it as a shortcut but mobs that spawn upstairs will always take the same route to the survivors
  • Move the balcony spawn point to the bottom of the courtyard stairs
  • Open the room where you fight The Grey during the sabotage mission version of the map and move the spawn point adjacent to the survivor room to the far side by the exit window
  • Get rid of the fungal filth’s huge miasma aoe ability
  • Tone down the vampire mage boss a little


Here are a few things I find most frustrating with Scenarios.

  • Requires self healing, extra health & dps all at once.
  • Spawns are purely random, will I need purge? more interrupts? extra healing? more health? Have to plan for everything, not all weapons can do that.
  • Enemies ignore attempts to regain aggro. If you fail to get them before they attack survivors its quite difficult to drag them off. Usually requiring an interrupt to do so, sometimes not even then.
  • Heavily dependent on Time & Space gadgets, usually for interrupts. If you don’t have it max epic at least your gadget is nearly useless.
  • More than double the difficulty in duo scenarios for the same rewards. Solo gets boring but its far easier to solo than duo almost every time.
  • No shards at all (yeah some of us do need them)
  • Deserter for leaving (even if the other person already left and you are alone you get deserter? really?)
  • and finally They are way too long. 15 minutes for 3 glyph distillates regardless of difficulty? Tone down the timers please. Not the time between waves which are annoying but acceptable, the total time per phase, mainly the 2nd one, feels way too long.


[PvP] - Fusang. The place where the “Legends” have born.

[PvP] - Add player Glyph setup in to EFB. Like if you have split Evade/Defense, no matter if they are green, they are counted as Max (or suitable level for EFB HP pool) per Glyph. This way everyone can build their setup suited for their play style.

[Misc] - Account wide Bank and Account bound Gear rather than Character bound.


[Misc]Agent packages purchasable through Aurum:

Don’t make Agent Dossiers automatically bind to character.
-Ensure it doesn’t give you duplicates (Preferably not at all, but at LEAST not in the same package).
Feels pretty upsetting to drop Aurum on a pack of 10, to get 7 green gear, 1 blue gear, and two of the same agent that’s not at all useful to me, only to find I can’t trade or give away the duplicate.

4image might be a reasonable compensation once agents have been out for months, balancing out most of their costs on the AH, but for the moment (when people are most likely to spend Aurum), it’s just upsetting.

Oh, and 1 free random agent at L50 would make players far less angry about the low release droprate.

Lore locations:
Bathhouse lores 3 and 6 are currently only accessible using either abilities or motorbike-sprints (which apparently seem to let you jump slightly higher?). If you remove some of the (seemingly arbitrary) invisible walls around the climbable-looking rocks in the area this issue would solve itself.


About bound to character agent booster pack loot, unbinding would also make people buy more. I bought some, felt very annoyed as the agents and gear were character bound, won’t buy again unless the content is made tradable.


Okay, I can’t take this anymore. There is no such thing as a failure in the Agent System, alright? There are three mission finish states: Complete, Success and Outstanding (which is the “critical success” that Andrew mentions in the video).

Complete is the “failure” state. Even when you complete, you get all the experience stated in the UI. So if the UI said you’d get 1000 xp, you still get 1000 xp. There is no mission state that grants 0 xp. Okay? Some missions not granting experience is a bug. The bug doesn’t happen only when you “complete”, it can also happen when you succeed. I’ve had it happen two times so far and it seems to be tied to the crash.

Success is the default success state. When you succeed, you get the items listed AND you get an experience bonus. So if the mission originally said you’d get 1000 xp, you now get I don’t know 1250 or something. Are we clear?

Outstanding is the critical success state. You get all the items listed and a bigger experience bonus. If the missions originally said 1000 xp, now you get (again I don’t know the exact value) 1500 or something.

Affinity is your combined success chance. If it is a 100%, you will either succeed regularly or critically. I have taken a look into the Agent System UI code. “Affinity” is obtained by a method internally referred to as GetSuccessChanceForAgent. If your affinity is 100% you will always succeed. You will absolutely get an item. Jesus Christ.



Message to Hell mission in Kaidan. If someone clears the little camp just ahead of you, you might as well drop the mission and leave. It takes 5 minutes to respawn.


Hate to burst your bubble, but you have not told me anything new. I know how it should work, but that is not how it currently works, and until its actually fixed I will continue to describe it as it functions now.

Which is we run missions we don’t get experience. Thereby making every mission I run a crapshoot of getting experience until its fixed, which could be tonight, tomorrow or not until Season 2 drops. If thats the case, how I’ve described it is completely accurate. I’m not going to run multiple missions that grant no exp and go “gosh, its a bug, oh well.” I’m going to describe what I see. That is I’m successful yet get no exp. The text blurbs should reflect that status as well, not go “WOW you’re amazing!” when its just a ‘completed’ mission.

Regardless, I get no exp running missions, will I get that exp back? highly unlikely. That makes using the agent system pointless for me. BTW, I’ve not gotten exp 5 missions in a row on 2 agents. Did. Not. Crash. Once. So please stop stating that is the cause, or even might be the cause. It is not.

Accept the fact that others may be aware of things you are not and perhaps if the developers stop tying the two problems together, they may actually look for the bug in a new location instead of trying to figure out why they can’t find the reason behind the crash & the no exp bug in the same place.


I doubt they make you jump higher, it just clips against the mesh differently than regular jumping so it pulls you up while animations cannot. At least that’s my theory.

I prefer the ninja sprint because it has a unique animation set (is that the only one that does?) but the jumping flips simply cannot catch the edge of objects the way bikes or even hoverboards do. Its very annoying and time consuming to switch sprints just to make a jump.


Not true. Failure looks a lot like Mission Complete, but with less loot. See the first box under “Rewards”? All missions have something there, but if you fail, you don’t get that item.

^ Failure

^ Success

So there are four states: Failure Complete, Successful Complete, Success, and Outstanding. XP and assets are granted for all four (provided the game isn’t bugging–the XP from that Success didn’t stick, Faction Mook remained level 23.)

To which: [Feedback] It’s really hard to see the difference between a failed mission and a succeeded one at a glance, which is obviously confusing people! Could it be made a little more obvious in some way that doesn’t lead people to think they get nothing for a failure? Maybe a different color glow on a succeeded Mission Complete to set it apart from a failed Mission Complete?


It seems to bring us back to the point that 100% affinity is not Success+Outstanding :wink:


Your 2nd screenshot is of a bugged Success mission, it isn’t an intended state of the game. real “Complete” is as you show, the Faction Recruit saying ‘■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■’ and getting less xp.

I’ve been logging every mission I do and the only time you’ll get a mismatch like that is on 0 xp missions, so it’s actually a worse finishing state in practical terms than your ‘fail complete’ (which will usually give xp at least)


[Misc] Agents go incapacitated for 8+ hours and seem to cost just shy of 1000 MoF per hour. Why is this? If they are supposed to be lesser to us why does it cost 7-8K to fully recover an Agent that just got a sucessful mission, but if we lose all of our essence it costs us at max 1000 shards.

This should at very least have an option for MoF or shards. I understand the rewards being sorta lame based on the effort on our end, but its not a worthwhile sink for the amount of MoF you are asking. The hurt of this could also be lessened if Agents had a better drop rate. I wonder how many people played all weekend long and didn’t get any drops?