Feedback: The Nemedian

Please reconsider the changes to karmic items (The Nemedian and Godbreaker’s Boots). These changes may not appear to be very severe on Exiled Lands servers, where Purge Thralls are easy to come by but in the Siptah servers, these changes have a drastic effect on balance, with no real way to repair legendary weapons other than massive farming of legendary repair kits. (Tier IV thralls are very hard to come by on Siptah.)

Please keep karmic gear available, at the very least on Siptah.


i too feel this change is just completely going against the playerbase… it was one of the few items i ever felt was worth getting… and now… it’s just useless…


It also gives you a reason to go to the Skittering Cavern. If there’s no Karmic Nemedian, why bother?

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Poll in Gen Discussion, folks, please vote !




Re changing Nemedian to colour: Oh hell yeah, if it at least matched ONE armour set in the game it would be great. Preferably not by changing that armour set to garish orange, but changing the bloody helmet :smiley:

Argo and Aquila when dyeing right color goes with flags and I would like wraps and building pieces to be dyed as well

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