Feedback thread: Coop Mode issues after 2.3 - Playing as other player's character, connectivity issues

Ps4, Encountered it in all tests.

Got 2 ps4’s in house, 1 CE Disc (PAL) and 2 Digital (na)'s One ps4 is wired, and other is on wifi. (decent connection in my house)

Havnt had issue before patch, havnt used it much thou recently till issue was reported. So gave it a go.
The load time is long in general, can’t really speak if its that much different in anyway.

We play several other games like diablo 3 and CoDMW co-op no issues.

Which is just bad QA in my opinion they released a all in one patch instead of maybe releasing them one by one to see what new issues would happen because it’s known console brings their own set of issues to each individual system xbox has their own issues and PS has their own issues each separate from what ever stuff PC players run into. Instead they released it all at once which causes all the unseen issues they weren’t able to be aware of until lit release on console to hit al lat once and conflict with all kind of stuff in the update

My daughter and I are having the same issue we loggin she sends the invite and her screen freeze’s and now I’m playing as her under her account I press the ps button and I’m still logged in under my account I go to the main menu and now I’m back in my Conan account

Hi! same thing is still happening to me. I try to play coop with my GF and when i invite her she takes over my toon and her toon is still lying on the ground with an unconscious tag.

Has there been any announcements about an ETA on a patch or hotfix for this mess of a release?

Playing on PS4 and I try to join my brothers (sweetpotatocries) co-op game but his camera gets locked in place and I take control of his character. He can still see his HUD and even watch his stamina etc be depleted. My body is on the ground (UNCONSCIOUS) and when I exit to main menu he sees everything disappear and has to also exit to main menu.

Hope this helps. Love the game :heart::sunglasses:

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Hab dasselbe Problem, Koop Modus funzt seit dem letzten Update nicht mehr , hoffentlich wird das Problem behoben

Hello, it’s been a week and there is no solution to the problem, serious companies who take care of their community would have already presented a solution, within the same day and funcom cero solution. Recently I bought 3 DLC to play co op with my friend and obviously we bought the game to play co op and we can’t play thanks to the error, please give a solution.


I also think this is a major issue !! And I’d like to know when they think it can be available again!! Is it bc they are working on something else more urgent?? Why is it taking so long !! And why do they not answer on this thread to keep us in the loop on what’s happening !! I think this is really unprofessional to just leave your customers hanging


Unfortunately because they have shut off decay timers for affected servers I don’t think they will push a fix for just this problem through. You will be prob waiting till they can identify and fix a few other major bugs in a decent size patch as opposed to a bunch of smaller patches addressing single issues. In my experience this is more how funcom handles their patches.


Di que si, sacan 2.3 ( 2.1 *betada 2.3) en consola, Personajes anti-desnudos, servidores Jce.C (se reinician a Jce) GPortal. Los Jce.C de PS4 Oficiales Caidos por completo. y en menos de 1 semana anunciaron 2.4 :smiley: ni siquiera son capaces de crear Actualizaciones desentes, pero contenido de DLC e incluso un Map que esta en el parche Descaradamente de la 2.3 (126Gb) pero no disponible… La solucion es facil pero hasta que no soltemos nuestros €€€ no se va a solucionar nada. Ya que actualizaron a la 2.3 porque no permiten disfrutar de TODO su contenido si ya el juego en si esta ROTO. Ahora volveran con las certificaciones o que es problema es de gportal, vamos que no esta en sus manos…

I tried dropping your comment on translator so I can respond but it left me more confused than looking at the original lol :joy: google translator needs some work

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excuse my English
I’m surprised they update to 2.4 with new stuff when they can’t even keep their old content stable. And now they update on the console but without letting play with their content … I can’t make sense of it


I’m really pissed on how they handle this bug…


Hey DEVS whats taking so long to do a hot fix for the CO OP. I’ve been waiting patiently for over a week now and im sure LOTS of other players are wondering the same thing. Is this gonna take a few months and [im not trying to be mean here] But if so maybe you guys should get better game testers or better yet start testing the updates better before releasing them. Then this wouldnt be an issue especially when ppl Payed for this game for CO OP which is completely unplayable at this time pls do better in the future for your fans. Thank you for hearing me out.


I have problem playing with my friend coop on ps4 , after I use invite friend option then he join he take over the control of my character and my camera freeze and I can’t do anything at all and so we couldn’t play together thill now I will be i happy if you could help use
Thanks for reading this

Happening to me too. PS4.
I log in to play on my own, enable multiplayer, invite my friend, and when he arrives I lose my character. He has control and I can pretty much do nothing.

Sadly same

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Hey everybody,

We fixed this coop issue in today’s patch.
Thank you all for your feedback and patience.
We’ll proceed to close this thread now :slight_smile: