Feedback: Wanderlust Armor

This is just a comment… I really like the concept of the Wanderlust armor. The climb speed is good, but the swim speed seems to be a bit slow still. I would recommend increasing it before being released to live.

I feel like the climbing speed is too overpowered. You can climb 100 meters upwards in less than 30 sec. In my opinion, the climbing speed should be decreased, while I agree with you that the swimming speed needs a boost.

I disagree, the speed for both swim and climbing are a bit crazy when wearing this set which is also currently bugged to provide the bonus even if it is unequipped.

When I tried the armor, the climbing was about twice that of normal, which I thought was good. The swim speed, however, was just barely faster than normal, which I thought should be increased more. Neither climbing nor swimming seemed “crazy” to me, but then either something happened differently for your or we simply have a difference of opinion (which is fine).

As for keeping the bonus after unequipped, that didn’t happen to me. I’m not using any mods. Perhaps you have a mod interfering with how it acts for you? Just wondering.

No mods. It was reconfirmed by multiple testers. The effect disappears but the speed increase remains until death.

Hmm… ok. Thanks for confirming. I guess the Devs ought to have a look at the armor to see what’s going on.

It is a fun set for PvE for sure but I am thinking when we would need to climb/swim in PvP and how this set will affect those situations:


  • Quickly get up when raiding someone after getting some of the anti-climbs down.
  • Quickly get up to bomb the trebuchet which is destroying your base.
  • Ninja Loot someone who left some vulnerability in their defences.
  • Reach places which you normally can’t before running out of stamina (world borders, etc).


  • Swim away while avoiding damage except from projectiles.
  • Swim away while overencumbered with all the loot you’ve just got.
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Hey there,

We’ll send a reminder about the bug that’s currently affecting this armor, as well as the balance considerations to our team.
Thanks for the feedback.

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