Feeling like a tourist in the game's world

First, a question: do only men wearing beards have to be accompanied by an adult, or does it also apply to bearded ladies?

Now, I haven’t been able to identify a “suggestions” section on this forum, so I’m writing here.

Like my title says, as much as I enjoy being in this game’s world, I ended up feeling like a tourist. Each area does have a little bit of history though the characters’ comments (often deliciously hilarious) and the occasional notes, but in the end it’s always like…“Ok, people died here too, so let’s loot, kill and move on.”

So, I feel there should be more interaction with the game’s world. Maybe some sort of puzzles to solve (nothing to heat up one’s brain though) or maybe some side stories to follow up on, Fallout style (old Fallout, that is). Wouldn’t matter if it involved backtracking.

I feel such content would enrich the game’s world and also create a better connection to it for the player, especially since it’s a top-down view game (usually not so immersive). Considering in the future we might follow the mutants’ adventures even in space (the elder talks about 2 more enclaves), I’d say such an approach should definitely be considered.

The “Technical Support” forum is for bugs and feedback/suggestions. It’s poorly named for the latter and maybe even the former.

How far in the game are you (what is going on with Hammon where you are?) The game is told like a lot with little pieces in game. But then there’s a lot of it near and at the end. Not sure if it’d be enough for you, though.

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I’m on my second run now. The question I opened my post with, was actually related to a bar poster somewhere in one of the last areas (read by Bormin, I believe). Made me laugh.

I agree the main story is good and very well written and presented, especially in the late game. A lot of game content adds up to it, but everything else is…well…not bad, but somehow forgettable.

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Were you also aware that this is based on an RPGs published (and expanded) since 1984? I think they have a ton of source material based on it that’s not thoroughly explored in the game. They kind of just drop you into this world without going in depth on the backstory.

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I wasn’t aware of the game’s origins. I’ll look it up. Thanks!

This info actually leads me to believe there’s hope for an enriched game world, considering this release feels like the first in a series.

The computer game IP for it is one owned by https://www.heroicsignatures.com/ . Which Funcom owns 50% of and Cabinet Group the other half. So; more games and this being the first… I am pretty sure of that as long as Funcom keeps going well financially.

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