Feels like Batman Exiles

Am I the only one who gets Batman vibes when entering the main menu?
Especially the first seconds are very silimar to the Batman theme.

Which Batman theme?

Like… Adam West, Tim Burton, Chris Nolan, Animated Series? I know I’m missing some… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Make a guess, I will tell you if you were right. :wink:

If you’re referring to the music, I think it sounds very Conan-y to me. Especially the string instrument parts have a very similar feel to them as the Arnie movie soundtrack by Basil Poledouris.

That said, the use of drum-beat and brass instruments is quite typical of Hans Zimmer’s compositions, so I understand why you’d get those vibes. At least that’d be my guess - Danny Elfman’s theme for Batman the Movie (1989) is what I think of when thinking of a “Batman theme”, although Neal Hefti’s Batman theme has a “special” place in my heart, too, but neither of them has a similar “weight” to them as Zimmer’s theme for the Dark Knight.

But drums and brass instruments are pretty traditional instruments when you want music that sounds dramatic and heroic.

New song on intro? Or same old one, that feels like it was remake/remaster of Conan Movie themes with much love?

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