Feels more like open Beta

Hello everyone,

i try to play but game freezes. I saw a lot of ppl have game breaking issues and thats why i have to say that

This doesen’t feel like a headstart, it’s more like an open Beta for an unfinished project

Such a deep atmosphere, such a great idea but it is like everywhere - The Publishers are unable to release a finished project.

So sad

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Like all releases, some ppl have issues. I’ve been playing fine from the start, no sound, no graphic, no nothing issues. Love the game, feels completely finished to me. Sorry you’re having issues but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unfinished.

I had one crash when Selma tried to hold three different enemies with her mutation. No other bug noticed after ~10 hours of play time.

I had the Selma bug playing in demo from time to time. Haven’t had that issue in the full version yet. I thought I read it was supposed to be fixed in one of the updates a week or so ago?

I mean, we now got a 635mb patch with fixing lot issues. Thanks for fixing but for real these are not DAY ONE fixes. This games was in Beta for 1 month and look at the forum that a lot of ppl have the issues from the beta in the released version.

Thanks for fixing bugs but i cant understand why u cant fix this before the headstart happen.

~I cant build a car and sell it without a steering wheel~ - why Game-Publishers can do, because of my 35 bucks?

Again, i dont want to hate but i cant understand such a situation.

edit: the game freezing issue while inventory is open isn’t fixed.
edit 2: And sorry but game breaking issues are a no go (for me) on a game release day (or headstart).


welp, they did better than Bethesda :joy:


Thats easy :smiley:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the game. The developers are working hard to fix issues as they’re reported, so there will be more patches coming :slight_smile:

For sure Patches will come, but it would be nice to get a finished game on release, these days, which then gets patches for detail fixes or balancing.

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Does that involve implementation of HOR+ or you simply say that the game will have no ultrawide features? I mean it is UE4 and even indie studios can implement HOR+ easily on UE4.

The developers have told me that they are looking into that.