Feezing during loading / Zoning

First the game is: Age of Conan Unchained
Second the follow issues:

  • Account 1 freezes during loading/zone screens
  • Account 2 does not freeze
  • Account 3 freezes as soon as I hit 20 (Member i might add) … now frozen just like
    account 1
  • Account 3, second character loads fine sub 20 though.
  • All accounts are on the same computer

I have tried the following:

  • Reinstalled the game twice
  • Deleted the prefs folder
  • Ran repair broken files countless times
  • Deleted the LE.idx and RDBHashIndex.bin files in the RDB folder
  • Logged into a different computer on a different network and ISP. Still happening
  • Restarted modem, router and even reinstalled network. still happening
  • Tried 3 different wifi connections, no difference.
  • Turned off all firewalls, antivirus

Turning on a VPN (working well so far)

None of the above have worked at all. Like to note accounts 1 and 2 both worked fine before the rest on Wednesday the 15th of May 2024. Account 3 was created on 5/18/2024

Of course, none of those things would solve a network or server issue ! :smiley:

Yeah it has to be a server issue.

most likely a network related issue because i can make it happen reliably by messing with network.

So what network setting do i need to adjust?

I know insane but i am going to go through all steps again since account 3 is frozen now as well.

Doesn’t work … think it is time to fully uninstall and say good bye to funcom again for another 10+ years.

It’s not something related to your network settings, it has more to do with the route that the connection takes.
For example, a few days ago I was having constant lag spikes in game. I tried to restart the router. No effect. Then I connected to a VPN and after that the spikes disappeared.

hmmm. interesting. worth a try. thanks

So far that has worked. All accounts at least 3 loads. Will post if happens again while on VPN

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