Fehler nach Patch 05.07


Sorry is written with Goggle Translator.
Since the patch on 05.07.2018 have the following errors in the game:
1.) all explored places on the map have disappeared / are no longer displayed.
2.) the experiences gained in the chapter trip are reset and can not be earned again. Only not yet gained experiences are displayed as new.
3.) The dropprate in bark is unusually high in combination with: iron pick on the dead / deforested trees. 10-12 units of bark per drop are dropped. The dropprate of dry wood has remained unchanged.
4,) After a relog, the taming progress of slaves left in the Weel of Pain is reset to zero.
EU-Server: (AUT + GER + CH) 24h Fitness …
I hope you can do something with this information, or understand the mistakes. in addition to Mention: the mentioned errors do not appear with all players on the server, but also not only with me.
Thanks in advance
U.Meier aka Naomi

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