Fellow dedicated private server admins - share your knowledge!


Me and some friends has been running a private dedicated PvP server for some time now, and we are very curious about how everyone else is doing it, so to speak.

I would like this thread to evolve to a source of tips and tricks, concerning running such a service. Be it both the game but also the hardware.

So please take the time, and write about what issues you had, and how you solved them. We are interested in hearing about both game rules but also server related issues, like performance and such, fx. ini file tweaks etc.

So I will start out, mind you, we are but a small community struggling to grow. (We are on our 4th iteration/season)

Game rules:
Fulltime PvP
Limited Raid hours
Offline raiding forbidden
Landclaiming forbidden
Blocking resources, POIs NPC etc forbidden
Clan Size Max 6
Harvest x3
XP x4

Pippi - We have made some small figthing pits where players can win prices.
AoC - We choose this to extend the gameplay - didnt work, see below.

Now, we are on our 4th iteration/season, however we are experiencing the same issue over and over again. We always get off to a good start, server is active, but after people are settled and ready to raid, the trouble begins. A lot of people really like to raid, but don’t wont to be raided. So often people/clans will leave, it they get raided. Even trash talking the community and admin group, getting other people to leave too.

We tried fixing this by having the relatively high Xp and Harvest, so it’s easy to rebuild. Unfortunately it didn’t help. So after a month or so, the server is dead, and we can start over. So practically a building simulator, which was not our goal.

We are currently debating to make it a Hardcore PvP server with no rules, and wipe often, or make it a light RP server where people have to build realistic(ish) and raid has to be done with trebuchets and explosives is to be used, only for locked chests.

Dedicated “server”
32Gig ram
2x SSD, one for OS, the other for Conan
Windows Server 2019
50mbit Connection

No optimizations as of now, thinking about doing some .ini tweaks due to big bases load slow. Unfortunately I cant seem to find updated info on this, so don’t know it its still viable.

Also thinking about banning animal pens and fighter/archer thralls to improve server performance.

Regards Michael

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