Female Characters And armor

Okay well female armor don’t have physics and male armor does Like the lemurian royal sarong for an example. it sticks to the legs of the females. as does every other armor ive tried. but on the male’s it sways in the wind. it’s triggering for me. i mean its meant for the female and it doesn’t function the same for females. unless this was intentional which i don’t know why it would be nice if it was fixed :frowning:


The physics breaks if you change the size of your character from the default value. It’s a known bug.

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damn… well thats unfortunate

Yes. I tested it a lot myself. The bug only appears if you change your character’s size.

You can actually see this on both males and females, as well as thralls.

So to fix it, you’ll need to roll a new character or use a mod to change your current character’s appearance. Of course you can’t do the latter on official servers.

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This bug has been driving me absolutely insane. Does it trigger from the breast sliders or muscles as well? Or just the height.

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From what I’ve read, just the height.

it’s triggering for you? lol the game has bugs, chill out. the stuff will be fixed soon enough.

From my understanding, this is from the in game character selection for height and not any mods for character appearances?

Only the height. You can adjust the breast and endowment size all you want.
This affects thralls that are not the default height, too.

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