Fence foundation rework suggestion

No, i mean the rotation on the ground.

Exactly!! fence founation that work like wooden fence but with snapping. :slight_smile:

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More angles when building a fence foundation? I like it! :heart: The (one thickness) walls will become more expressive instead of being boxes-like.

I’ve seen a system like this in a game that is compared to Conan Exiles all the time, so I won’t say its name, but hide it in one of emoticons (other icons contain Polish songs :crazy_face: ).

In addition to the topic. I would love to see a fence foundation that can simultaneously snap to the bottom :point_down: and next to the building elements.

In such a case, the foundation could be built next to another foundation (even if there is empty space underneath). This would help with placing the fence on a non-straight :lizard: land.

:information_source: Information: Songs links come from official creators channels.


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