Feral Dog Pup on Exiles Land

Is it possible to get dog pups on Exiles land official server?

Or other siptah pets?

The only way to do so is transfering a character from Siptah to Exile Lands server with them in inventory :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thats what I thought.
So I would need a second char in a second psn account and go to a pvec siptah and when I get what I want I can transfer to my pvec.
Then I need to solve the problem how to transfer this to my original char offline. (as single player)

What happens when I transfer a new siptah character from the same psn account to a server where a character already exists?

It would be nice if we can buy these pets somewhere on the exiles land in future.

Don’t want to make these character transfer thing :frowning:

Me neither - it ruins everything - weirdest feature ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

But just to say, from my understanding, you can not have two characters on the same server.

IIRC, you would need to abandon your current clan. Transfer to the other sever, farm whatever you wanted and then some days or weeks later transfer back to the original server you started on - then, after all that, you would need to get another member in your original clan to invite you back.

Doing the clan dance like that is the only way to preserve character assets - the bases and chests etc.

I think I do it with a second psn account so I don’t have the problem to leave my base.
The only thing I need to figure out what is the best way to bring this stuff to my original char with only one PlayStation :sweat_smile:

Do I have access to offline buddys in pvec?

A suggestion I wrote on an other thread the last days would help here:
Chests and doors which are public but protected by a password

yes make alt account u be fine

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