Feroxic Bows - No poison?

I read on the wiki that this did poison damage, and I’ve seen some posts here and there about Feroxic weapons dealing poison damage. However, I made the bow and it doesn’t do any poison damage? Was this removed or never existed?

Edit: If any of you out there have this bow can you test it for me and let me know? Thanks!

Feroxic bows do not do poison damage on their own unfortunately and haven’t ever to my knowledge. I wish they did though.

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Thank you for the response! Man that wiki is just a mess.

Then help contribute to it. Wiki can be edited by anybody. Its volunteer ran. Plenty of people complain about the wiki, and I would say less then 1% of the people who complain do anything about it.

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So hostile! :slight_smile: If I have time to figure out the wiki and change it, I might. A big part of the problem is knowing the correct information first before trying to edit the wiki, and so here we are. ^^

Edit: I’ve literally just returned to the game probably a week or so ago. Such a warm welcome!

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