Few suggestion ideas, Spikes, War axes, Merchant etc

Hi all.

Well I wanted to suggest a few things I would love to see in game.
Hope others agree with these ideas and any input would be great. Also I don’t expect these to be implemented at all but thought it was worth putting out there.

Spike for walls: A version of the palisades that work just like the wall sign. They wouldn’t be OP as if you are using explosives then spike palisades don’t last long anyway and walls can be blown out from below the spikes.
The reason I want these is that using Reinforced wall spikes in the game isn’t that great as if your tower is taller then outer wall then players just climb up and around the spike wall. It seems like a waste of time and mats when your wall is differing in heights due to landscape etc.

Battle Axes: Two handed axes like the two handed warhammers. I really wanted to run around with a giant axe as my weapon of choice is a one handed axe and shield, but soon realized there were none in the game.
I love the war hammers but they are too slow for my tastes so a large axe would be a nice option.

Crossbows: Now I know the reasons they removed them but damn I do like how they looked in EA videos on youtube and wish I had something other then a bow.

Slings: I would love to have slings with different ammo types that could be wielded in the left hand and used to stun enemies and knock them unconcious.
They wouldn’t need to be strong and they range limited but I feel like they would really fit in with the world.
If you could use orbs in it also then that would be great. If it had a decent windup time to throw then it wouldn’t be too OP.

Update bearer Thralls: I feel like they do not have enough carry space. They should be able to carry more as they make great companions. At least make the backpacks a bit better as they feel useless as they don’t allow you to carry much more yet the model is cumbersome and gets in your line of sight.
It’s drawback outweighs its uses as far as i’m concerned.

Merchant Thrall: A thrall that acts just like the merchants in the NPC city. Allow them to spawn around the world and if knocked out and thrown in a wheel of pain they can they be peaceable like bearers but will sell you whatever random item they have on offer.
It would just add to the RP aspect of the game for people who want to build taverns and markets etc.
They wouldn’t be too useful, but it would be fun to own your own merchant.