Fierce Keshian Panther Mount (Give a way)

Funcom has available for the next 14 days (17 June?) a Fierce Keshian Panther Mount (looks just like the Savage one we got via the daily login bonus) via the /CLAIM system for all characters on your account.


Thanks for the notice. Always ignore the claim thing and would have missed this.

Is it just as slow as the other panther mount?

Its speed depends on your riding skills I think.

Speed depend to book riding you have.
With advanced riding its fast mount

So you gotta have the exotic riding book or?

You can mount panther without books but speed is slower respect who have books

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You’re correct, I didn’t have advanced riding training and exotic mount handling on my toon :stuck_out_tongue:

This is another of the ‘anyone / level 1 and up’ can ride mounts. No riding skill needed, but the speed will go up as you learn the various riding skills.

This and the others have been a nice nod towards those that don’t want to wait til lvl 40 to learn basic riding and buy a horse.

Yes, it is as fast as Tiger/Wolf fast mounts with Exotic Ridimg trained, or as slow as lvl 20 camel without.


I wasn’t too explicit in my post, I was asking about speed. Thanks for your response guys :+1:

If you guys are having problems not getting the claim try to relog, worked for me.

I love this mount.


Ummm, so I cant (and couldn’t) claim this even though it’s still the 18th…can this be éxtended’a couple days to 'fix’this situation. I tried 20 hours ago as well.