Fifth key in Warmaker

I recently found out there are, at least, 5 Rusted Keys you can get. I only knew about one of the keys you use a launch trap to reach. Is there a use for the fifth key? Or is it just an extra?

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The horrible part is after you exit the dungeon, you loose the key :confused:. This extra could eventually be in use, but… Their game their rules.

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I just ran Warmaker again and grabbed all 5 keys. After leaving the dungeon, I still have the extra rusted key. Maybe they changed it?


Keep me informed if tomorrow after the server restart you’ll keep having it. This way we will know it’s not a bug. I will try it later too, to confirm :grin:.

They have a timer on them, maybe it just hadn’t expired when you left but has now or will soon?

There are 6.

They’re just extras.

They have a decay timer. Theoretically, they might last long enough to put in the fridge and be reused later. I’ve never tried that, though, too much hassle.


You get armor scraps for that useless godbreaker armor with those keys, right?


Yes, although I don’t think it’s entirely useless :wink:

At least not for my thralls on the PVE-C server where I play :man_shrugging:


I make the Champion Armor. I like the shortened debuffs.

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After logging on today, the key is still there, but I see the decay timer like CodeMage said. Putting in a fridge does take away the timer, so there’s an option I guess. Just for fun though, I need to run Warmaker again to see if I can find the sixth key. I’m assuming one of the other launch traps.

If you were trolling me about a 6th key, well played. If not trolling, I’m just too dumb or blind to find it. I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re just extras anyway.

I wasn’t. I can post screenshots of all key locations later when I have time to fire up the game :slight_smile:

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I know only 5 locations!

I believe that acid arrows are breaking the sandstorm masks of npcs, isn’t it? Do you remember how much armor and durability have these gas protection helmets? I wouldn’t call them useless so easily master :wink:. My best thralls always had God breaker helmet on pvp servers!

Like I said, if you weren’t, I’m just too blind or dumb to find it. Lol

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The useful question in this one is other. Is the number 6 key located on the same area the other 5 are?
So far we know 3 to the “reception” and 2 to the blue boss. Maybe there’s another chest too, but is it in this location?

Yep, there are 2 rusted keys attainable by launch pads.

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I know about those 2, and the three you go up stairs to get. But apparently there is a 6th one somewhere.

I owe everyone an apology. I just did a full run of Warmaker’s and realized that I had counted wrong. There are 5 keys only. I’m sorry, I really wasn’t trolling, I was just being dumb :confused:


No way, almost 3 years now you teach new me things all the time. All I have for you is gratitude. Thank you master @CodeMage!

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No worries. We all get brain farts now and again. :smiley:

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